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Bolts and Blip are two oddball best friend Civi-bots living on the Moon in a culture dominated by cool and athletic Battle-bots who play in the coveted Lunar League of Robotic Sports. When Bolts and Blip suddenly get drafted on to the last placed Thunderbolts team, the duo, along with their new found friends, has to match wits with the likes of The Iron Maidens, The Tread Heads, and the unstoppable Galaxy All-Stars, all while trying to fit in and make names for themselves in their new world.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Bolts & Blip

S01E01 Moon Units 01/04/2010 Bolts and Blip are accidentally drafted into the Lunar League as Battle Bots and the newest members of the Thunderbolts. Blip is lovestruck with captain Saedee as he tries to fit into the team.
S01E02 Move it or Lose it 01/04/2010 Bolts and Blip discover fame and fortune with their new "Signature Move." Tensions rise as they drift apart with their new superstar status. Saedee reunites the two friends back together playing as a team again.
S01E03 Little Squeaker 01/04/2010 Bolts and Blip discover a strange unknown robot in their quarters. Blip makes it his new pet and little buddy. The Thunderbolts must work together to save Blip from this new hidden destructive force.
S01E04 Cyrano De Bolts 01/04/2010 Bolts coaches Blip on how he can win Saedee's affections to get a date. Blip tries to make her jealous by dating another girl. The Thunderbolts and Iron Maidens do battle to solve all of their dating problems.
S01E05 A Kinder, Gentler Gridiron 00/00/0000 Coach Gridiron is reprogrammed to help him find his gentler side, and everyone tries new programming to improve themselves. A battle with the Blood Bots helps them to fight as a team without new upgrades.
S01E06 The Quest Of The Goblin Crown, Part III 00/00/0000 Bolts downloads illegal movies and leads everyone on a "Quest for the Goblin Crown." The Thunderbolts all must follow on this perilous journey to save Blip and defeat the All Stars in a medieval game battle.
S01E07 The Curse Of The Vampire Bot 00/00/0000 Saedee is infected with the V4 Vampire virus by the evil Dr. Blood. Blip is helped by a mysterious vampire hunter and must rid the Thunderbolts of the vampire curse before it is too late for everyone.
S01E08 The Magic Of The Schleprechauns 00/00/0000 Bolts convinces Blip and Saedee to follow him to the magical land of the Schleprechauns. They are the mythical robot janitors of Lunar City who guard their magical power source, the "Pot of Goldium."
S01E09 Welded Away 00/00/0000 Bolts and Blip ruin the "Dr. Tommy Day" celebrations by painting his new statue. Welder pays the price for their prank and gets reformatted. The duo try their best to make up for their mistake.
S01E10 El Bolto De Fuego 00/00/0000 Bolts and Steve do battle against each other in the illegal, underground robot wrestling leagues. Blip is forced to put a stop to the rivalry before Gridiron kicks them all out of the Lunar Leagues forever.
S01E11 Robots Don't Dream, Part 1 00/00/0000 Blip begins to experience strange dreams that reveal his connection to Dr. Tommy. Bolts is hit by lighting and believes he has mystical powers. Blip finds his "Super Powers" and saves his teammates.
S01E12 Robots Don't Dream, Part 2 00/00/0000 Tigrr Jaxxson suddenly decides to retire from the Lunar Leagues and follow his new calling. Blip learns about Dr. Blood from his new mentor Mot Bot, and begins to suspect that Tigrr is Dr. Blood's secret weapon.
S01E13 Steve In Charge 00/00/0000 Steve is in charge of the Thunderbolts when Gridiron is sent on a coach's seminar. The Thunderbolts "sell out" and promote "Dloob Corporation" products. Blip shows everyone how to play for the love of the game.
S01E14 A Blip In Time 00/00/0000 Bolts and Blip enter the "All Robots Day" treasure hunt and discover a hidden time machine. They are both transported into the past and learn about Dr. Tommy and Dr. Blood's early history together.
S01E15 Trump Card 00/00/0000 Bolts is determined to find the away to awaken Blip's inner "Super Powers" through a variety of dangerous and crazy schemes. Blip is finally forced to protect his friend Bolts and save him from being scrapped.
S01E16 The Black Box 00/00/0000 Everyone on the Thunderbolts falls under the spell of the Black Box. It is the mysterious hard drive that holds the meaning of life for all robots. Even Dr. Blood tries to gain control of its awesome powers.
S01E17 My Fair Dee Dee 00/00/0000 Saedee's Cousin Dee Dee visits and decides to join the Thunderbolts team to get closer to Blip. Bolts helps to spark the romance and rivalry as the Thunderbolts do battle on the field with the Iron Maidens.
S01E18 Moon Invasion 00/00/0000 A strange invader from outer space threatens to threaten all of Lunar City. Only Blip's "Super Powers" can save Saedee, the Thunderbolts and every robot from certain destruction.
S01E19 Evil Saedee 00/00/0000 Saedee is replaced as the Thunderbolts' team captain by a mysterious new prototype. Bolts and Blip are both infatuated with the new girl robot. Saedee discovers that she is really an agent working for Dr. Blood.
S01E20 Tigrr By The Tail 00/00/0000 Bolts and Blip suspect that TiGrr Jaxxson is the evil "Bloods Bot," and Blip is trapped with TiGrr in the underground tunnel system. TiGrr reveals his true identity when they are stalked in the tunnels by the "Boogey Bot."
S01E21 We Are The Champions 00/00/0000 The Thunderbolts tie with the All-Stars for first place in the Lunar Leagues. Blip evades being scanned by the Blood Bots as Dr. Blood discovers the hidden identity of the robot he created as his secret weapon.
S01E22 Lord Of The Box 00/00/0000 Bolts asks Blip to use his "Super Powers" to protect him from Vinnie 2 Chimes. Blip is made protector of the Black Box by the Schleprechauns, and the friendship breaks up when Blip refuses to let Bolts use its powers.
S01E23 Fall Out 00/00/0000 Blip misses his friend and can't quite get it together on the battlefield without Bolts. Bolts is brought to Blood's lair by D-Gor, where he learns his true identity and evil purpose as Dr. Blood's ultimate weapon.
S01E24 Blood Rising 00/00/0000 Without Bolts, the Thunderbolts are losing their Lunar League games. The new "evil" Bolts now tries to destroy Blip as he escapes to the Schleprechauns' lair. Dr. Blood's evil plans are revealed to everyone.
S01E25 Pandemonium 00/00/0000 Bolts is at the controls of Dr. Blood's ultimate weapon and tries to destroy Lunar City. Blip rescues Saedee from Dr. Blood and begins an epic battle to save everyone from his ex-best friend "evil" Bolts.
S01E26 Final Conflict 00/00/0000 Dr. Tommy arrives to help Blip understand his origins and control his "Super Powers." Blip and Bolts finally reunite to fight together against Dr. Blood. As the battle ends, Lunar City greets its first human visitors.

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