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Bonkers D. Bobcat (voiced by Jim Cummings) is an overly energetic and hyperactive cartoon bobcat that works in the Toon Division of the Hollywood PD. Once a big name cartoon star for Wackytoons Studios, he was fired due to his show being bumped out of first place in the ratings. He was introduced to law enforcement when he unknowingly saved cartoon celebrity Donald Duck from a park mugger (mostly due to the help of officer Lucky Piquel) and was given full credit for the mugger's capture.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Bonkers

S01E01 In the Bag 06/09/1993 A toon handbag is stealing everything from the ""D"" from the ""Hollywood"" sign to Lucky's pants.
S01E02 Hear No Bonkers, See No Bonkers 00/00/0000
S01E03 Out of Sight, Out of Toon 08/09/1993
S01E04 Is Toon Fur Really Warm? 00/00/0000
S01E05 Calling All Cars 00/00/0000 Toon tow-truck Ma Parker charms Lucky into letting her in the Police Garage, where she steals police car parts.
S01E06 Fall Apart Bomb Squad 00/00/0000 A crazy Toon Bomb who wants to be a stand-up comic terrorizes the city, and Lucky and Bonkers take the case with their new explosives expert, Fall-Apart Rabbit.
S01E07 In Toons We Trust 00/00/0000 Lucky arrests giant toon bird Baby Hubert for a string of jewel thefts, but Bonkers believes he's innocent. Then Lucky suspects that Bonkers is in on the thefts, too.
S01E08 Never Cry Pig 00/00/0000 The Three Pigs try to pin their badly-constructed houses collapsing on the Mean Old Wolf.
S01E09 Hamster Houseguest 00/00/0000 Bonkers and Lucky reluctantly help out the toon team, Tiny the Hamster and Mister Big, who are down on their luck.
S01E10 The Cheap Sheep Sweep 17/09/1993 Things go amuck in Toon Town as a sneaky wolf kidnaps toons, brings them to his sheep factory, and turns them into stuffed sheep. But soon enough, Bonkers gets kidnapped too, and it's up to Lucky to save him.
S01E11 The Day the Toon Stood Still 20/09/1993 Pops, who controls toons' sense of timing, gets fed up with being taken for granted and throws toon time out of whack.
S01E12 Weather or Not 21/09/1993 Lucky gets annoyed when the weather reports are all wrong when he realizes that they were showing reruns because the weather toons are missing.
S01E13 Basic Spraining 00/00/0000 Criminal mastermind Mackey McSlime sets up a phony police training academy as a trap for Bonkers and Lucky.
S01E14 Once in a Blue Toon 23/09/1993 Bonkers and Lucky try to reform the Louse, a toon monster who does nothing but eat everything in sight.
S01E15 Luna-Toons 00/00/0000 Aliens send Cadet Quark to take over the Earth, but no one will take him seriously because everyone thinks he's just a toon.
S01E16 Time Wounds All Heels 00/00/0000 Max Coody is released from prison, and wants to meet the cop who sent him up twenty years ago: Lucky Piquel.
S01E17 Poltertoon 00/00/0000 A ghost reeks havoc in the Piquel household, just on the day the Kanifky's invite themselves over for dinner.
S01E18 Hand Over the Dough 29/09/1993 Bonkers and Lucky try to determine who's blowing up the delivery trucks of the Butterman Bakery company.
S01E19 Ski Patrol / Bonkers in Space / The Rubber Room Song / Draining Cats and Dogs 00/00/0000 This is the first compilation episode of Bonkers's ""Raw Toonage"" shorts. There's the title routine (lifted from ""Casabonkers"", complete with a quick glimpse of Miranda), along with the following ""He's Bonkers"" shorts from ""Raw Toonage"". ""Ski Patrol"": Ambulance drivers Bonkers and Jitters rush to help skier Grumbles, who's injured on the slopes. ""Bonkers in Space"": In the future, Bonkers and Jitters work at spaceship-wash outfit in a space station. But Jitters accidentally gets cast into space while Bonkers puts the moves on Fawn. ""Draining Cats and Dogs"": Plumbers Bonkers and Jitters rescue Fawn when her pipes burst and flood her house.
S01E20 Tune Pig 00/00/0000 For their anniversary, Lucky takes Dil to see her favorite crooner. What they don't know is that the crooner has a secret.
S02E01 New Partners on the Block 04/10/1993 When Lucky Piquel is believed to have been killed in an explosion, it's up to Bonkers and newfound partner Miranda Wright to get to the bottom of things.
S02E02 Witless for the Prosecution 05/10/1993 Miranda can testify against publisher Lillith DuPrave at her counterfeiting trial. So, she hides out in Bonkers's house until the trial. Bonkers and his friends decide to annoy her by smothering her with attention.
S02E03 Do Toons Dream of Animated Sheep? 08/10/1993 Baa-bara, one of the toon sheep that Bonkers counts to get to sleep, gets fed up with her dead-end life and starts stealing Bonkers's dreams for herself.
S02E04 Quibbling Rivalry 00/00/0000 Miranda's sister, TV reporter Shirley Wright, makes Bonkers look bad in a series of reports.
S02E05 Springtime for the Iguana 14/10/1993 After acquiring a role in a live-action flick, Bonkers' arrongant actor pal Roderick Lizzard is framed for an arson fire at the studio.
S02E06 CasaBonkers 15/10/1993 Bonkers's old flame, Catia Legs Go-on-a-lot, gets him involved in a fight between Flaps and Al Vermin over the Maltese Beenie.
S02E07 Love Stuck 00/00/0000 Toon porcupine Winston Prickly kidnaps bachelors from the game show ""Love Corral"", when they won't let him on the show. In investigating the kidnappings, Bonkers falls madly in love with human bachelorette Rita Love-loss.
S02E08 Of Mice and Menace 21/10/1993 Bonkers takes in three toon mice left on his doorstep, not knowing that they're the accomplices of Flaps, the criminal elephant with a fixation on Dumbo.
S02E09 Dog Day Aftertoon 00/00/0000 When the ""Pits and Smarts"" series is cancelled, Pits the dog holds a bank full of people hostage with a toon bomb, demanding a new series.
S02E10 The 29th Page 00/00/0000 Alowysius Vermin and his gang search for the key clue to a mobster's loot, hidden in the 29th page of some book.
S02E11 Cartoon Cornered 00/00/0000 Sgt. Grating gets lost in the sets of Wackytoons Studio when he gets locked in by Bucky Buzzsaw. Then Wild Man Wyatt breaks out of prison and comes after Grating.
S03E01 The Good, the Bad & the Kanifky 01/11/1993 The mayor busts Chief Kanifky all the way down to the toon division.
S03E02 I Oughta Be in Toons 02/11/1993 Mickey Mouse, the most famous Toon in the world is replaced by a human wannabe in a rat suit by conniving Mr. Corkscrew, with Lucky's unwitting assistance?? Not if Mickey-admiring Bonkers has anything to say about it.
S03E03 Frame That Toon 00/00/0000 Bonkers helps a toon saxophone find her brother, Alto the double bass. But they find him helping a pickpocket rip off tourists.
S03E04 A Wooly Bully 00/00/0000 Mammoth Mammoth turns to crime after losing his job as a superhero on a TV show.
S03E05 Stay Tooned 00/00/0000 Bonkers loses a record book that's a key piece of evidence against a mobster, and he suspects everyone around him of stealing it.
S03E06 Get Me a Pizza / O Cartoon! My Cartoon! / Spatula Party / Sheerluck Bonkers 00/00/0000 In the second ""Raw Toonage"" compilation episode, Bonkers recites his own version of ""Oh, Captain, my Captain"", and Fall-Apart acts it out. ""Get Me a Pizza (Hold the Minefield)"": A black-and-white newsreel tells of how World War I hero Bonkers bravely delivered pizzas to our boys in the front. ""Spatula Party"": Bonkers new neighbor Fawn Deer wants to borrow a spatula, and so Bonkers scurries all around the neighborhood trying to get one. ""Sheerluck Bonkers"": Victorian era detective Sheerluck Bonkers tries to find out who's stolen a priceless pendant from Princess Fawn of Doe-mania.
S03E07 Color Me Piquel 00/00/0000 Two black-and-white toons steal color from other toons to colorize them-selves.
S03E08 Stand-in Dad 12/11/1993 On a kid's television show, an evil executive is running the show, and stealing all the audience's pocket change by sucking it into a secret vacum. But when the host's ant costume is ripped off of him and the robot vacum sends him running, Lucky has to go undercover and audition for the job of being the host of the show wearing the ant suit. But Lucky's family get's in the way too; his daughter is a fan of the show, and when Lucky forgets her birthday, he wears the ant suit and pretends to be the host of the show to make her happy.
S03E09 Cereal Surreal 00/00/0000 Three thuggish toon elves frame spokesmen Slap, Sniffle, and Plop for stealing cereal box prizes so they can take their jobs.
S03E10 Petal to the Metal / If / Dogzapoppin' / Trail Mix Bonkers 00/00/0000 This time, Bonkers does his version of Rudyard Kipling's ""If"", with Jitters illustrating. ""Petal to the Metal"": Delivery boy Bonkers must deliver a dozen roses to Fawn in four minutes or he's through. ""Dogzapoppin'"": Bonkers has to get an important package to his boss, Grumbles, but he can't get past Grumble's nasty dog. ""TrailMix Bonkers"": Pony express rider TrailMix Bonkers delivers two money plates to California and fights the Grumbles Kid.
S03E11 The Dimming 00/00/0000 Lucky takes a vacation to a ""haunted mountain resort"" to pursue his dream of becoming a horror writer. Bonkers sends fall-apart and the grapevine to scare him, but then a ghost shows up.
S03E12 Toon with No Name 18/11/1993 A crime spree mirrors an old-west cartoon Bonkers once made.
S03E13 Get Wacky 00/00/0000 Bonkers faces off Wacky Weasel, the cunningest toon villain that ever existed.
S03E14 The Final Review 00/00/0000 Bonkers and Lucky protect Charles Quibble, a TV critic who panned Bonkers's old show from an assassin.
S03E15 Quest for Firewood / Goldijitters and the 3 Bobcats / Get Me to the Church on Time / Gobble Gobble Bonkers 00/00/0000 In the last ""Raw Toonage"" compilation, Goldijitters is just about to sit down to a tofu dinner when the Three Bobcats barge in to annoy her/him. ""Quest for Firewood"": In prehistoric times, cavecat Bonkers searches for firewood for his tribe. ""Gobble, Gobble Bonkers"": Jitters lets Bonkers take one his beloved turkeys to Grumbles for Thanksgiving dinner, not realizing that it's the dinner. ""Get Me to the Church on Time"": Bonkers and Jitters have a difficult time getting to Jitters's wedding with Tanya.
S03E16 Seems Like Old Toons 00/00/0000 Marilyn helps a toon team of two bees and a bear make one last cartoon, before their studio is torn down.
S03E17 Miracle at the 34th Precinct 27/11/1993 Santa Claus is reported missing in a freak blizzard over Southern California. Two of his elves recruit Lucky as a substitute.
S03E18 Comeback Kid 29/11/1993 Two con artists use Lucky to steal an huge diamond.
S03E19 The Greatest Story Never Told 00/00/0000 Toon camera Zoom and microphone Boom trash Lucky in their TV show on cops.
S03E20 Fall Apart Land 09/02/1994 Lucky and Fall-Apart dream of running a theme park. So Fall-Apart buys and renovates a park from a crooked real-estate agent.
S03E21 Imagine That 00/00/0000 A toon pencil's spreading toon grafitti all over Hollywood. Marilyn goes after him, into a surreal toon world where he hides out.
S03E22 A Fine Kettle of Toons 17/02/1994 Lucky secretly plans a surprise party for the Chief for his 40th. anniversary on the force. But the Chief wants to know what he's up to, so he teams up with Fall-Apart to spy on Bonkers and Lucky.
S03E23 Stressed to Kill 23/02/1994 Lucky suffers from severe stress in trying to nab an art thief.
S00E01 Going Bonkers 04/09/1993
S00E02 Gone Bonkers 05/09/1993