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BOOGEYMEN is an hour-long travel series that ventures to small, picturesque towns that have embraced something unusual and fascinating as their main attraction: a local monster! Each episode goes in-depth into the history of these creatures; discovers the places where they have been encountered; explores the tourist attractions built around the monsters; listens to the believers and skeptics; investigates the most recent sightings; and maybe even catches a glimpse of them ourselves!


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Boogeymen

S01E01 Mothman 11/11/2014
S01E02 Champ 18/11/2014
S01E03 The Bell Witch 25/11/2014 The legend of the Bell Witch in Adams, Tenn., is examined.
S01E04 The Hodag 02/12/2014
S01E05 Tatzelwurm 09/12/2014
S01E06 Big Foot 16/12/2014
S01E07 Ogopogo 23/12/2014
S01E08 Bownessie 30/12/2014
S01E09 Lagarfljoy Worm 06/01/2015
S01E10 Storsie 13/01/2015
S01E11 Pepie Lake Monster 20/01/2015
S01E12 Normie Lake Monster 27/01/2015
S01E13 Nahuelito 03/02/2015