Affiche Born to Kill (2012)
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Police detectives, journalists, childhood friends, room mates, attorneys and leading experts in criminal psychology offer an insight into their unique relationships with the most evil of society.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Born to Kill (2012)

S03E01 Black Panther (Donald Neilson) 13/08/2013 Profile of the 1970s armed robber and kidnapper.
S03E02 The Killer Prophet (John Linley Frazier) 27/08/2013 In California in 1970, a doctor and his young family were executed and dumped in the swimming pool of their hilltop home. The killer believed that he was on a mission from God.
S03E03 Yosemite Park Slayer (Cary Stayner) 03/09/2013 Featuring the killing of walkers in Yosemite National Park.
S03E04 The Devil's Disciple (Patrick Mackay) 08/09/2013 Documentary profile of Patrick Mackay.
S03E05 The Butcher Brothers (Briley Brothers) 10/09/2013 Featuring a crime spree in Richmond, Virginia in 1979.
S03E06 The Cross Dressing Cannibal (Hadden Clark) 17/09/2013 Profile of American serial killer Hadden Clark.

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