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The ruthless drug cartels in Mexico resort to any means to transport illegal narcotics into the United States, and the primary gateway they use is the tiny Texas city of Laredo, the largest inland port on the U.S.-Mexico border. This documentary series allows viewers unprecedented access inside the Laredo Police Department's Narcotics Unit, specifically five Mexican-American cops who are outnumbered and outgunned but determined to protect their city in the war on drugs. They are seen working with informants, on undercover missions and executing raids as they attempt to seize shipments of cocaine, marijuana, heroin and crystal meth.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Bordertown: Laredo

S01E01 A River Runs Through It 13/10/2011 The premiere of the new series that takes viewers inside the Laredo Texas Police Department’s battle against ruthless Mexican drug cartels regularly smuggling huge quantities of narcotics through the city. A routine dope bust yields a lead on a local stash house and intel that a huge load of weed is set to arrive that night. Can the LPD team hit the cartels where it hurts?
S01E02 Show Me the Money 13/10/2011 Sifuentes orders Roly to go undercover to nab a top cocaine and heroin dealer – a dangerous assignment because the suspect’s most recent crime involved shooting an officer. As they work the case, a car involved in the investigation yields illegal drugs and weapons, but the team suspects the car is hiding an even bigger payoff.
S01E03 Needle in a Haystack 20/10/2011 With a big cartel shipment of pure heroin about to arrive in Laredo, the LPD team has just hours to track the drugs. The unit conducts a citywide crackdown of suspected heroin dealers to squeeze information out of them about where and when the drugs will arrive.
S01E04 Third Time's a Charm 20/10/2011 Sifuentes and Roly are determined to take down Quack, one of Laredo's most notorious heroin dealers. But it won't be easy - Quack has ducked the LPD's attempts to stop him twice before.
S01E05 Cartel City 27/10/2011 The team's K-9 sniffs out a package containing black tar heroin hidden in a child's teddy bear. Linking the parcel with a residence called the "Spiderhouse," the LPD hopes it will lead them to the distributor of the deadly form of heroin.
S01E06 Sister Load 27/10/2011 The seizure of 350 lbs of marijuana leads the narcotics unit on the hunt for a sister load coming from Mexico. The trail leads to a truck stop where they make an unexpected discovery. Is this the end of the line or will the unit get the intel they need to find that sister load before it leaves the city limits?
S01E07 The Ledger 03/11/2011 Through information from a trusted C.I., LPD Narcotics busts a stash house holding cocaine and guns, plus a ledger filled with information that could help them put a heavy cocaine operation out of business.
S01E08 Fifty Tons 03/11/2011 After the murder of an ICE agent in Mexico, LPD is on high alert. Sifuentes is determined to hit the cartels where it hurts, and a local casino's connection to a prostitution ring may give him the chance he needs. The investigation leads to a warehouse and a hidden find that these narcotics cops have never seen before.
S01E09 The New C.I. 10/11/2011 A new confidential informant is willing to risk his life to give up vital information about dealers in exchange for help with his legal troubles. After proving himself with some small-time buys, he tips the team off to a large shipment of meth. Can they trust him when a million dollars are on the line or is his intel too good to be true?
S01E10 The Candyman 10/11/2011 A series of controlled buys leads Roly and his C.I. to the home of a local dealer. The SWAT team swoops in, but finds the house empty. They decide to call the bust off before suddenly spotting a car fleeing the scene. Can they nab the drug lord before his poison spills out onto the streets?