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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de BORDER

S01E01 Discover 10/04/2014 A police detective named Ango Ishikawa takes a bullet to the head while investigating a murder scene. He miraculously recovers and returns to work.
S01E02 Rescue 17/04/2014 A serial killer is targeting high school girls. Ishikawa and his colleagues go to take the killer into custody, but he kills himself in front of them.
S01E03 Linkage 24/04/2014 An examination of the body of a young man found in the suburbs outside of Tokyo reveals that he was killed elsewhere and his body was moved.
S01E04 Blast 01/05/2014 A homeless stabbing victim is found in a wide open athletic field with a "handle with care" sticker placed on his body.
S01E05 Recall 08/05/2014 A man whose body is found outside a home in a residential area is suspected to be another victim in the recent spate of violent robberies.
S01E06 Anguish 15/05/2014 A university student’s fall to her death from an apartment building is dismissed as a suicide, but Higa is suspicious and continues investigating.
S01E07 Defeat 22/05/2014 When a university student is killed in a hit-and-run accident, Ishikawa learns from the deceased that the driver is the son of a politician.
S01E08 Conclusion 29/05/2014 The killing of a former police detective shot in the head at close range resembles another unresolved case of a police killing.
S01E09 Last Decision 05/06/2014 An eight-year-old boy goes missing at a shopping mall. At first it is treated as a kidnapping but the boy’s body is discovered the next morning.