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Crime drama series. The cases of detective inspector Napoleon Bonaparte - part aboriginal, part white - carrying out his investigations throughout Australia. The show created a bit of a stir through its use of blacking up the lead actor to play the half-caste Boney.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Boney

S01E01 Boney and the Claypan Mystery 27/07/1972 A light aircraft is found in Central Australia. Unconscious in the passenger seat is a young woman, paralysed by drugs, with no sign of a pilot or any tracks in the vicinity. Boney investigates, only to be confronted by a second attempt at killing the girl. Based on the novel 'Wings Above The Diamantina'. Filmed in Central Australia.
S01E02 Boney Meets the Daybreak Killer 03/08/1972 The murder of two girls in the outback town of Daybreak has baffled local police. Boney arrives to work on the case under cover as a horse breaker. Based on the novel 'Bony And The Mouse'. Filmed in South Australia. Frank Hardy won a Logie award for Best Scriptwriter (1972), and James Laurenson won a Logie award for Best Individual Acting Performance (1972) for this episode.
S01E03 Boney and the Reaper 10/08/1972 A large reaping machine pushes George Loftus' car into the path of a train. Boney has many suspects, and soon uncovers a connection to a murder in Rabul. Based on the novel 'Mr. Jelly's Business'. Filmed at Narridy, near Port Pirie, South Australia.
S01E04 Boney in Venom House 17/08/1972 On the track of a murderer, Boney comes to a gloomy old family home, long since cursed by Aboriginals. He finds two sisters twisted by jealousy and hate, a psychiatric nurse acting as housekeeper and, locked upstairs, a powerful man with the brain of a child. Based on the novel 'Venom House'. Filmed in New South Wales.
S01E05 Boney Buys a Coffin 31/08/1972 An unidentified body is found near a small fishing town, which is linked to the disappearance of a Vietnam serviceman. A stray dog leads Boney to vital clues that help solve a case of murder and drug addiction. Based on the novel 'The Clue Of The New Shoe'. Filmed in New South Wales.
S01E06 Boney and the Payback Killer 07/09/1972 An Aboriginal boxer is released from prison after serving a sentence for killing his tribal brother. He maintains he was innocent and sets out to serve Aboriginal justice on the real killer. Filmed in Sydney. Not directly based on a novel.
S01E07 Boney Picks a Widow 14/09/1972 Two widows have been murdered in Broken Bay, a small coastal town. Boney sets a trap for the killer using human bait - the widow he believes will be the next victim. Based on the novel 'The Widows Of Broome'. Filmed in New South Wales.
S01E08 Boney and the Black Virgin 21/09/1972 Investigating the strange death of an escaped convict, Boney discovers the prime suspect has also been murdered. He finds the key to the mystery in a weird love triangle. Based on the novel 'Bony And The Black Virgin'. Filmed in Central Australia.
S01E09 Boney Takes a Holiday 05/10/1972 A veterinary student and a customs agent disappear in the Flinders Ranges. Boney finds himself plunged into a strange case of murder and the illegal export of Merino rams. Based on the novel 'The Mountains Have A Secret'. Filmed at Wilpena Pound, South Australia. Last television role by Buster Fiddess.
S01E10 Boney Buys a Woman 12/10/1972 In the baffling mystery of a murdered white woman and her abducted daughter, Boney seeks clues among a tribe of Aboriginals. To spring his trap on the murderer, he must buy the beautiful Meena from her tribal chief. Based on the novel 'Bony Buys A Woman'. Filmed in Central Australia. The corroboree scenes on the series opening and closing titles are taken from this episode.
S01E11 Boney and the White Savage 26/10/1972 A young rapist escapes from prison and returns to the rugged mountain area near his home, and the scene of the crime, seeking refuge. Boney strikes fresh trouble when the rape victim tries to protect her attacker. Based on the novel 'Bony And The White Savage'. Filmed at Wilpena Pound, South Australia.
S01E12 Boney and the Monster 02/11/1972 Aborigines in the heart of the Australian outback plan a ritual killing with Boney as the intended victim when he investigates the mysterious death of a geologist. The Aborigines say the geologist has been trampled by the 'monster of Alice Gap', protector of their sacred burial ground. Investigations lead Boney on the track of a cattle stealing operation. Based on the novel 'The Lake Frome Monster'. Filmed in Central Australia.
S01E13 Boney and the Black Opal 09/11/1972 A policeman is found murdered on a road in the rugged MacDonnell Ranges and his black tracker is missing, also believed dead. Boney has an ally in a tribe of Aboriginals bent on revenge. Based on the novel 'Cake In The Hat Box'. Filmed in Central Australia.
S02E01 Boney Tells A Fortune 22/01/1973 Synopsis: An astrologer predicts his own death, but not at the hands of a murderer. Boney investigates, and soon finds there is more to the case than meets the eye. Notes: First episode with Kate Fitzpatrick as Const. Alice McGorr. Based on the novel 'The Battling Prophet'. Filmed at Port Macquarie, New South Wales.
S02E02 Boney and the Paroo Bikeman 29/01/1973 Synopsis: Boney is suspected of being a trade union organiser and a black leg labour recruiter as he probes a double murder amongst bitter industrial trouble on a sheep station. Notes: Based on the novel 'Madman's Bend'. Filmed in New South Wales. Kate Fitzpatrick does not appear in this episode.
S02E03 Boney and the Strangler 05/02/1973 Synopsis: Boney investigates the killing of a pregnant girl in a tropical rain forest. He finds half a dozen logical suspects, but no tracks leading to or from the body. Notes: Based on the novel 'Winds Of Evil'. Filmed at Port Macquarie, New South Wales.
S02E04 Boney and the Powder Trail 12/02/1973 Synopsis: Boney tracks down a hired killer who tries to escape across the outback with a young Aboriginal guide and a bag of highly marketable heroin. Notes: Based on the novel 'The Sands Of Windee'. Filmed in New South Wales.
S02E05 Boney and the Albatross 19/02/1973 Synopsis: Boney investigates the disappearance of a U.S. senator at sea, near a small Australian coastal town. Boney's investigations reveal that the senator was murdered in order to protect the headquarters of an international drug syndicate. Notes: Based on the novel 'The Mystery Of Swordfish Reef'. Filmed at Port Macquarie, New South Wales.
S02E06 Boney and the Kelly Gang 26/02/1973 Synopsis: Boney poses as a bank robber with a gang of Irish-Australian armed bandits, and leads them into a trap. The gang wear suits of armour in the tradition of Ned Kelly. Notes: Based on the novel ‘Bony And The Kelly Gang’. Filmed near Orange, New South Wales.
S02E07 Boney Hunts a Murderess 05/03/1973 Synopsis: A woman returning to an outback town after a 10 year jail term for the murder of her husband becomes an obvious suspect when a man is murdered on her train. Notes: Based on the novel 'Man Of Two Tribes'. Filmed near Wellington, New South Wales.
S02E08 Boney and the Devil's Steps 19/03/1973 Synopsis: A famous show business personality is found murdered at a luxury health farm. Boney checks in as a guest to investigate, and has to unravel a complex case involving a change of leadership in a ruthless international crime syndicate. Notes: Based on the novel 'The Devil's Steps'. Filmed in New South Wales.
S02E09 Boney Walks with Death 26/03/1973 Synopsis: A half-caste Aboriginal, bearing a striking resemblance to Boney and using his name, is killed when a crop duster engulfs him in a lethal cloud of insecticide. Dr. Paul Henderson seems over anxious to protect his fiancée, Gloria Lacey, the daughter of an outback magistrate. Gloria had an affair with the murdered man and has received death threats. Notes: Based on the novel 'The Bone Is Pointed'. Filmed in New South Wales.
S02E10 Boney and the Burial Tree 02/04/1973 Synopsis: A white man is shot and 'buried' Aboriginal-style in a tree. Nobody on the outback property where the body was found will admit having seen him, although he was watching the homestead from his camp. Boney has to deal with a fanatical Army officer out to avenge the death of his mate, who captures Alice McGorr and tests Boney's skill and ingenuity to the full. Notes: Based on the novel 'The Will Of The Tribe'. Filmed in New South Wales.
S02E11 Boney and the Silent Order 09/04/1973 Synopsis: A light aircraft carrying a large payroll disappears after a forced landing on an emergency airstrip in the bush. Boney and Alice McGorr make a startling discovery at a nearby convent, a 'silent order' where the nuns are not permitted to speak. Alice risks her life posing as a nun, while Boney searches the bush for two kangaroo shooters who prefer human game. Notes: Final episode with Kate Fitzpatrick as Const. Alice McGorr. Filmed in New South Wales. Not directly based on a novel.
S02E12 Boney and the Black Clansman 11/04/1973 Synopsis: While investigating sheep rustling and reprisal killings of stockmen, Boney walks into a full scale clan feud between two Australian outback families who cling stubbornly to the grim traditions of their Scottish ancestors. Notes: Based on the novel 'Bushranger Of The Skies'. Filmed in New South Wales.
S02E13 Boney and the Emu Man 30/04/1973 Synopsis: Three babies are kidnapped in a small country town - then a fourth disappears with it's mother. Boney uncovers a cult based on Aboriginal lore as the townspeople try to start a new tribe to replace those displaced by white men. Notes: Based on the novel 'Murder Must Wait'. Filmed in New South Wales.