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Bondi Rescue follows the the world famous Bondi Lifesavers through their days on the busiest and most famous beach in the world: Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia. These lifesavers are the blue topped lifesavers (paid). This elite squad has to deal with up to 25,000 people at one time; sharks; missing children; injuries; fights; theft; drug addicts; drunks; and, most famously, saving swimmers; tourists; surfers; and fishers from the treacherous sea. They do all of this 7 days a week, 365 days a year, rain or shine. Some of the people they save have sustained severe injuries to the spine, neck, and more. In these cases every second makes a difference. Two members of the squad are Rod Kerr, former world number 6 surfing champion, and Greg Bishop, current Australian surf swim champion. This series is a special one as it shows how unique watermen save lives every single day of the year. It's not all about serious stuff, though; from time to time there are celebrities and parties down at the beach and you see the lifeguards having a lot of fun.


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S01E01 Episode 1 06/02/2006 It's the start of summer and the lifeguards are trying out for a job on the busiest beach in the world. Two and a half million people will visit Bondi over the next few months - up to 50,000 people on any one-day. The season gets off to a dramatic start as race riots on nearby Cronulla Beach threaten to spill over to Bondi. A shark scare only adds to the drama. For a while the beach is bizarrely quiet, then all hell breaks loose when nineteen year-old Natalie suddenly collapses in the water for no apparent reason. Her rescue and hospitalisation is a major incident on Bondi.(Summary from - Permission granted)
S01E02 Episode 2 13/02/2006 It's Christmas Day and the swell sends shivers up the back of the Lifeguards as they set up the beach in the morning. They know that tourists, alcohol and surf are a dangerous mix. With at least 10,000 overseas travellers due on the beach the Lifeguards expect to be flat out rescuing revellers who will have been drinking since mid-morning. Irish tourist Michelle is more than a little embarrassed when chief lifeguard Hoppo rescues her from the water. Meanwhile a teenager has broken his arm in the nearby skate ramp. Getting him out proves a difficult problem.(Summary from - Permission granted)
S01E03 Episode 3 20/02/2006 Few parties get bigger than the New Year?s Eve dance party at Bondi as over 5,000 revellers dance in the New Year until 6 am. The Lifeguards are flat out on New Years Day as they attend drug and alcohol affected partygoers on the beach. An ecstacy overdose and a surfer?s severely dislocated shoulder are among the most serious cases. To make matters worse Bondi experiences one of the hottest days on record as the thermometer hovers above 45 degrees and everyone wilts in the heat. A line of ambulances are called down to the beach. But the heat doesn?t stop the thieves?(Summary from - Permission granted)
S01E04 Episode 4 27/02/2006 Japanese language student Takahiro Ono is found lifeless in the water on a surprisingly calm day. With no breath and no pulse a frantic resuscitation effort begins as lifeguards come to his rescue. Finally a defibrillator shocks him back to life. Ten minutes after the incident Taka is fully conscious. But no one yet knows what caused the emergency in the first place. On Australia Day the crowds come to celebrate on the sand, but one group of revellers find themselves drifting towards New Zealand on blow-up animals. So many different languages abound on Bondi there are comic moments as the lifeguards and victims struggle to make themselves understood.(Summary from - Permission granted)
S01E05 Episode 5 06/03/2006 The lifeguards have an opportunity to show what they?re made of in the Lifeguard Challenge ? a mid-season competition to prove who?s the fittest and fastest among the elite watermen. Tensions run deep between old-hand Corey and young Turk Reidy as they go head-to-head in the water. Surprisingly, for such a handsome group of men, many of the lifeguards are single. They all decide to head off to a speed dating session to try their luck - with hilarious results. Meanwhile doctors discover that Takahiro Ono suffered a heart attack in the water and didn?t drown as some suspected. When lifeguards visit him in hospital he becomes very emotional.(Summary from - Permission granted)
S01E06 Episode 6 13/03/2006 There?s a big swell heading for Bondi and the fearsome rips will be working overtime. But what?s dangerous for mere mortals is a playground for the elite watermen as they take to the water on their rescue boards at the start of the day. A morning of fun turns out to be the busiest day of summer with thirty-five rescues conducted in a frantic five-minute period. If the big swell isn?t dangerous enough the wind has washed in thousands of bluebottles. The beaches are under attack as tourists scream in pain from the many stings. Then there are the perverts on the sand to contend with?(Summary from - Permission granted)
S01E07 Episode 7 20/03/2006 Bondi is a circus and some of the high-wire acts performed by the locals defy description. Two young boys are swept from treacherous "flat rock" leaving them with a bloody momento of scrapes and cuts on their backsides ? but while the fun?s gone out of the circus at least they?re still alive. Equally lucky is Erin, a female surfer who wipes-out on the sand and fears she?s broken her back. On the beach itself lost children and lost wedding rings occupy the lifeguards attention on one of the world?s busiest stretches of sand. Bondi life is indeed a circus.(Summary from - Permission granted)
S01E08 Episode 8 27/03/2006 A shark found swimming in the kiddies pool is a dramatic start to the day as huge cyclonic swells from come marching in to Bondi from up north. While most people clear out of the water some of the lifeguards head in for a dramatic display of power surfing. Former world number six, Rod Kerr shows what he's made of as he carves up the massive waves. But lifeguards can't afford to get distracted for too long as a family gets swept out in a rip. It's all hands on deck as they go to the rescue. As the weather calms seagulls, mutton birds and dolphins abound as nature puts on a display at Bondi. With an office like this who would want to work anywhere else?
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S02E01 Episode 1 05/02/2007 The boys in blue are back, although joined by some unlikely new faces. Despite being female in a male domain, former Iron Woman Brooke Cassell is a solid inclusion to the pre-season training squad. The same can?t be said of slightly built Penrith local Blake McKeown, whose board skills come under immediate scrutiny. As summer kicks off a shark visits swimmers between the flags, nude swimmers refuse to change their dress code, and in a near-death experience, soon-to-be-married Londoner Terry Smith, realises how quickly the sea can take the life of the unwary. (Summary from - Permission granted)
S02E02 Episode 2 12/02/2007 Rookie Lifeguard Blake faces his first big physical test when he takes part in an underwater training race. The lifeguard team run a relay carrying weights five hundred metres underwater with Blake on one team and Brooke, the first fulltime female lifeguard, on the other. Being a former Iron Woman, Brooke seems much more at home in the water than the rookie from Penrith.A grand mother is frantic when her two grand daughters go missing in the water on a busy day at Bondi. And the fun and festivity of Christmas Day is put on hold as two drowning swimmers are plucked from a rip.The rite of passage continues for Reidy - having proved himself last year he faces the final hurdle that will lift him to top level lifeguard status...big surf. All eyes are on him as he paddles into some of the biggest waves of summer.(Summary from - Permission granted)
S02E03 Episode 3 19/02/2007 Bondi?s first full time female lifeguard Brooke discovers what it means to work at the world?s busiest beach as she conducts a string of rescues and an emergency call has lifeguards rushing to the cliffs at North Bondi where a man lies unconscious on the rocks after a 40 metre fall.On New Years Day, lifeguards attend late party-goers who are dehydrated and hung-over. Whippet and Bobby try convincing Kerrbox to tackle his fear of heights with a ride on the dreaded slingshot.(Summary from - Permission granted)
S02E04 Episode 4 26/02/2007 There?s madness and pandemonium at Bondi on a busy Sunday when a flash rip sweeps dozens of swimmers out of the flags and into deep water. Lifeguards are overwhelmed by the mass rescue, and one man is dragged unconscious from the water. With the treacherous conditions, Hoppo makes the call to pull the flags down and close the beach. Thousands of swimmers crowd the shoreline and in the simmering tension a fight breaks out. The crowd mobs lifeguards treating a spinal as rescues continue in the water.After "Mad Sunday" all eyes are focussed on Lifeguard "Deano" who is planning a top secret operation to propose to his girlfriend Lily. As veteran Corey says, "even on the quietest day?s there?s never a dull moment".(Summary from - Permission granted)
S02E05 Episode 5 05/03/2007 The 2.5 kilometre North Bondi Classic Ocean Swim attracts over a thousand swimmers to Bondi each year. But this year some uninvited entrants have joined the course, forcing lifeguards to evacuate all swimmers back to the beach - pronto.Blake, the trainee lifeguard from Penrith hits the water and pulls a man from the water for his first rescue.And a thief caught red handed by lifeguards as he pilfers beach goers belongings, is swiftly handed over to police. (Summary from - Permission granted)
S02E06 Episode 6 12/03/2007 Corey Adams races out to rescue a group of school mates caught in a rip. But the odds are stacked against him - there?s just one lifeguard and six drowning men.Secret training and sideline bets are the order of the day as Bondi?s lifeguards compete in their own iron man competition.And, Kerrbox recruits a British backpacker to carry out an elaborate practical joke on his colleague and former "Home and Away" star Whippet.(Summary from - Permission granted)
S02E07 Episode 7 19/03/2007 A tragedy unfolds at Bondi when lifeguards are unable to locate a man last seen swimming at the southern end of the beach. Identified for a brief moment struggling to stay afloat, he disappears from view behind waves. Not having seen him go under and with no friends, family, or witnesses forthcoming, lifeguards can?t be sure anyone is actually missing - with 20,000 people still needing to be monitored, the search is called off after 45 minutes.Yet at the end of the day, when the sun sets and lifeguards pack up, a 16 year old boy approaches with information his father has been missing for 2 hours, immediately their worst fears are realised.For everyone who visits the beach, this special episode of Bondi Rescue highlights the need for all beach goers to be aware of the dangers posed by the ocean.(Summary from - Permision Granted)
S02E08 Episode 8 26/03/2007 Less than 48 hours after a tragic drowning at Bondi, a woman is pulled from the water... no breathing, no pulse. Lifeguards prepare the defibrillator to shock her back to life.In the lead-up to the regional lifeguard championships, the Bondi crew are taunted by rival teams. During the gruelling race a tactical error is overcome by a Herculean effort from one of Bondi?s legendary iron man champions.And, Kerrbox is selected to enter a radio station?s dating competition. It?s an embarrassing process, made worse by the taunting of his mates.(Summary from - Permision Granted)
S02E09 Episode 9 02/04/2007 Snoop Dogg and his posse drop into Bondi to shoot a music promo, complete with topless extras.A Brazilian surfer meets the pointy end of a surfboard, following a collision which leaves lifeguards dealing with the biggest cut of the season.And a wild storm clears the beach of swimmers, while delivering a cat via the storm water drain.(Summary from - Permision Granted)
S02E10 Episode 10 09/04/2007 In the final episode of Series two, the lifeguards of Bondi Rescue are kept on their toes despite summer coming to a close.Tom and Yatesy discover a red-bellied black snake that finds its way onto the sand at nearby Tamarama Beach.Whippet gets square with Kerrbox for an earlier practical joke, by tricking Box into playing a starring role in a fictitious Japanese Energy Drink Commercial. Under the guidance of Corey, Reidy finds redemption in the surf when he overcomes his big wave fear.Its been a big season, and lifeguards take time to reflect by surfing together after work.(Summary from - Permision Granted)
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S05E01 Episode 1 07/02/2010 As summer starts to heat up most Australians are winding down at work and getting ready to break for the year. For lifeguards it’s the busiest time of the year, as they gear up for holiday crowds, heat waves, and drunken revellers. The Bondi summer hits overdrive when hordes of reckless teenagers pour onto the beach and into the surf. With so many kids and so few lifeguards it isn’t long before tragedy strikes. 18 year old Stephanie was swimming with friends when she hit her head on a sandbank. She is pulled from the water unconscious, and not breathing. Immediately lifeguards begin resuscitating her. The dangers of the surf are also experienced by a beginner surfer from England who is washed up the rocks, breaking his ankle in two places. With lifeguards already overstretched, two men make matters worse by pretending to drowning in front of Deano while he is doing a rescue. Police are called to escort them off the beach. The silly season brings all and sundry to Bondi. When a man in a three-piece wedding suit (complete with tails), is found roaming the sand drinking, smoking, and harassing beachgoers he too finds himself red carded from Bondi until he is sobered up. If the early stages of summer are anything to go by, lifeguards Whippet, Deano, Hoppo and Box are all in for a busy season. But the boys in blue wouldn’t want it any other way. Bondi is back in all it’s glory, madness, and brilliance!
S05E03 Episode 3 21/02/2010 18 year-old trainee Max is now in his third year, of what was expected to be, a 1-2 year traineeship. Last year he was passed over for a fully fledged position when fellow trainee got the jump on him after one year in the same junior role. Now a new trainee is on the block, and Max now faces a do-or-die season. His rival Jake Nolan, is also one of his best mates - the two of them surf and train together, as well as hang-out after hours. When Head lifeguard Hoppo gives them the hard and fast facts that there can only be one man left standing at the end of he year, the relationship quickly changes, and the race begins! Maxy's opening gambit is the rescue of an uncle and daughter from Mauritius. Jake replies with a rescue in the southern corner of the beach. Meanwhile the rest of the team stay busy dealing with a 3 pronged onslaught; a British tourist with a dislocated shoulder, a Sydney events organiser with a suspected spinal injury, and a flurry of people stung by blue bottles. Then in true Bondi style - lifeguards spot Hugh Grant walking past the lifeguard tower. Maxy and Jake have little time to take notice, as they demonstrate their skills to senior lifeguards. Their commitment is commendable, but they should keep in mind it's a long season ahead on Bondi Beach.
S05E04 Episode 4 28/02/2010 Once every 4-6 years, a swell hits the Sydney coastline that is so incredibly huge it becomes a part of local folk-lore. On Wednesday the 20th of January, an intense low pressure system between New Zealand and Tasmania dispatched giant waves to Bondi and surrounding beaches. Lifeguards immediately went into action corralling swimmers into the safest areas of the beach, but the intensity of the waves – which reached up to 15 feet in height – eventually forced them to close the beach for the first time in 12 years. As temperatures reached 33 degrees, swimmers refused to obey lifeguards and swam at their own peril. Many had to be rescued by lifeguards who paddled out on boards. One man, Mohommed, was found lost in the impact zone as huge waves broke on top of him. He profusely thanked lifeguards for saving his life as he was dragged up the beach and put on oxygen. Others were lost under tons of water needing several attempts by lifeguards to get to them into shore. Nearby, lifeguard Azza Graham was taking the opportunity to ride the massive waves on his surfboard. In a first class display he showed that big waves aren’t all doom and gloom for lifeguards. Never before has an episode of Bondi Rescue been able to capture the raw force of the ocean quite like this. And in doing so it has revealed the truly incredible skill and bravery of lifeguards, working in the service of others.
S05E05 Episode 5 07/03/2010 Bondi is a party town, and her night of nights is New Year's Eve. 15,000 revellers descend on the beach front for the Shore Thing Concert. At 5am the following morning lifeguards arrive to deal with the drunk, drug-affected, and disoriented, intent on going for a swim. There are 2 thousand people on the beach and not a towel in sight. The lack of swimming attire is of little concern to many who strip naked and welcome in the new year with a bit of skinny dipping. Mid-morning an emergency call comes in that a boat is taking water at the base of cliffs north of Bondi. Rushing there on the jetski Mouse and Ben arrive to find 23 year old Anthony in a hand built boat he bought on Ebay for two dollars and fifty-five cents. New Year's Eve was his maiden voyage - watching fire works in the harbour, but things went wrong when he decided to head for open water. Partygoers continue to swim as Deano does his best to persuade them to stay on dry land. Next a call comes in alerting lifeguards to a boy with a broken leg in the skate bowl. The steep sides of the bowl are more than ambulance officers are prepared to deal with, so lifeguards are left to move the clearly distressed 15 year old patient up to flat ground. As the end of the day comes to a close, a rescue of a different kind gets underway. A car is bogged behind the surf club, so Harries enlists the lifeguard buggies to pull it out of the mud, with the support of an unlikely team of helpers. Bondi ushers in the new year with the weird and wonderful, plus a few traps for unsuspecting visitors.
S05E06 Episode 6 14/03/2010 There are as many reasons for going to the beach as their are beachgoers. At Bondi some chase big waves, while other just want to relax, find romance, or get a tan. The reality is not every Bondi wish comes true. Many beachgoers bite off more than they can chew, ending up sunburned, dumped by waves, and/or caught in rips. One 16 year old is about to discover whether or not she has bitten off more than she can chew when she arrives at Bondi for a two week lifeguard exchange program. Temika Wright is an eager young trainee from Coffs Harbour hoping to learn how it's done on the world's busiest beach. Her first day is typical of a Saturday at Bondi when the tower is overrun by blue bottle victims. All are Chinese, most under 14, and only one of them can speak English. Temika's baptism of continues when a girl is found in a highly distressed state, having hit her head diving under a wave. The girl, visiting the beach with friends from the Blue Mountains, is only one year older than Temika. In a lot of pain, fearing she may have damaged her spine, the girl receives comforting assistance from the Coffs Harbour rookie. Another accident in the surf involves a man with a major cut to his head from a surfboard. When lifeguard Brad moves his hand to inspect the cut, blood rapidly spurts out. Temika is taking on everything from first aids to dealing with ambulances, so the lifeguards up the ante by putting her through resuscitation drills and rescue techniques. Slight of frame but big of heart, she does her best to hold her own with the much larger boys, including Bondi trainee Maxy. Much more confident and experienced, Maxy offers to show Temika the ropes. But Maxy is soon to find the shoe on the other foot. Next week he'll be dispatched to Temika's home town to see how lifeguarding is done on the North Coast.
S05E07 Episode 7 21/03/2010 Australia Day brings all shapes, sizes, colours and creeds to Bondi’s shores. But while it’s a party for most, celebrations turn sour for others. Alcohol fuelled fights break out and large numbers of police arrive to quell the agro and eject trouble makers. Kids use the hot weather and public holiday to full advantage, taking their chances in the pumping surf. The rocks are both dangerous and alluring, until one boy is picked up on the jetski with a major head cut and badly broken nose. And, it’s not only the teenagers coming unstuck - 76 year old Bob was on his way to a date in town when he tripped and fell, badly grazing his face. His rendezvous will have to be postponed until after a visit to the casualty ward. At the end of the long day lifeguards pack-up satisfied in the knowledge all swimmers have been accounted for, but an emergency call comes in right at 7pm that 2 girls are being swept out behind the reef at South Bondi. Bacon races to their aid, but is unable to complete the rescue before being swept over the sharp reef. Losing his board he holds on to the girls hoping for back-up to arrive in time.
S05E08 Episode 8 28/03/2010 Just 16 years of age, Coffs Harbour trainee-lifeguard Temika Wright continues her exchange program at Bondi. Deano sees an opportunity to test the youngster’s skills when he sends her out for a boy and girl caught in a rip at North Bondi. Quick to get there on the rescue board, the trainee is unsure of what to do next, and makes a decision that could have tragic consequences. Lifeguards know they must take Temika into the fold and decide to include her in routine fitness training. But she’s unsure of what to do when invited to compete in the annual Lifeguard Iron Man Race. It’s the pinnacle event for an all-male squad. The temporary rookie isn’t relishing the opportunity to compete, especially when the surf is forecast to reach over 3 metres. The race starts with a run between Bondi and Tamarama beaches, then a swim around a very dangerous cliff face to Bronte Beach, followed by a board paddle back to Bondi. All is going to plan in the handicap event until the relentless surf at Bronte brings the board paddle to a virtual standstill. Whoever breaks through will likely win, but for now most lifeguards are just struggling to survive. The threat of injury is constant, but becomes a dramatic reality when lifeguard Ben Sutherland crawls ashore barely conscious. Struck in the head by a competitors board he is unable to see in one eye and fears his jaw is broken. An ambulance is called and lifeguards attend to with one of their own for the first time. It’s the most difficult and intense Iron man race in lifeguard memory
S05E09 Episode 9 04/04/2010 At the beach, stripped down to our cossies, no one can tell a brickie from a banker or a musician from an accountant. But anonymity doesn’t work for everyone at Bondi. Hollywood Heart throb Zac Efron arrives to a frenzy of teenage girls intent on watching him go surfing. The crowd end any possibility of a relaxing surf, and Whippet gets Efron into the getaway car/lifeguard rhino as hundreds of screaming fans surround them. Of course, you don’t have to be a star to grace Bondi’s stage. With the temperature heating up, lifeguards find themselves dealing with a diverse range of characters, including some hot headed trouble makers. The CCTV camera reveals a man being attacked by a mob, and lifeguards call police. Last year at Bondi surfer Glenn Orgias lost his arm in a shark attack. He returns to Bondi to tell lifeguard of his experience. His attack, the first in 80 years highlights the real threat of sharks, so when a 2 metre shark is identified amongst swimmers at neighbouring Tamarama Beach lifeguards respond quickly on the jetski. Then at Bondi they spot a large dark shape swimming quickly through the crowded waves.
S05E10 Episode 10 11/04/2010 It’s the hottest day of the year, and it seems everyone has headed to the beach. It isn’t long before the heat casualties start rolling in and lifeguards are inundated with patients. In the mix, an Italian backpacker dislocates his elbow. Yatesy speaks Spanish, a language that shares many words with Italian. Despite Yatesy’s valiant efforts, Alex proves a prickly customer. Lifeguards are called to a teenage boy in the change rooms, who has collapsed from a drug overdose. Just 14 he has taken speed and marijuana. Lifeguards deal with all manner of first aids, but a toe injury sustained by a Scottish backpacker playing soccer, has the boys rattled. Crushed, the bone of his toe has been forced back through the side of his foot. As the air temps tips 40 degrees Celsius, the water is the most popular place to be. But nite everyone us swimming between the flags. Reidy rescues a Korean man screaming for help from the back of a rip. Onshore he declares Reidy his saviour as being like “Jesus”. Reidy can only laugh, but feels weird when the Korean student gives him a very wet man-hug. The most uncomfortable moment of the day comes when a leech is found, bloody on the floor of the tower. It’s fallen off a lifeguard, but no-one knows who. A quick strip reveals just who the victim is.
S05E11 Episode 11 18/04/2010 The world’s best surfers, including 9 time world champion Kelly Slater and current world champion Mick Fanning, descend on Bondi for the Boost Mobile Surf Sho. The aerial surfing contest is the first professional event staged at Bondi in 20 years. Lifeguard, and former world number 6 pro-surfer Rod Kerr, is ecstatic about reliving former glory when he surfs with old sparring partner Slater in the celebrity event. But foul play is afoot and Kerrbox finds his comeback sabotaged. Lifeguards on Jet-skis are kept busy doing water safety for the event, as well as managing the massive crowds. On top of rescues, they’re soon dealing with a seizure, a dislocated knee, and a woman slashing herself with a blade. All lifeguard hands are on deck to make sure everyone goes home safely, and in Kerrbox’s case, still smiling.
S05E12 Episode 12 25/04/2010 Occasionally Bondi reveals all it’s vibrant and varied colours at once. Two teenagers wake up at the beach to find their money and phones missing, leaving Deano to nut out a plan to get them home. The Bowlarama skate competition comes to Bondi, and lifeguards are called to attend veteran skater Sergie Ventura, who is knocked unconscious and bleeding at the base of the bowl. Soon after word come into the tower a man is naked on the beach and pushing children over. Sometimes lifeguards do much more than rescues. At Bondi, it’s virtually expected to be that way!
S05E13 Episode 13 02/05/2010 Early morning, and a man reports to lifeguards that his friend has not been seen since going for a midnight-swim. Fearing the worst, a major search is launched for the missing man. The end of season offers no reprieve, as lifeguards rush to a novice surfer who has severely dislocated his ankle in the shore break. Bondi's next victim is a man rescued from a flash rip. Brought to the beach, Chinese student Leo appears out of danger, but then takes a serious turn for the worse. Rival trainees Maxi and Jake reach crunch time as Hoppo reveals their future. And after a long hot summer, lifeguards reflect on the season that was, working at Australia's busiest beach.
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S07E01 Episode 1 06/02/2011 On the first sunny day, the Jet Ski is overrun by drowning tourists. One man falls off the rescue mat unnoticed and appears certain to drown.
S07E02 Episode 2 13/02/2012 Snoop Dogg hits the stage for New Year's celebrations on Bondi. Lifeguards arrive at 5 am and are soon rescuing partygoers from rips, including one girl who loses consciousness and needs oxygen.
S07E03 Episode 3 20/02/2012 The surf club rescue boat has a spectacular 'upside-down? collision with a reef. And even morphine can't stop an 11 year old boy's painful howls, when he suffers a mystery stomach illness.
S07E04 Episode 4 27/02/2012 A man with a deep stab wound to his leg is unable to tell Terry and Deano just how it happened; and, following a collision, a body surfer is brought to shore with no feeling in his arms or legs. Cons: Some Coarse Language, Medical Procedures
S07E05 Episode 5 05/03/2012 Lifeguards must rescue a surfer being smashed against cliffs in huge seas. The Jet Ski can?t get close enough, and a rescue board would be deadly. Can Bacon and Whippet save the surfer?
S07E06 Episode 6 12/03/2012 Over the past six years lifeguards on Bondi have caught thieves, treated heart attacks, made drug busts, broken up fights, and even handled a navy bomb that washed ashore.
S07E07 Episode 7 26/03/2012 Today is the lifeguard challenge, and while Max and Jesse should be putting out marker buoys for the race course, things only go from bad to worse when Jesse gets a buoy rope caught in the jetski.
S07E08 Episode 8 02/04/2012 Reidy was an overweight kid who didn't grow up surfing. Today he's overcome harsh criticism to become a lifeguard; meanwhile, up at the tower a BMX rider has a fractured cheek and broken nose.
S07E09 Episode 9 09/04/2012 Rips are the hidden danger most beachgoers can't identify. Lifeguards mark them out with dangerous current signs, but often they're ignored. So Terry conducts an experiment with stickers.
S07E10 Episode 10 16/04/2012 Lifeguard 'Harries' plans to propose to girlfriend Emily high above Bondi in a chopper, and needs the team to make a huge 'Marry Me' sign in the sand.
S07E11 Episode 11 23/04/2012 A surfing collision results in a deep water spinal rescue, and surf rage breaking out on the shore. Lifeguards must work out who's at fault. Later, a man is rescued with no pants.
S07E12 Episode 12 30/04/2012 An 18-year-old man breaks his leg and Maxi uses a mobile phone tracking device to locate a thief.
S07E13 Episode 13 07/05/2012 Trainee lifeguard and Bra Boy member Jesse Pollock fractures his spine when he is dumped by a huge wave; meanwhile Jake rescues a beginner surfer being smashed against cliffs.
S08E01 Episode 1 10/02/2013 The lifeguards are devastated when one of their own is severely injured in a surfing accident. While Kobi recovers, the rest of the boys continue their training for the annual Iron Man Challenge.
S08E02 Episode 2 17/02/2013 Santa comes to Bondi and he's brought the South Pole with him. It is the wettest Christmas day in seventy two years. Meanwhile, a seizure on the sand turns pear-shaped.
S08E03 Episode 3 24/02/2013 It's New Year's Day and in the afternoon the crowd peaks at over 40,000 people keen to wash away the hangover, but then every swimmer's greatest fear - a shark is spotted.
S08E04 Episode 4 03/03/2013 It's the hottest day ever on Bondi as the temperature soars to 45.8 degrees. Tempers flare in the heat and a fight erupts.
S08E05 Episode 5 10/03/2013 Harry loses his cool with three swimmers that he's forced to rescue just seconds after warning them not to swim in a dangerous area. However, calling them "imbeciles" and "idiots" puts him in hot water.
S08E06 Episode 6 07/04/2013 A drunk woman goes missing in the water so the boys bring the chopper to help find her. Terry has the most critical rescue of the season, which brings back some emotional memories.
S08E07 Episode 7 14/04/2013 Jessie meets his match when he tries to rescue a vicious rat from the skate bowl, and the lifeguards play detective after a punch-up in the surf.
S08E08 Episode 8 21/04/2013 Huge waves come to Bondi and Bisho is forced to perform a cliff-face rescue using just flippers and a rescue tube. New trainee lands himself in the boss’s office for rookie errors.
S08E09 Episode 9 28/04/2013 Hoppo, Deano, Maxi, Jesse and Kerrbox travel to South Australia to cage dive with sharks. Meanwhile, in Bronte the lifeguards must recover the body of a young man found dead in the surf.
S08E10 Episode 10 05/05/2013 Chappo is conflicted when he catches a young bag snatcher; Whippet and Reidy treat a woman found face down and unconscious in the water; a skateboarder dislocates his ankle in the skate bowl.
S08E11 Episode 11 19/05/2013 Chappo and H-man cautiously prepare a 19 year old German tourist for hospital after he's broken his back. Meanwhile, trainees, Taco and Jesse, have a difficult day in class struggling with the books.
S08E12 Episode 12 26/05/2013 Chappo and H-man cautiously prepare a 19 year old German tourist for hospital after he's broken his back. Meanwhile, trainees, Taco and Jesse, have a difficult day in class struggling with the books.
S08E13 Episode 13 02/06/2013 In the season finale, a drunk woman has to be removed from the beach by police after harassing beachgoers; Harries has the trickiest task when a woman wanders the beach naked.
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