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The officers and agents of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) scour the inhospitable landscape at one of the busiest border crossings in the country, seeking to intercept illegal entrants from the air, on the ground, and at the port of entry. Every day thousands of men, women and children attempt to enter the United States illegally -- some looking for work, some seeking a new life and others trying to smuggle drugs or other contraband. Many will do whatever it takes, often risking their lives by crossing Arizona's treacherous Sonoran Desert. Now, follow the officers and agents who struggle every day to defend this border, including: Officer Hector Navarro, part of the anti-terrorism contraband enforcement team; Agent Simon Keller, part of an 18-man all-terrain vehicle unit that navigates desert terrain too rough for cars; Officer Oscar Peru, who patrols the vast Arizona desert from a helicopter; Officer Mark Shanley, a 26-year CBP veteran who uses his hard-won experience to supplement the official manual; and Chief Rene Felix, a Nogales native with a personal mission to keep drug smugglers out of his town.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Border Wars

S02E01 Mort sur le Rio Grande 29/08/2010 Dans cet épisode de The Border, les agents et officiers américains de la douane patrouillent à la frontière entre le Mexique et les Etats-Unis, à McAllen au Texas. Ces hommes et ces femmes démantèlent le trafic de drogue, retrouvent le corps d'une personne déclarée disparue, et découvrent une maison qui sert de planque à des immigrants illégaux.
S02E02 Transports illégaux 01/09/2010 Dans ce second épisode de The Border, des officiers et des agents de San Diego découvrent trente personnes minutieusement dissimulées dans un camion, tentent d'empêcher des clandestins de traverser la frontière à l'aide du brouillard et mettent la main sur plusieurs centaines de kilos de marijuana dans la cabine d'une semi-remorque.
S02E03 Contraband Highway 08/09/2010 More than $600,000 worth of crystal meth is found hidden in an SUV. A car filled with firearms and ammunition tries to cross the border checkpoint in Hidalgo, Texas.
S02E04 Lost in the River 15/09/2010 Agents search for nine missing people in the Rio Grande. A man wanted for murder tries to cross the border in Hidalgo, Texas. A group of suspected drug smugglers are tracked through the night.
S02E05 Dirty Money 29/09/2010 The California Border Patrol seeks out corruption within its own ranks. Rookie agents pursue illegal immigrants. Officers intercept a huge stash of drug-cartel money.
S02E06 Fog of War 06/10/2010 Agents stop a truck trailer packed with 30 illegal immigrants. A huge payload of marijuana is seized.
S02E07 Hidden Narcotics 13/10/2010 Agents stage a sting operation and infiltrate a human-smuggling operation. Hidden narcotics are uncovered in a car passing through California's San Ysidro Port of Entry.
S02E08 Manhunt 20/10/2010 A woman tries to sneak across the border in hopes of reuniting with her husband and son. An investigation of a human-smuggling ring leads to a tense standoff.
S02E09 Midnight Drug Run 03/11/2010 Agents conduct a citywide sting in San Juan in an effort to bust gang-affiliated drug dealers. In Miami, deportation officers deal with a complex case of a family man facing deportation.
S02E10 3,000-Pound Coke Bust 10/11/2010 Dismantling North Miami Beach gangs; corrupt employees on a cruise liner; a drug load off the coast of Puerto Rico.
S02E11 Murder on the Lake 17/11/2010 Examining the Sept. 30, 2010, death of American tourist David Hartley, who was allegedly shot by Mexican pirates during a sightseeing trip on Falcon Lake near the Texas-Mexico border.
S02E12 Gang Task Force 20/11/2010 A gang member becomes an informant after he's apprehended in Miami. A marijuana grow house is raided by undercover agents. The U.S. Coast Guard intercepts a boat carrying more than 500 lbs. of cocaine and a strange mystery substance.
S02E13 High-Speed Chase 01/12/2010 Border agents pursue a car filled with suspected illegal immigrants. Later, the SWAT team raids a suspected heroin stash house. A spare tire stuffed with hundred-dollar bills is discovered by officers.
S02E14 La loi des cartels 08/12/2010 Des agents patrouillent à la frontière américaine, dans les airs, en mer, et sur terre pour lutter contre le trafic de drogue mais aussi contrer l'immigration illégale vers les Etats-Unis, au plus grand port d'entrée du pays. Suivez ces hommes et ces femmes dans leur traque après un groupe en cavale, à travers des ranchs privés, juste au Nord de la frontière. Avec une équipe du SWAT, un groupe de police d'intervention armée, ils font une descente dans une maison suspectée d'être une planque pour de la cocaïne.
S02E15 Storm Surge 22/12/2010 A truck with canned jalapenos is found to have marijuana; a human smuggler will not give up stranded immigrants; agents raid a suspected stash house.
S02E16 Weed Warehouse 05/01/2011 A stolen vehicle is abandoned after it flips over during a high-speed chase, and a huge load of marijuana is found inside
S02E17 Ligne défense 31/01/2011 Dans cet épisode de The Border, les agents et officiers du Ministère de la Sécurité intérieure se préparent pour assurer la sécurité du Super Bowl à Miami. Ils patrouillent avant, pendant et après l'événement dans les airs, en mer et sur terre.
S03E01 Seize and Destroy 04/09/2011 Contraband seized by Customs and Border Protection needs to be handled, and in some cases disposed of, in a strictly regulated manner.
S03E02 Cocaine Sting 04/09/2011 The investigation of a couple who are suspected human drug smugglers may lead back to a high-level supplier.
S03E03 Marijuana Airdrop 11/09/2011 Border agents in Nogales, Ariz. seize a vehicle carrying weapons and nearly $800,000 dollars.
S03E04 Smuggler's Tunnel 18/09/2011 Agents uncover a drug smuggling tunnel and narcotics in a freight train.
S03E05 Drug-Smuggling Grandma 25/09/2011 With the help of a Blackhawk helicopter, agents arrest a suspected smuggler who is backpacking drugs into the U.S.
S03E06 Murder Capital 02/10/2011 Customs and Border Protection patrol the crucial boundary between El Paso, one of the safest cities in the U.S. and Cuidad Juarez, considered one of the most dangerous cities in the world.
S03E07 Cartel Corridor 16/10/2011 Border agents in Arizona defend a national park overrun by smugglers.
S03E08 Contraband Cargo 23/10/2011 Border agents in El Paso, Texas battle to secure the city from human trafficking and drug smuggling.
S03E09 Going Underground 30/10/2011 El Paso officers detain a father and son suspected of smuggling drugs.
S03E10 River Under Siege 06/11/2011 Customs and Border Patrol Agents defend the active border town of Brownsville, Texas.
S03E11 Toxic Drug Tanker 13/11/2011 Smugglers bury drugs inside the toxic content of tanker trucks.
S03E12 Million Dollar Stash 20/11/2011 Agents persue a pickup truck loaded down with drugs ferried from Mexico; a routine vehicle inspection uncovers a large stash of heroin.
S03E13 River Standoff 27/11/2011 A search team races to rescue a mother and her son who were abandoned by smugglers in the brush.
S04E01 Bullets Over the Border 09/07/2012 Agents respond to a shoot-out on the Rio Grande; a stash of cocaine hidden in a car floor.
S04E02 Meth Mobile 16/07/2012 The agents enlist the help of the A-Star surveillance helicopter to track a suspected smuggling ring.
S04E03 Contraband Corridor 23/07/2012 A large stash of cocaine is discovered in a unique hiding place; millions of dollars of heroin is seized at port.
S04E04 Rio Grande Reefer 30/07/2012 Human smugglers and the drug cartels use the Rio Grande River as a route to cross the border with their contraband.
S04E05 Hidden Tunnel 06/08/2012 The flow of illegal immigrants and drugs; Border Patrol's campaign for new methods to avoid detection.
S04E06 Cartel Cash Stash 13/08/2012 Cartels with nearly $1 million in cash and drugs; crystal meth in a war veteran's SUV; decoy bundles.
S04E07 Fence Jumpers 20/08/2012 An illegal immigrant chase; new crossing and concealment strategies.
S04E08 Tunnel Smoke-out 27/08/2012 A getaway car smuggling drugs; illegal immigrants led by a human smuggler; a hidden tunnel in a house.
S04E09 Midnight Drug Trap 03/09/2012 Agents set up a trap in an area of the Arizona desert known as "The Jungle"; agents discover a major drug-running tunnel.
S04E10 Cocaine Paradise 10/09/2012 In Puerto Rico, agents try to keep a drug seizure for transport to San Juan; a suspected drug smuggler enters Puerto Rico from the Dominican Republic.
S04E11 Cocaine Dump Truck 17/09/2012 An undercover "buy and bust" operation in Puerto Rico; agents race to find illegal immigrants who have landed on a secluded beach.
S04E12 Cash in the Tank 24/09/2012 The open coastline of Puerto Rico is used as a springboard into the U.S. by drug traffickers and contraband dealers
S05E01 Traffic 14/11/2012 Illegal traffic between the Rio Grande and the Falfurrias Checkpoint in South Texas.
S05E02 War Games 21/11/2012 Tactical cat-and-mouse games used in the war on drugs.
S05E03 War on the Streets 28/11/2012 South Texas has become a hotspot for smuggling activities on the border.
S05E04 Special Ops 05/12/2012 Specially trained agents deal with problems specific to the border in South Texas.
S05E05 Rio Grande Rookies 12/12/2012 Not Available.
S05E06 The War Comes Home 19/12/2012 Agents in South Texas work to stop drug dealers, smugglers and undocumented immigrants from infiltrating residential neighborhoods and getting innocent bystanders involved.
S05E07 24-Hour Watch 26/12/2012 The action never stops for Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agents and local law enforcement who patrol the border 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As dawn breaks, agents track a group of suspected illegal immigrants from Mexico.
S05E08 Animals on the Frontline 02/01/2013 For those rare occasions when human skills are insufficient, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents and local law enforcement officers turn to their friends in the animal world for some on-the-job help. In Rio Grande City, Archie, a CBP K-9, helps agents track a group of illegal immigrants spotted passing through.
S05E09 Smuggler's Stash 09/01/2013 Drugs, humans, weapons and money can be hidden anywhere by anyone at any time, and nobody knows that better than the law enforcement officers who work on or near the border. Laredo narcotics officers raid a residence in a school zone after a confidential informant buys crack cocaine direct from a drug dealer's house.
S05E10 Cash and Corruption 16/01/2013

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