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truTV breaks new ground in this first-ever "reality musical" and goes behind the scenes of the longest-running variety show in Branson, MO with the Mabe family. With the backdrop of decades-old feuds, burning jealousies, and sequined costume changes, the Mabes take their legacy, "The Baldknobbers Jamboree," very seriously. But get ready, because their passion for country music is not confined to the stage, and they just might break into song when you least expect it.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Branson Famous

S01E01 Meet the Mabes 29/12/2014 Meet the Mabes: In this premiere episode of the first ever reality musical, the Mabe family holds auditions that crescendo into drama-packed disputes, as Brandon Mabe and his crafty girlfriend, Megan, attempt to take over the family business.
S01E02 The New Girl 00/00/0000 Tim and Patty take a chance on hiring a blonde bombshell vocalist; Megan drags Brandon along to size up her sultry competition; sister Breezy tries her hand at comedy; and cousin Denton feels further estranged from the family business.
S01E03 Waiting for Maw-Maw 00/00/0000 The drama escalates as Heather tries to fix her harmonies in time to impress the Mabe who matters most, Maw-Maw. And Denton reminisces about his past, but wonders what kind of future he'll have if Brandon and Megan tie the knot.
S01E04 Fame and Shame 00/00/0000 Megan raises suspicions about Heather's glowing review and gets asked by Breezy for singing lessons. Plus, Brandon and Megan's local TV appearance causes so much family strife that Megan wonders if their relationship can last.
S01E05 The Brangelina of Branson 00/00/0000 Brandon and Megan ward off proposal questions from local paparazzo; Breezy pleads with Brandon to sing in the Baldknobbers' 55th Anniversary show; and Denton feels threatened by Heather's expanding Baldknobbers role.
S01E06 Ready or Not 02/02/2015 Denton's frustrations boil over in an explosive family meeting after Heather is added as a backup singer to his solo without his knowledge. Later, Brandon asks Megan's parents for their blessing to take the next big step, and Tim and Brandon lock heads in a father-son argument at the miniature golf course. Plus, as the Baldknobbers plan a glossy photo shoot, Breezy shocks Patty with her body-enhancing wish.
S01E07 Photo Bomb-Shells 09/02/2015 It's three times the charm when Brandon goes ring shopping for Megan, but at what cost to his pocketbook and his family? Alliances are re-drawn as Heather's sexy, photo shoot look clashes with the Baldknobbers' more conservative style.
S01E08 Put a Ring on It 16/02/2015 Breezy is nervous for her Car Show singing debut, but can she still prove she's got Mabe talent? Tim and Patty search for someone to buy the family motel, and Brandon has a romantic surprise for Megan, but is it too little too late?
S01E09 Guess Who's Coming to Dinner 00/00/0000 Heather's relationship with her boyfriend is on shaky ground, as she gets in even hotter water with the Baldknobbers; Denton tries to honor his late dad; and the McCombs and Mabes gather for an uncomfortable engagement party.
S01E10 Breast in Show 02/03/2015 Tensions mount as Patty and Megan are both nominated for Female Vocalist of the Year, Breezy gets surgery to "bust" her way into the spotlight, Heather's ideas are rejected, and Inderjit makes Brandon an offer that could sideline Tim.
S01E11 It Ain't Easy Being Breezy 00/00/0000 Fresh off her breast augmentation surgery, Breezy pushes for her spot on the Baldknobbers stage. Denton pleads with Maw Maw to buy back his shares, and tensions reach an all-time high on the red carpet at the Terry Awards.
S01E12 And the Winner Is... 00/00/0000

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