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Breaking Magic fuses the showmanship and mystery of street magic with the raw power of science. Watch as each trick surprises unsuspecting bystanders with mystifying results. Breaking Magic recruited today's freshest and most creative magicians to show you how science works with shocking tricks. Hidden cameras on the streets of London, Warsaw and New York City capture bystanders completely baffled by these magicians' unexpected tricks. Immediately following these demonstrations, each magician explains the scientific reality behind each illusion.


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S01E01 Cannonball Fall 11/11/2012 Get ready for the season premiere of Breaking Magic on Sunday, November 11 at 10/9c on the Discovery Channel, as four magicians from around the world create magic tricks using science. In this episode, Wayne Houchin visits a mechanic’s shop in Brooklyn to demonstrate a very special new product: intelligent oil, which is able to move on command. Ben Hanlin goes to the streets of Warsaw to try out a new lie detector test. He convinces the spectators that the smart liquid detects subtle changes in your sweat and pheromones, and when it detects a lie, it reacts and changes color. Billy Kidd outsmarts a group of martial arts masters by challenging them to pick up as many grains of rice as possible with a sword. The masters manage to pick up three or four grains. They are gob smacked when Billy beats them all using a special trick! James Galea performs an extremely dangerous trick near London's River Thames, which could see him losing something vital: his hand! He padlocks his hand onto a piece of glass, below a see-through chute, and throws the key for the padlock in a bowl full of similar looking keys. James then has a minute to find the correct key and free his hand, before a cannonball is released down the chute and crushes his hand. After a minute: James has yet to find the correct key. The cannonball is released. Frantically, James has to find a way of slowing the fall or he’ll lose his hand.
S01E02 Book Bungee 11/11/2012 James Galea convinces a group of onlookers into thinking that they can crush a fuel tanker using telekinesis. As the crowd concentrates on the tanker, it dramatically implodes with a massive bang. Ben Hanlin and Billy Kidd team up in a London bar for a hidden camera hit in which Ben’s jacket is stained with wine, catches fire, and is put out with a fire extinguisher before emerging totally unscathed. Wayne Houchin is in East London performing a death-defying stunt in front of a nervous crowd. He’s about to bungee jump off a 160-ft crane, the equivalent of a 16-story building. However, Wayne has severed the bungee rope and is attempting to hold it together by interweaving the pages of two books. The crowd isn’t convinced. Wayne jumps, and amazingly, the two books hold his weight. The crowd is astounded.
S01E03 Danger Drop 18/11/2012 Wayne Houchin amazes New Yorkers with his Midas touch by turning a seemingly ordinary silver bracelet into a gold bracelet. Billy Kidd is in London, impressing passersby with her ability to read their minds. She asks the punter to write down an animal, a capital city, or their mother’s name. Amazingly, Billy is then able to write down the exact answer the punter was thinking of, leaving everyone completely baffled. In London, Ben Hanlin turns a seemingly normal cup of water into a handheld snow machine. James Galea puts his life on the line when he’s attached to the end of a rope dangling off a 50-foot scaffold tower – and puts his trust in a member of the public when the other end of the rope is released – will magic or science manage to save him and stop him from splatting on the ground?
S01E04 Vortex Cannon 18/11/2012 Ben performs a secret agent trick; Billy shifts gravity in Warsaw; Wayne makes a newspaper spontaneously combust; James uses superpowers to knock over a wall.
S01E05 Tesla Coil 25/11/2012 Wayne astounds New Yorkers at a famous deli; Ben and a 13 year old memory master play guess the date; Billy serves up coffee magic; Wayne becomes a human lightning rod.
S01E06 Vampire 25/11/2012 Billy suspends water; Ben makes a ship in a bottle disappear.
S01E07 Voodoo Car 14/02/2013 Wayne baffles an audience with his mind-reading skills; Ben tests his new invention, the Bicep Booster.
S01E08 Dry Ice Bomb 21/02/2013 Wayne impresses skaters with his explosive telekinesis; Billy tests out her own psychic abilities.
S01E09 Anti Gravity Glass 28/02/2013 Wayne and James reveal the design and preparation of its most dangerous scenes. Billy and Ben make use of the chemical to become magical waiters.

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