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Disney's Brandy & Mr. Whiskers, a new animated series from Walt Disney Television Animation, is the quintessential buddy comedy about a pampered pooch and an excitable, offbeat rabbit who must forge a friendship while surviving their comical misadventures in the Amazon rain forest. Among the many jungle occupants are Lola Boa, an over-analytical boa, twin Toucan sisters Cheryl and Meryl, and river otter Ed, as well as the scheming leader of the jungle, Gaspar Le Gecko. Brandy & Mr. Whiskers has quickly become one of Disney Channel's most popular new animated shows, and is quickly following in the footsteps of their hit shows Kim Possible and The Proud Family. As of October 2004, the show was #1 in its slot among tweens and kids, with roughly four million viewers total per episode. Kaley Cuoco, (8 Simple Rules) provides the voice of Brandy, Charlie Adler, (Rocko's Modern Life) provides the voice of Mr. Whiskers, and Tom Kenny (SpongeBob SquarePants) provides the voice of Ed.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Brandy & Mr. Whiskers

S01E01 Mr. Whiskers's First Friend 21/08/2004 While on his way to camp, Mr. Whiskers meets Brandy, a member of the Florida Harringtons, which is a luxurious lineage of pure bred dogs. However, Brandy informs Mr. Whiskers that he isn't going to camp, but is actually being sold to a zoo for thirty three cents. While Mr. Whiskers is saddened that he won't see Brandy again, she asks him to turn on the light so she can read a magazine. Unfortunately, Mr. Whiskers opens up the air planes evacuation door! After the two fall into the Jungle, Brandy let's Gaspar Le Gecko take Mr. Whiskers in exchange for a map, but will Brandy decide to rescue Mr. Whiskers before Gaspar eats him, or will she disregard his plight?
S01E02 The Babysitter's Flub 21/08/2004 While Brandy is at the beach, Mr. Whiskers tries to swim. However, when Mama Crock tries to eat Mr. Whiskers, Brandy goes to his rescue. Mama Crock is under the impression that Brandy is Mr. Whisker's babysitter and asks her to babysit her eggs. Brandy eventually accepts but when Lola Boa asks her to come with her to a watering hole, Brandy places Mr. Whiskers in charge of watching the eggs. However, will Mr. Whiskers be responsible enough to watch the eggs or will he end up messing up, causing Mama Crock to eat him?
S01E03 Cyranosaurus Rex 21/08/2004 It's spring time and everyone is falling in love due to Cupid's mischief. However, Brandy doesn't fall in love because she is the unobtainable beauty of the jungle and an expert on love, while Mr. Whiskers just doesn't believe in Cupid. However, when Mr. Whiskers gazes upon a gila monster named Izabel, he unexpectedly falls in love with her, though she just tosses him aside. Mr. Whiskers then, with Brandy's help, tries to get the lizard, named Isabel, to love Mr. Whiskers back. Will Brandy be able to make the relationship work and prove she is indeed an expert on love, or is this one couple that just wasn't meant to be?
S01E04 To the Moon, Whiskers 21/08/2004 As Brandy and her friends are watching the sky, they see some falling stars. They all make wishes and Mr. Whiskers wishes he can be a space man. He then tries to catch a falling star, which turns out to be a Russian space craft. A monkey named Boris comes out, who is quite happy to be free, though he tells everyone not to press the red rescue button on the space craft or people will come and take him back. Brandy then feels that if she can press the rescue button, she can get rescued when the Russian's come for Boris, but will Brandy be able to press the button with Boris in her way?
S01E05 Lack of Brains vs. Brawns 21/08/2004 After Mr. Whiskers and Brandy go to the Watering hole in order for Brandy to try to get into the in crowd, Mr. Whiskers sits on Lester's rock, which Lester turns out to be the local bully. Lester beats up Mr. Whiskers and tosses him, causing him to ricochet off of a tree and hit Brandy. Brandy needs Mr. Whiskers to improve himself so he doesn't embarrass her in the future, but in order to do so he needs to find away to avoid future conflict with Lester. Will Mr. Whiskers be able to stop Lester from bullying him or will he continue to remain a hazard to Brandy's social life?
S01E06 The No Sleep Over 21/08/2004 Brandy is holding a pajama slumber party for the local girls to come to spend the night with her, however, Mr. Whiskers fails to understand the premise though Brandy eventually kicks him out. Mr. Whiskers goes and talks to Ed the Otter whom inadvertently gives him the idea to hold another party, which after it fails Mr. Whiskers reads Brandy's magazine and finds party pranks, in which he then goes to prank Brandy. Brandy's party in the meantime being isn't doing too good and her friends are unimpressed with the party, but will Mr. Whisker's pranks make her party even worse or will it manage to liven the party up?
S01E07 The Fashion Fascist 21/08/2004 r. Whiskers wants to try to go to the moon using a sling shot while Brandy wants to try to introduce fashion to the jungle. However, when the jungle denizens disapprove of Brandy's tastes and Mr. Whiskers fails to reach the moon and plummets to the ground through a bunch of tree limbs, the jungle denizens proclaim Mr. Whiskers a fashion genius do to him inadvertently wearing debris from the trees after he fell. Brandy then becomes jealous of Mr. Whiskers and she begins to fall out of the fashion circle, but will Brandy manage to regain her social status or will Mr. Whiskers continue his reign as the king of fashion?
S01E08 Happy Birthdays 21/08/2004 It's Brandy's birthday though she is unhappy because it's her first birthday away from her family and she is afraid that she won't be able to have a good party. Brandy decides to send Mr. Whiskers out in order to get people to come to her party but when no one shows up because they consider her to be mean, she tries to throw Mr. Whiskers a party so that she can still have hers and improve her reputation at the same time. Will Brandy be able to prove that she is nice and have a very good party for herself or will she need to accept the fact that nobody likes her?
S01E09 Funky Bunny 28/08/2004 Brandy is preparing for the Harrington Ball, which is a formal dance that the Harrington's have every year. Since Brandy cannot attend the real one, she is doing her best to ensure that she makes one for herself that is superb. Unfortunately, due to all the work she was doing to make the Ball perfect, Brandy forgot to get herself a date! Brandy doesn't want to be stuck with Mr. Whiskers, but will she be able to find a new date in such a short notice?
S01E10 The Going Bananas Republic 28/08/2004 Brandy and Mr. Whiskers try to go to a swimming hole, though they are stopped by some of Gaspar Le Gecko's henchmen. Gaspar proclaims that since he is leader of the Amazon he can do what he wants, but that isn't something Brandy is going to permit. Brandy tries to convince the jungle denizens to get Gaspar to hold an election, but will Brandy be able to get an election going properly, and if she does, who will run against Gaspar?
S01E11 Lame Boy 04/09/2004 After Mr. Whiskers begs Brandy to play a game with him, she decides to go for a walk to get away from him. However, when she stumbles across a suitcase that they weren't aware of, she finds a portable video game and she gives it to Mr. Whiskers to get him to stop bothering her. However, when the video game becomes a bigger problem than Mr. Whiskers originally was, she decides to take action. However, will Brandy be able to get the video game away from Mr. Whiskers or did she make a mistake that she cannot take back?
S01E12 Taking Paws 04/09/2004 During a game of hide and seek, Mr. Whiskers gets attacked by a jaguar, who inadvertently gets a thorn stuck in its paw. Mr. Whiskers decides to help the jaguar, whose name is Lorenzo, on the condition that the jaguar becomes his new best friend. Brandy flips out about Lorenzo, though cannot get rid of him in fear that he will eat her. Will Brandy and Mr. Whiskers find a way to get Lorenzo out of their lives, without ending their lives in the process?
S01E13 Skin of Eeeeeeeevil!!! 11/09/2004 While Lola Boa is taking Brandy to get a mud bath, she sheds her skin and goes to hide in a hole until her skin heals. However, Mr. Whiskers accidentally crushes her skin with a boulder, in which he believes he killed her. Mr. Whiskers attempts to get inside Lola Boa's skin so that Brandy will never know the crime in which he thinks he committed, but will he be successful in his endeavor?
S01E14 A Bunny on My Back 11/09/2004 While at the swimming hole, an ocelot named Artaro catches Brandy's fancy, in which they fall in love and plan to go out on a date. Mr. Whiskers feels that Artaro is actually evil, and he tries to convince Brandy to not go out with him. Will Mr. Whiskers be correct about Artaro being evil, or is Mr. Whiskers just being his usually wrong self?
S01E15 Lucky Rabbit's Feet 18/09/2004 When Mr. Whiskers finds out about luck, he believes his feet will provide him with the luck he needs to remain safe and get anything he wants, much to Brandy's dismay, so she attempts to teach him that luck doesn't exist. However, Gaspar Le Gecko also is a collector of lucky objects and he attempts to find a method to permit him to steal Mr. Whiskers' feet, though how can he steal something that is attached to his body?
S01E16 Blind Ambition 18/09/2004 When Brandy introduces money into the jungle, she discovers its hard to live a life of luxury when you have to earn your finances. She decides to sell a skin enhancer in order to gain the finances to live a glorious life, but when she mistreats her friends who actually make the product, things go different than she anticipated.
S01E17 Dear Diary 25/09/2004 When Brandy tells Mr. Whiskers to read something because he has too much time on his hands, she inadvertently leaves her Diary out in the open, in which Mr. Whiskers reads because of her suggestion. However, when Brandy returns and finds Mr. Whiskers reading her diary, she demands he stop reading, though Mr. Whiskers beings to blab about what he read at every chance he gets. Will Brandy be able to stop Mr. Whiskers from reading her diary and sharing its contents?
S01E18 Less Than Hero 25/09/2004 Brandy is holding a food drive for the less fortunate, in which Mr. Whiskers wants to help out. However, when Mr. Whiskers accidentally ruins the food drive, Brandy tells him that he has no purpose, in which he goes and tries to find his purpose. After a comic book blows in from the wind, Mr. Whiskers reads it and decides to become a superhero, but is he really ready for such a duty?
S01E19 Flim Flam Fever 02/10/2004 After Brandy realizes how difficult it is to wash clothes in the jungle, she sees Lola Boa coughing. While many denizens of the jungle rush to Lola, telling her that they would do anything for her since she was sick, Brandy formulates a plan to pretend she is sick so she will receive such special treatment as well. Will all go well with her plan or will she end up messing up, losing her friends in the process?
S01E20 Private Antics, Major Problems 02/10/2004 When Brandy and Mr. Whiskers try to eat the tastiest fruit in the jungle, Brandy finds out that the fruit tastes like dirty socks. As Brandy marches off in frustration, she kicks down an ant hill, leaving it exposed to the ant eaters who attack the hill on a regular basis. The Sargent Ant goes after Brandy to get her and Mr. Whiskers to defend the ant hill until the mound can be fixed, but will Brandy agree to join the ant army, and will she even be capable of defending the hill from the ant eaters, or not?
S01E21 Curse of the Vampire Bat 29/10/2004 When Brandy and Mr. Whiskers go to meet a new neighbor, Vlad; Mr. Whiskers becomes scared because he believes that the creature is a vampire, despite the fact that nobody believes that Mr. Whiskers is correct. However, when Brandy comes across Vlad licking a plate that a steak was sitting on, she begins to think Mr. Whiskers may have been correct, though is it too late to prevent Vlad from wrecking havoc in the Amazon?
S01E22 The Monkey's Paw 29/10/2004 While enjoying themselves at the river, Mr. Whiskers inadvertently crashes into Ed after Ed crashes into a log, which causes Mr. Whiskers to fly into a Mayan temple. Inside, they discover an ancient monkey's paw that grants wishes, in which Brandy decides to use to get back home; though the ancient artifact is much different than they anticipated.
S01E23 Tree Huggin' Bunny 03/12/2004 Brandy and Mr. Whiskers stumble across an old tree, in which Brandy learns that the tree is of a rare kind that is capable of building a vessel capable of getting her back to Florida. Brandy manages to convince the animals who live in the tree to move into her house so she can cut it down, but Mr. Whiskers is refusing to leave the tree because he feels it shouldn't be cut down. Will Brandy be able to get the tree cut down and get back to Florida or will Mr. Whiskers prevent her from even touching it?
S01E24 The Big Game 03/12/2004 Brandy prepares for a big coco ball match against Gaspar Le Gecko's team, which is the best in the jungle. However, despite her attempts to train the team, Ed the Otter keeps messing up and causes the team trouble. Brandy knows that Ed will not do a good job during the big coco ball match and she needs Mr. Whiskers to cut him from the team, but will Mr. Whiskers be able to cut one of his best friends from the team or not?
S01E25 On Whiskers, On Lola, On Cheryl and Meryl 17/12/2004 Brandy is upset because Christmas is coming and she misses spending Christmas at her home, surrounded by her family and luxurious items. However, since the jungle denizens don’t understand what Christmas is really all about, Brandy explains it to them, but then remembers about Santa Claus. Brandy believes she’ll be able to get Santa to give her a ride home, so she starts spreading the joy of Christmas around the Amazon in order to get Santa’s attention; though when Santa does arrive, he explains that Brandy was on his naughty list and that he cannot take her home, so she throws a lump of coal at him in rage which causes Santa to crash. Brandy decides to do Santa’s job for him in order to save Christmas and get home at the same time, though will she be able to convince herself to actually go home, despite all that has occurred?
S01E26 Pedigree, Schmedigree 18/01/2005 With Gaspar Le Gecko's oncoming beauty pageant coming up, and the grand prize being a vacation to Palm Beach, Brandy decides to enter the contest so she can get home. But unfortunately for her, she stumbles upon documents that prove she was adopted into her lineage. Will she be capable of overcoming this knowledge despite the fact that she isn't a real Harrington, or will the fact that she's a mixed breed crush her spirits for good?
S01E27 The Howler Bunny 18/01/2005 After Mr. Whiskers dirties up the house Brandy just cleaned, she decides that she has had enough of him and she kicks him out. While Mr. Whiskers tries to find a new family to live with, Brandy looks for a new roommate who will share her interests, but will they both be happy with their new lifestyles?
S01E28 Bad Hare Day 04/02/2005 Mr. Whiskers accidentally destroys Brandy's favorite scarf when he barrows it in order to entice some boars. With Ed's help, Mr. Whiskers formulates a plan to shed his own hair and make Brandy a new scarf, but will Mr. Whiskers be capable of doing his plan, all the while keeping Brandy from finding out the truth?
S01E29 Paw and Order 04/02/2005 When many of the jungle denizens have items go missing, all the evidence points towards Brandy. Brandy is arrested and sent to jail, though Mr. Whiskers vows to help find out who the real criminal is. But will Mr. Whiskers actually be able to prove Brandy's innocence, or is she even innocent at all?
S01E30 One of a Kind 11/03/2005 When Brandy becomes friends with another dog, Tiffany Turlington, Mr. Whiskers begins to feel left our and jealous. He attempts to find a relative of his to get back at Brandy while Brandy enjoys her time with Tiffany, but will his attempts work?
S01E31 Believe in the Bunny 11/03/2005 When Mr. Whiskers discovers that Easter is near, he becomes ecstatic and begins to celebrate. However, when he keeps Brandy up all night, she tells him that the Easter Bunny isn't real and it breaks his spirit causing Brandy to feel bad about him, but will she be able to find a way to make it up to him?
S01E32 Bad Brandy 29/04/2005 Brandy and Mr. Whiskers have a try at the jungle's biggest sport, Leaf Boarding. Brandy feels she will be the best with her past experience in snowboarding, while Whiskers is afraid to even try the sport due to his overwhelming fear of plants that occurred during his youth. However, Brandy does horrible at the sport while Mr. Whiskers may just be the best Leaf Boarder in the Amazon. With the upcoming Leaf Boarding championship coming up, will Brandy manage to improve her skills or will she embarrass herself completely?
S01E33 Two Heads Are Not Better Than One 29/04/2005 After Mr. Whiskers attempts to install a skylight into the house, nearly destroying it all in the process, Brandy insults him claiming that he doesn't think things out. When Mr. Whiskers consults Ed for advice, he goes to the Forbidden Swamp, obtaining himself a second head, one that is incredibly smart, polite and charming. While his new head is quite popular with the other jungle denizens, he himself begins to doubt that getting a second head was wise.
S01E34 Trouble in Store 20/05/2005 Whiskers has been depressed recently and while they cannot find the cause of his depression, Brandy has an idea to cure his depression, an all out shopping spree! However, Whiskers becomes addicted to shopping and things get even worse then Gaspar gives Mr. Whiskers a Gaspar Card. Brandy, however, knows that credit cards are bad business, but will she be able to stop Mr. Whiskers?
S01E35 Payback 20/05/2005 After Brandy and Mr. Whiskers get into a fight over Mr. Whiskers junk cluttering up the house, Brandy shoves Mr. Whiskers old meat in the back of his jump suit. However, when the meat attracts predators and Mr. Whiskers jumps off a cliff to save his life, he finds himself trapped. Brandy, with Lola's advice, goes and rescues him. Mr. Whiskers makes himself Brandy's personal servant until he can pay her back, but will Brandy really enjoy having Mr. Whiskers as her servant or will he end up driving her crazy first?
S01E36 Mini Whiskers 02/07/2005 Brandy and Mr. Whiskers find a baby Tapir after their picnic gets ruined. Brandy decides to take care of the baby until they can find its parents and she leaves the baby in Mr. Whiskers' care until she can find out more about the child. However, when the baby begins to look at Mr. Whiskers for a role model, Brandy is upset because Mr. Whiskers doesn't grasp the concept and begins to teach the Tapir some poor behavioral choices.
S01E37 Radio Free Bunny 02/07/2005 Mr. Whiskers is upset because he doesn't have many friends and is highly unpopular. However, when Mr. Whiskers inadvertently swallows a piece of a meteorite and turns into a living radio, he discovers that he may have just of found a method to become popular, though will he find popularity to be all it's supposed to be?
S01E38 The Show Must Go Wrong 22/07/2005 Brandy and Mr. Whiskers discover a camcorder set while Brandy is trying to send out S.O.S. messages in a bottle. Brandy decides to make a quick movie and send it instead to increase her chances, but Mr. Whiskers gives her the idea to make a blockbuster as a rescue tape. Brandy buys into the idea instantly and Mr. Whiskers gathers a film crew from the jungle denizens, but will the movie production go as planned?
S01E39 Whiskers the Great 22/07/2005 Mr. Whiskers has been depressed because he has been unlucky recently so Brandy decides to give him a simple task to boost his self-confidence, in which she requests he go pick a wild onion. Mr. Whiskers does so, but upon picking up the onion he is proclaimed the Great Grooter by a pack of wild rodents which increase Mr. Whiskers' confidence, though is it in the manner that Brandy wished for?
S01E40 Freaky Tuesday 12/08/2005 Brandy is attempting to teach Lola Boa how to give a pedicure while Mr. Whiskers is attempting to become a one bunny orchestra. However, their two goals soon collide and they get into an argument. Lola Boa threatens Brandy and Mr. Whiskers into going to see a relations counselor, who suggests that they try role-playing as one another to express their true thoughts. However, when Mr. Whiskers continues to role-play when the two return to their home, things take an unexpected turn as all of Brandy's friends begin to believe that Mr. Whiskers is the real Brandy.
S01E41 The Brain of My Existence 12/08/2005 When Mr. Whiskers falls out of the tree for yet another time, Brandy insults him, saying that he never uses his brain. However, Mr. Whiskers' brain agrees with her, so he decides to leave his brain and head off to live his own life. Mr. Whiskers begins to become depressed as he feels lonely without his brain inside of his head, so Brandy decides to head off to find Mr. Whiskers' brain in order to return it to the rightful place where it belongs, though how will she manage to convince his brain to go back to the place he hates?
S02E01 Get a Job 03/02/2006 After exploring an abandoned Mayan temple, Brandy & Mr. Whiskers come across a hidden shopping mall, in which they each want to purchase an item of their choosing. However, when it turns out that the items they want cost a lot of shiny rocks, they decide to get jobs at the mall to try to get the shiny rocks they need. However, things take a turn for the worse when Brandy starts to skip work whenever she gets the chance.
S02E02 Jungle Makeover 03/02/2006 Brandy is upset that Mr. Whiskers decided to throw a party because their house doesn't look good enough. The two head off to the Mayan Mall in hopes of getting some material to redecorate their home, though the two of them soon find each other at odds when their sense of style clashes with one another. Brandy & Mr. Whiskers split their house into two in order to see who had the best sense of style, though Brandy becomes jealous when Mr. Whiskers wins a contest and has his side of the house completely remodeled.
S02E03 Pop Goes the Jungle 10/02/2006 While at the Mayan Mall, Brandy discovers that a karaoke contest is taking place and she decides to enter it. However, her singing skills aren't that great and despite her best efforts, everybody who listens to her thinks she's horrible. All hope seems to be lost, though Mr. Whiskers stumbles across one of the best singers in the Amazon and he devises a plan to secretly have her sing in Brandy's stead, in hopes of getting Brandy to win.
S02E04 Wolfie: Prince of the Jungle 10/02/2006 While at a local lagoon, Mr. Whiskers inadvertently pushes Brandy off of a cliff, though she is rescued by a wild dog as she is falling. Brandy immediately falls in love with Wolfie, though when it turns out that he is less hygienic than Mr. Whiskers, she does what she can to forge him into the perfect boyfriend, though will she be capable of such a feat?
S02E05 The Tell-Tale Shoes 17/02/2006 While at the Mayan Mall, Brandy is attempting to teach Whiskers how to walk around properly. However, when she is insulted and laughed at due to the fact that she isn't wearing the latest fashion footwear, she decides to head off to the store to purchase a new pair as quickly as possible. However, when it turns out that the new shoes cost too many shiny rocks, she takes the advice of her subconscious mind and she steals the shoes; though Mr. Whiskers' warning about the story of The Tell-Tale Heart soon puts her in a state of confusion. r teeth whiter, though will Melvin really like her new look?
S02E06 Time For Waffles 17/02/2006 Brandy has had her eye on an attractive marsh deer named Melvin for quite some time, though when he refuses to talk to her, Brandy begins to wonder if there's something wrong with her physical appearance. When Gaspar shows up and offers her some teeth whitening merchandise, she accepts his offer and she begins to undergo procedures to make he
S02E07 Any Club That Would Have Me As A Member 24/02/2006 When Mr. Whiskers witnesses the Carnivore Club harassing some nerds at the Mayan Mall, he decides that he wishes to aspire to become a member of their club, as they are some of the coolest individuals in the Amazon. However, Mr. Whiskers isn't cool enough, so he convinces Brandy to train him in order to make him cooler, though will Brandy's lessons actually be enough to make Whiskers cool enough to get into the club?
S02E08 Where Everybody Knows Your Shame 24/02/2006 Brandy attempts to dye her hair, though when she discovers that it didn't turn out right, she desperately attempts to change her hairstyle in order to make it better to look at. Unfortunately, she makes her hairstyle much worse and when the Amazon discovers her secret, she is humiliated and she runs home in order to hide. However, Mr. Whiskers formulates a plan to humiliate the entire jungle in hopes of getting people to stop harassing Brandy for her horrible hairstyle.
S02E09 Better Off Wet 03/03/2006 While on their way to an Amazon water park, Brandy and Mr. Whiskers witness the local lifeguards help another creature who had hurt its toe, though Brandy takes notice of the fact that the local animals all idolize the lifeguards. Brandy manages to join their ranks while Mr. Whiskers takes swimming lessons in hopes of aspiring to such, though Brandy has a secret of her own that may cause problems should she need to answer the call of duty.
S02E10 Loathe Triangle 03/03/2006 When Margo sarcastically tells Mr. Whiskers that she's in love with him he attempts to find a way to win her heart, so he seeks Brandy's advice. However, Brandy mistakenly believes that Mr. Whiskers is actually in love with her, much to her dismay, so she attempts to convince him to never speak to the girl he loves again. However, things take a turn for the worse when Ed gets involved and begins to fight for Margo's affection, which causes Brandy to think Ed loves her as well, though will this love triangle manage to be resolved without offending the parties involved?
S02E11 Pet Peeves 10/03/2006 Mr. Whiskers brings home a small pet rodent after accidentally destroying its habitat during a game with Ed. However, Brandy is skeptical because Mr. Whiskers' previous pet parakeet and fish both died due to his negligent nature, though she decided that she'll give Mr. Whiskers one last chance in seeing if he can be responsible enough to take care of the rodent. However, when Mr. Whiskers falls asleep with the tree house door open, he frantically searches for the rodent in hopes of bringing it back before Brandy notices his absence.
S02E12 What Price Dignity?! (Cheap!) 10/03/2006 When Brandy takes notice that some of her older outfits are falling out of fashion, Gaspar arrives and he shows her a new dress that he has, though he only offers to give it to her if she'll pretend to be his girlfriend while his mother is visiting. Brandy is reluctant to participate in the deal because she cannot stand Gaspar, though she decides to go through with the deal for the sake of the dress. However, Brandy soon discovers that putting up with Gaspar is too much even for herself, so she decides to use Whiskers in an attempt to drive Gaspar's mother out of the Amazon.
S02E13 You've Got Snail 17/03/2006 When Mr. Whiskers' toy ball falls onto a snail's yard, Brandy attempts to get the ball back in order to get Mr. Whiskers to stop crying. However, when the snail turns out to be a complete jerk who claims that he owns the tree that Brandy and Whiskers live in, Brandy decides to take drastic measures in order to try to force the snail to move away; though the snail proves to be more resilient than Brandy had originally anticipated.
S02E14 The Magic Hour 17/03/2006 When Gaspar finds a pair of ancient socks that grant him limitless power, he finally takes full control of the Amazon and he forces countless creatures to pay him tribute in various fashions. As the grasp of despair causes many animals to lose hope, Brandy discovers that Mr. Whiskers may just have the knowledge of magic necessary in order to save the Amazon, though there's a problem: Mr. Whiskers is afraid to use magic ever since a tragic vanishing legs act, though will Brandy be able to convince him to overcome his fears?
S02E15 Net of Lies 24/03/2006 When Brandy realizes that she promised to participate in a firefly event with Whiskers on the same day Lola Boa bought tickets to a concert in the Amazon, Brandy decides to try to figure out a way to lie to Whiskers in order to get out of her prior engagements. However, when Brandy decides to just leave Whiskers and head to the concert, Whiskers becomes worried because he thinks Brandy may have been abducted by the fireflies, so he heads off to rescue her.
S02E16 Dog Play Afternoon 24/03/2006 Mr. Whiskers is excited because there is an audition taking place for a play in the Amazon, though his comments on the subject causes Brandy to decide to enter as well. However, when Margo sabotages Brandy's audition by messing with her drink, Brandy only manages to become the understudy while Margo gets the main role; though Gaspar makes a proposal to Brandy that may just help her get the position that she feels she deserved.
S02E17 Auntie Dote 31/03/2006 When Brandy and Mr. Whiskers wake up and realize just how messy their house is, they decide to seek professional assistance in order to keep things clean. However, when Auntie Marla turns out to be the best thing that has ever happened to them, Brandy and Whiskers decide to keep their place a mess in order to keep her coming back each day. Though things soon take a turn for the worse when Brandy and Whiskers vie for Auntie Marla's affection in order to see who her favorite is.
S02E18 Curses! 31/03/2006 When Brandy purchases an amulet from Gaspar in order to prove to Whiskers that she is an excellent bargain shopper, she is dismayed to discover that the amulet is actually cursed. However, when Gaspar tells her that the only way to remove the curse is to get someone to willingly take the amulet from her, Brandy must try to trick someone into taking the amulet or risk spending an eternity being haunted by a rude specter who has a tendency of causing problems.
S02E19 Con Hare 07/04/2006 When Gaspar sells Mr. Whiskers some meteor insurance in exchange for a Sugartoad poster, Brandy realizes that what Mr. Whiskers' gained was merely a toaster. She tries to tell Mr. Whiskers and when he finally believes her, he heads off to Gaspar's in order to try to get his poster back, though his attempts yield no results. Mr. Whiskers then asks Brandy for help, in which she suggests that Mr. Whiskers attempt to con Gaspar back in order to retrieve the poster, so Mr. Whiskers employs Ed and the two head off to try to trick Gaspar into giving back the Sugartoad poster.
S02E20 Rain Delay 07/04/2006 Brandy has managed to schedule a samba lesson with a very attractive dancer, much to Margo's chagrin, though the weather takes an unfortunate turn for the worse. Mr. Whiskers wants Brandy to stay inside and play games with him, as the weather is too dreary to travel in, though Brandy decides that she must weather the elements or risk having Margo receive the samba lessons instead of herself.
S02E21 Sandy & Mr. Frisky 14/04/2006 Brandy and her friends are playing truth or dare when they hear some screams. When they investigate the issue, they discover another dog and rabbit, Sandy Carrington and Mr. Frisky, who have landed in the Amazon after Mr. Frisky accidentally opened the plane's cargo door. However, Sandy & Mr. Frisky are the best of friends and they soon work together to become the two most popular individuals in the entire Amazon. Unfortunately, Brandy & Mr. Whiskers become jealous over the fact that Sandy & Mr. Frisky does everything better than them, so they decide to formulate a plan to ruin their reputation.
S02E22 Thinking Outside the Fruit 14/04/2006 Gaspar and Mr. Whiskers are in an argument over whether or not Mr. Whiskers can do something. Brandy jumps to Mr. Whiskers' defense by saying he can do anything he can put his mind to, in which she agrees to a wager that she'll scrub Gaspar's floor with a toothbrush if Mr. Whiskers cannot succeed. However, when it turns out that Mr. Whiskers wants to try to build a car out of fruit and drive through the Amazon's most dangerous locations in less than a day, Brandy instantly loses confidence in Mr. Whiskers and she hires some help in order to ensure that she won't have to scrub Gaspar's floor.
S02E23 Go! Fight! Win! 21/04/2006 Brandy wants to tryout in hopes of becoming a coco ball cheerleader, as she believes she was born for the position, though Mr. Whiskers decides to tryout for the position as well. However, when the cheer leading coach likes Brandy and Mr. Whiskers so much, she decides to name them both captains of the squad; though when the two's style begins to clash, they must compete in a cheer off to see who deserves the position.
S02E24 Class Dismissed 21/04/2006 Brandy and Mr. Whiskers decide to go down to an unused lagoon in order to soak up the sun and make the most out of their time in the Amazon. However, when some panthers that live in the area start to chase the two away, Brandy decides to enter a self defense class in hopes of learning how to fight the carnivores off. Though when Brandy becomes too distracted with boys to bother signing herself up, she gets Whiskers to do it for her; though such turns out to be a decision that she'll regret.
S02E25 Itty Bitty Kitty 28/04/2006 Whiskers finds Brandy's favorite soft toy from when she was younger, and annoys and embarrasses her by convincing her to play with 'Itty Bitty Kitty' once again. When Brandy gets infuriated, Mr Whiskers gives the toy to Gaspar, though Brandy tries to get it back.
S02E26 Brandy's Best-Ever Boyfriend 28/04/2006 Brandy notices all her ex-boyfriends have new girlfriends, and tries to save face by making up a fictional boyfriend. However, things take a turn for the worse when Mr. Whiskers attempts to actually find the individual that Brandy described.
S02E27 Stress Test 05/05/2006 After taking a survey, Whiskers goes to Lola and Ed to see if he's been stressing Brandy out. When they say he does, they show him and Brandy a tv ad for placid falls, and Brandy decides to give it a chance. However, many obstacles await them, such as a loud restaurant, doom river, and a banjo stringing contest.
S02E28 A Little Problem 05/05/2006 After Brandy tells Whiskers to always stand up for his rights, he's pushed into the kiddy pool, and finds out Gaspar is their too. After all fails with trying to get on the ride they so richly desire, Whiskers remembers Brandy telling him to stand up for his rights. However, will he get on the ride even with the protest of animals?
S02E29 A Really Crushing Crush 12/05/2006 Ed and Lola Boa have a crush on each other, so Brandy tries to make the relationship perfect, while Whiskers tries to sabotage the whole thing.
S02E30 Pickled Tink 12/05/2006 Brandy hypnotizes Whiskers with a pinwheel, and he instantly begins cleaning whenever he hears the word 'Pickle'. Unfortunately, everybody in the jungle starts saying the P word.
S02E31 The Monster in My Skin 17/06/2006 When Mr. Whiskers gets a pimple, he thinks he's turning into a monster.
S02E32 Dollars and Senseless Violence 17/01/2006 When Mr. Whiskers finds a bag of shiny rocks, he and Brandy argue over what they should do with it.
S02E33 Big Girls Don't Body Slam 21/07/2006 When Whiskers decides to join Gaspar's wrestling league, he makes Brandy his tag team partner. However, Brandy soon proves to be an excellent wrestler and she adapts the alias of Sammy Crushington.
S02E34 I Am Rainfo 21/07/2006 Mr. Whiskers finds a book about the Amazon Rain forest, though what he discovers scares him. He decides to steal the lifeboat roof from the tree house and sets off to live in the ocean, though will he succeed in his endeavors?
S02E35 The Tortoise And The Hare-Brain 25/08/2006 After being mocked by tortoises, Whiskers decides its high time to challenge the tortoises to a match to tend the tortoise and the hare story end.
S02E36 Rip Van Whiskers 25/08/2006 After Whiskers thinks he has been bitten by a frog that can make victims sleep for 50 years and decides to do a lot of things with Brandy including "kiss a preety girl". When Brandy finds out she's the girl to kiss, and the frog that Whiskers had been bitten by has to convince Whiskers the truth.