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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Bram & Alice

S01E01 Pilot 06/10/2002 Alice O'Connor is ready to leave New York and give up on her dream of becoming a writer when her mother drops a bombshell: Alice's idol, Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Bram Shepherd, is her dad. When idealistic Alice goes to see Bram, she finds he's not the man she hoped he'd be. In fact, as Molina describes him, he's ""venal, self-centered...and greedy,"" with ""no interest in fatherhood.""
S01E02 Cat Burglar 13/10/2002 Alice moves in with Bram, and when things do not go as smoothly as hoped. Bram takes out his frustrations on her cat.
S01E03 Paul-Pot 20/10/2002 When Bram is short on money, he suggests a poker game with his downstairs neighbor. Things go wrong when he can't cover a bet and offers Paul to the winner.
S01E04 Goody Two Shoes 27/10/2002 Despite feeling judged by Alice, Bram does what he has to do to get an invite to the big party, while Alice chafes at her ""goody two shoes"" image.
S01E05 Required Reading 00/00/0000 When an attractive student asks Bram to read her novel, he has Alice read it—under the pretense that it is his book, which he has been working on for years.
S01E06 Getting to Know You 00/00/0000
S01E07 Book of the Dead 00/00/0000 After neighbor Martin Fitzgerald passes away, Bram discovers that the old man kept a pristine copy of the first edition of his bestseller. Smelling an opportunity to score some easy cash to help with alimony payments, he attends the memorial service at Martin's apartment with Paul in order to steal the book. To their dismay, Martin was former commissioner of the police force, and the fuzz is all over the building to pay their respect. Meanwhile, Katie reunites with her ex-skating partner (and former flame), only to find she doesn't love him as much as she does Toshiro.
S01E08 Scribbling Rivalry 00/00/0000 One afternoon while delivering her father his briefcase, dateless Alice meets Mark, one of Bram's more gifted students. They agree to see to a movie together, but when Alice discovers Bram favors his story to her own, she subconsciously begins to harm Mark--many times over. Meanwhile, Bram has gourmet chef Theresa over for a romantic meal. Once she reads Mark's story, Bram himself feels the pangs of Mark's praise, and poor Mark ends up getting a double dose of being in the right place at the wrong time. During all of this, Katie asks Paul over to help move furniture. Mystery man Toshiro (a male incarnation of Maris from ""Frasier"") calls Katie, hears Paul in the background and presumes they're fooling around...a mistake which she chooses to exploit. At the end of the episode, Paul finds himself in an very compromising situation.....and a kimono.
S01E09 Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore 00/00/0000

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