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Boundless is an adrenaline-charged documentary series following the adventures of friends Simon Donato and Paul "Turbo" Trebilcock in their worldwide quest to compete in some of the most extreme competitive events on Earth while testing their individual limits and their friendship.


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S01E01 Iceland: Surface of the Moon 25/09/2013 Simon and Turbo’s season kicks off with the intense “Fire and Ice Ultra” – a 250km, seven-day stage race – camping and running through the volcanic ruggedness of the Icelandic Highlands. Much to everyone’s surprise, winter comes early, and all runners battle the plummeting temperatures as a large snowstorm closes in.
S01E02 Iceland: All Ice, No Fire 02/10/2013 The “Fire and Ice Ultra” foot race continues its way out of the Icelandic Highlands, north through ever-changing seasons towards the 250km finish line. But the cold and snow continue to be a risk factor for Simon, Turbo, and the rest of the competitors – and everyone has to stick together to overcome the challenges and safely complete the race.
S01E03 Hawaii: The Channel of Bones 09/10/2013 The “Molokai 2 Oahu Paddleboard World Championships” is considered one of the toughest and most elite paddling races on earth. Simon and Turbo have four days in Hawaii to train before competing against the world’s best – and stand-up paddling their way over 10-foot open ocean swells to cross the 32-mile Channel of Bones.
S01E04 Kenya: Born to Run 16/10/2013 The “Amazing Maasai Ultra” race pits a small field of international competitors against local Kenyans – considered some of the fastest runners on the planet – amid the heat and wilderness of the Laikipia Highlands. Simon is running this race without Turbo – he’s living in a small hut and learning all he can from the local Maasai Warriors – before pushing his physical and emotional extremes to complete the 75km single-day run.
S01E05 South Africa: Up-Downstream 23/10/2013 The two-day, 82km “Hansa Fish River Marathon” paddle race on a river in rural South Africa boasts nearly two thousand kayakers rowing down man-made weirs and waterfalls, on class 3+ rapids. Simon and Turbo find themselves in way over their head, and fearing for their safety, have to decide between pulling from the race or finding a way to persevere and reach the finish line intact.
S01E06 United States: Spinning Wheels 30/10/2013 Taking their love of climbing, canyoneering and mountain biking to the extreme, Simon and Turbo head to Hurricane, Utah, to compete in the annual “Six Hours of Frog Hollow” bike race. The 12.8-mile looping course winds perilously through gaping canyons, alongside sheer cliff drops and over large boulders – presenting huge challenges for both guys, and a near catastrophic accident for Turbo.
S01E07 Egypt: The Ancient Sea 06/11/2013 There are few events in the ultra-racing community that hold as much prestige as the Four Deserts “Sahara Race” – a 250km foot race in Egypt over five days, through searing heat and sand, where day-time temperatures reach well into the 40’s. Simon is determined to place in the top rankings among the world's best, while Turbo battles ailments and near-exhaustion to hang onto his third-place position
S01E08 Egypt: Castles Made of Sand 13/11/2013 The 250km “Sahara Race” continues across the Faiyum region of the Egyptian Sahara Desert, and as the days press on, all the racers become more worn down by the heat and long miles they are putting in. Turbo is forced into a major decision, while Simon pushes himself to the point of near-collapse, chasing down competitors and working his way up the ranks.
S01E09 Cambodia: Spider Bites 20/11/2013 The “Ancient Khmer Path” is the first of its kind in Cambodia – leading runners 230km over six days through flooded jungles, ancient temples and rural villages in scorching heat and humidity. All the racers push themselves to their extremes – and when a good friend of Simon and Turbo suffers a life-threatening condition, they must find the courage to keep moving on and complete the race.
S01E10 Thailand: Men of Iron 27/11/2013 There is no global triathlon brand as renowned as the Ironman, and Simon and Turbo are heading to Phuket, Thailand to compete in a grueling 1.9km swim, 90.1km bike and 21.1km run. Falling ill with a stomach bug, Turbo fights to gain back his strength, while Simon prepares for the grand finale of their race season with the hope both friends can cross the finish line and end their race season on a high note

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