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The tranquil Abbey of Redwall basks in The Summer of The Late Rose. It is a haven of harmony and peace that is abruptly threatened by a mercilessly savage bilge-rat Cluny the Scourge intent on destroying it. He is a demented rat haunted by nightmare visions of a mystical mouse warrior, and his destiny - or some mystical force - has lead him and his verminous horde to Redwall. Ill equipped to defend themselves the villagers of Redwall find in their midst a young orphin mouse who will grow into a great warrior and leader. His name is Matthias. This hopeless dreamer's own hero is Martin the Warrior, a legendary mouse who once upon a time defended the same abbey. Matthias longs to emulate the heroism and valour of Martin the Warrior whose exploits are well-known to all through the cherished and detailed tapestry that hangs in the Grand Hall of Redwall. Matthias is about to get his chance. Redwall is the story of how Matthias finds himself and his destiny in the long siege mounted by Cluny.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Brian Jacques' Redwall

S01E01 Cluny the Scourge (1) 01/04/2001 Matthias the mouse is orphaned when the vile rat Cluny the Scourge destroys his township. Adopted by the generous creatures of Redwall Abbey, he grows up to admire their legendary protector, Martin the Warrior. But his dreamily peaceful young life is shattered when the Abbey is attacked by rats and Matthias meets their warlord - none other than Cluny! Matthias resolves to fight the tyrant that once again threatens his life - and his new family.
S01E02 Cluny the Scourge (2) 01/04/2001 While Redwall prepares for a long siege, Cluny steals the symbolic tapestry of Martin the Warrior from within the abbey, and Matthias learns that Martin's great sword still exists - but nobody knows where. As cluny's next attack is repulsed Matthias meets a new ally, Basil Stag Hare, and learns that his own destiny is unextricably tied to his hero Martin. Matthias will become Redwall's next protector - but only if his quest for the sword is successful.
S01E03 Treachery 08/04/2001 Cluny uses two treacherous foxes, Sela the vixen and her son Chickenhound, to plant a false attack plan in Redwall, while Matthias and his mousemaid friend Cornflower unravel the mysterious motto ""I am that is"". It is an anagram of ""I Matthias"" written years before he was born; another clue for the quest for Martin's sword. Cluny's real underground attack is inventively repulsed by hot porridge and Matthias sees the fearful snake Asmodeus for the first time and realises that somehow their fates are horribly intertwined.
S01E04 Sparra's Kingdom 08/04/2001 Following the complex clues which promise to lead to Martin's Sword, Matthias climbs high into the abbey roof - and the kingdom of the crazy King Bull Sparra. He narrowly death when a feisty sparrow returns a kindness and adresses him as the King Sparra flies to attack Asmodeus - who we discover has Martin's Sword! The king returns in time to fight who narrowly escapes death. But at last Matthias knows where his sword quest must end; in a battle against the snake!
S01E05 Cluny's Clowns 15/04/2001 A traveling circus comes to Redwal and Cluny uses it to try in infiltrate the abbey with his lieutenans, dressed as clowns. The mysterious circus star, Wild Ivy the Knifethrower, seemingly mesmerizes Matthias. But she is, in fact, an ally and as Cornflower is threatened with death by Cluny, Ivy turns her circus against the rats in an acrobatic battle of fire-eaters versus fur! And we see what Wild Ivy has seen - that Matthias and Cornflower are destined to be together - if Redwall survives.
S01E06 High Standards 15/04/2001 Cluny attempts to starve the abbey into submission as within Redwall pressure mounts as tempers flare. When Basil and Jess Squirrel seem to desert, Matthias wonders if surrender is close. He decided to try and rescue the stolen tapestry from Cluny in order to give courage to the Redwallers - and discovers that Basil and Jess are attempting the same thing! They outwit Cluny, retrieve the precious tapestry of Martin, and renew the spirit of Redwall.
S01E07 Captain Snow 16/04/2001 While Cluny plans to recapture the tapestry by burning down the abbey gates, Matthias determines to renew his search for Martin's sword but does not know where its keeper, Asmodeus hides. He learns that only the fierce mouse-eating owl, Captin Snow, knows where he is. To ask him Matthias has to pass the gigantic marmalade cat, Squire Julian Gingivere, and the Shrew of Mossflower Wood! Matthias breaks off the seach for teh sword to return with his new allies to once again beat off Cluny.
S01E08 Battle Plans 16/04/2001 Conspiring with Matthias, Constance Badgher builds a huge crossbow and shoots Cluny - but Cluny uses a substitute and escapes her arrow. Unknown to Redwall, he plans an attack with a huge movible siege tower and the abbey is ony save when courageous Cornflower single handedly burns it down. Only then does the abbey realize Cluny is still alive and only Cornflower stood between them and disaster. Matthias and Cornflower become even closer warrior friends.
S01E09 The Visitor 16/04/2001 Cluny captures a traveling spice salesmouse an holds his wife ransom against the mouse entering Redwall and capturing Cornflower. Torn between love and honer, he does as Cluny demands, but with Matthias' help the two outwit Cluny with expansive flair and rescue the mousemaids, riding back to safety in a spectacular underground waterborne escape.
S01E10 A Favour Returned 16/04/2001 Matthias' wild sparrow friend, Warbeak, attempts to reconnoiter Cluny's camp as he prepares yet another attack on the abbey. She is catured and Matthias has to attempt to rescue before Cluny feeds her to Asmodeus the snake. Posing as Cluny, Basil helps rescue Warbeak and Matthias sees Asmodeus once more and resolves to find a way to kill him. he stands between Matthias and Martin's sword and battle is inevitable.
S01E11 Asmodeus 16/04/2001 Matthias sets off to find Asmodeus and recapture Martin's sword. Helped by the shrews of Mossflower he finally meets his foe in the deep caverns where he guards the warrior's sword - the object of Matthias' quest. In a terrible battle Matthias kills Asmodeus. At last the serpant is dead and the sword is his. Now he can truly be a protector of Redwall. But news of Cluny's assault reaches him and he realizes he is trapped deep underground.
S01E12 Underground 16/04/2001 As Matthias is lost in Asmodeus' caverns, Cluny digs his way under Redwall, taking advantige of the exhausted Redwallers and the absence of Matthias. After using the sword to escape the caverns, Matthias and the shrews go on a terrifying river adventure and he returns with the shrews to defend Redwall - but not before he is almost trapped by Cluny and only just saved by Cornflower. Cluny flees at the sight of Martin the Warrior's ""ghost"" while Matthias at last gets to wear his hero's armor.
S01E13 The Final Conflict 16/04/2001 Cluny seises the family of a dormouse and threatens to kill them unless their father, Plumpen, betrays Redwall and opens the gate to the now huge army of rats. The plan works and Redwall is finally captured. But Matthias challenges Cluny and in a final confrontation, he kills him. Cornflower and Matthias are at last married and Redwall returns to its idyllic lifestyle. Matthias has become like a hero he admired in his childhood.
S02E01 Salik le barbare 19/04/2001 In the kitchens of Redwall Abbey, Mattimeo, son of Matthias The Warrior and Cornflwer, fights Vitch, a mean little rat. Mattimeo is punished by his father for discourtesy to a guest. But Mattimeo's instincts about Vitch are validated when it transpires that Vitch is a spy for Slagar the fox - a slaver for teh terrible underground Kingdom of Malkariss. Slagar gains entry to Redwall disguised as the leader of a troupe of magicians. At the great feast he is able to drug the drinks and capture Mattimeo and his friends, Tess and Tim Churchmouse, and Sam Squirrel and Cynthia Bankvole. They join a group of slaves among whom is Auma, little daughter of Orlando the badger - who even now is hunting the fox. As the slaves are taken away Slagar is revealed to be Chickenhound the treacherous fox from season one - seeking revenge against Matthias the Warrior.
S02E02 Salik lève le masque 20/04/2001 Redwall Abbey awakes to find their young ones are gone, and as they piece the previous night toghether realze that Mattimeo was right and Vitch was the slaver's spy. Desperate that he ignored his son's warnings, Matthias vows to pursue Slager the Fox accompanied by Basil and the others. He is unaware that Orlando is already in far away persuit. Slagar takes his slaves on circuitous routes, laying false trails to confuse the pursuers. The frightened slaves look to Mattimeo for leadership but he is not ready and responds badly. As his father sets off in entirely the wrong direction Mattimeo learns the true story of Chickenhound - and that he himself is hostage to Chickenhounds revenge on Matthias who will never see his son again.
S02E03 Là où vont les petits 23/04/2001 Mattimeo realises that the slaves are headed south and wil get no help from their parents who are following false trails - they must escape by themselves or not not at all. It is a slow begining of his transformation as a leader - but not yet in time to save them from the treachery of Scurl the frilled newt who steals their few belongings for false freedom. We behind the slaves, the Redwall persuers meet Cheek an alert orphin otter who, in return for food and kindness, sets them on the right train - and joins the hunt under the wry protection of Basil Stag Hare. The group encounters and joins forces with Orlando and a group of hegehogs who have also lost a young one to Slager. At Redwall Abbey Abbot Mordalfus dreams of Martin the Warrior who tells him to ""seek the founder in the stones, where the little folk go"", and Constance, Cornflower, Formole and the others begin a task or deciphering the cryptic clue to the destintion of Slager - who moves southwards fast towards the dark mountai
S02E04 Trouvé.... et perdu 24/04/2001 Mattimeo and the slaves make their first attempt to escape, waliantly lead by Tess Churchmouse and Mattimeo takes another step towards his birthright of leadership. Matthias is now chasing them in the right general direction and with the badger and the hedgehog reinforcements discovers Scurl and exchange his life for accurate directions towards Slager and the slaves At Redwall Abbey, Baby Rollo unravels the dream clue and the Redwall company follow the little folk - the ants - and so begin their own strange journy of persuit which leads them to more cryptice clues which they struggle to solve Something in the riddle will help them to help Matthias in pursuit of their young ones. The past and the present move towards a combined destiny - but what? As Mattimeo and the company hide from Slager, Matthias and his companions approch the very gorge where Slager secretly awaits them. As they enter a cave carefully baited with slave tracks, Slager triumphantly causes a landslide whitch burries
S02E05 Être un guerrier 25/04/2001 Mattimeo and his companions race to the landslide beneath with their parents buried, and are seen by Slagar who send rats to recapture them. Within the cave Matthias and the Pursuers are close to suffocating while above them - unknown to them - Mattimeo digs frantically. And Slagar watches. Beneath Redwall Abbey, John father of the captured Tim and Tess, helps decipher the ancient Loamscript - but it contains more questons then answers. They work on, aware that solving the complex riddle will give them an answer to where their young ones are being taken. The answer indicates the South - and Warbeak and her Sparra squadrons take copies of the partly solved riddle and fly South to try to find Matthias. Mattimeo is recaptured by Slagar and cruelly forced to abandon his dying father - it forces the last step in his transformation which chills even Slagar with its cold intensity. Mattimeo has become a warrior as, behind him, his father Matthias is released by Log-a-log and his shrew army -
S02E06 Becdacier 26/04/2001 From Redwall Abbey, Warbeak and her sparra squadrons fly South bearing the riddle - they hope to find Matthias and help his quest. But they are unaware that their departure is observed by Ironbeak, an evil, raven general who invades Redwall as soon as Warbeak is gone. They drive the Redwallers into the cavern Hole - and make them prisoners in their own abbey. Slagar and his slaves ascend the huge Great South Cliffs and cut of the means of pursuit leaving Matthias unable to follow. They pass along through the Dark Forest and are attacked by the fearsome and terrifying Painted Ones - but survive to find that Slagar is about to cross a huge river beyond which a huge rat army awaits him and his slaves. Mattimeo is beyond help, Matthias is halted - and Redwall is under siege.
S02E07 Péril en montagne 27/04/2001 Safely across the river, Slagar awaits Stonefleck's Army of rats. Below the cliffs, Matthias meets Sir Harry the owl who reveals a way to ascend them. Matthais and company ascend but also comes under attack in the Dark Forest almost loosing Cheek before making good their escape. Across the river Mattimeo leads an escape of his own but is imediately recaptured by Stonefleck's rats. Back at Redwall, Ambrose Spike and the others set traps for the invadin birds and the engage in what is to be a long battle of wits and courage. The birds take Cornflower, Rollo, and Mrs. Churchmouse hostage and threaten to kill them unless Redwall surrenders - a stand off temporarily resolved by the Abbot, but leaving the captives in great danger. Matthias and the pursuers launch a raft to rescue Mattimeo but come under massed fire and take to the water - only to find it is alive with nibbling fish. They sweep down the river, all choices exhaused. Across the river, allied with a huge army - Slagar can't lose
S02E08 Amis et ennemis a plumes 30/04/2001 Matthias's raft drifts towards the rats on shore, watched in horror by Mattimeo and friends as the arrows fall and the fish nibble. In the roof of Redwall Abbey Baby Rollo, Mrs. Churchmouse, and Cornflower wait to be thrown down unless the abbey surrenders. Triumphant, Slagar drags the misrible slaves onwards as Warbeak desperately and unsuccessfully still seeks Matthias. At Redwall, little Sister May comes up with a potion to drug the birds with food, and at The River it is frightened Cheek who finally risks swimming and saves Matthias and company - by eating vast a number of nibbling fish. As Abbot Mordalfus prepares to exchange hostages at Redwall, Warbeak joins Matthias at the river to defeat Stonefleck's rats. She delivers the decipered message which will help to locate the young one but is killed in battle trying to save oher sparras. Matthias heads south, deeply saddened by the death of his old Redwall ally. Slager will pay dearly for his evil.
S02E09 Le Gouffre 01/05/2001 Slagar reaches The Abyss and forces the slaves across a rope bridge, cutting it away behind him. There is now no way for Matthias to pursue him. A full day and night behind the purseers arrive at the abyss and are stopped dead, until Sir Harry comes their rescue by retrieving enought rope to cross the bottomless gorge. At Redwall Abbey the hostages are exchanged but Ironbeak treacherously uses the diversion to take over a cection of the abbey. The Redwallers are trapped without water and only saved when Foremole digs a tunnel. The celebration is short when it is discover that Ironbeak is attacking the Martin the Warrior Tapestry. Rushing to its rescue the Redwallers are trapped - it was a baited ruse. Ahead of Mattimeo and the slaves are the Badger Head and Bell Rocks in a silent, lifeless wasteland - onimous portents which scare even Slagar and his rats. The terrible journey is approaching its climax.
S02E10 Malkariss 02/05/2001 As the slaves arrive at the ominous Badger Head and Bell rocks, Mattimeo bravely comfronts them and promises ""I will not fail us"". At Redwall the Redwallers defend the tapestry in a pitched battle and recaptue it. Similtaneously Matthias arrives at the Loamhedge Abbey and meets an old rabbit who forecasts doom but gives him an amulet. Slagar craftly sets his henchrats against eachother and prepares to take all the slave profits himself. While at Redwall Cornflower and Constance haunt the terrified birds with the 'ghost' of Martin - in fact, in his armour. Nadaz henchrat to the king of Malkariss appears silently and orders the slaves anaesthetized. Slagar's rats attack each other an in the chaos are captured by Matthias who demands they help him persue Slager - but he already has his slaves deep underground in the evil kingdom. In front of the statue of a polecat he tells them this is where htey will live and die. It is journey's end and down here no hope of rescue.
S02E11 La bataille 03/05/2001 Underground in the kingdom of Malkariss, Mattimeo and friends see the slaves building a huge city. Brave Tess refuses to be a slave and Mattimeo is brutally attacked when he tries to save her from punishment. The slaves are thrown into a dank cell. Matthias unravels the last secret of the Loamhedge parchment and and finds a way into Malkariss - the old rabbit's amulet is the key to ener! Redwall Abbey is also successfully fighting back with Martin's Ghost and adds a new friend to its rank in the form of Stryk, an enormous but injured kite-bird who crashes to earth nearby. Cornflower repairs her wing - and gains a formidable ally. While Slagar and Malkariss deal for power, Matthias and friends descend the honeycomb passages in to the kingdom. A fierce battle ensures in which Log-a-Log saves Matthias's life but is mortally injured. To prevent more bloodshed Matthias challenges the rats to vring forth their champion for him to fight - none other than the ferocius Wearet - the Slavemaster.
S02E12 Enfin réunis 04/05/2001 In the kingdom of Malkariss the Polecat, Matthias fights the slavemaster monster, the Wearet, adn falls into the abyss. There he grimly hangs on the rope that previously lowered a mysterious basket. But as Mattimeo and friends are released by the dying Log-a-Log, the Wearet cuts teh rope and Matthias falls into the basket - and meets Malkariss himself! In Redwall, Stryk recovers slowly and becomes a close friend of Cornflwer, but Ironbeak uncovers the 'hauntings' are a ruse and cunningly imprisons Constance as he prepares his final attack. the defenders are found out and weakened - and Ironbeak is sure of victory. Matthias faces the evil but suprisingly puny, srabby an pale polecat Malkariss - whose slaves, seeing Matthias courage, turn on him and stone him to death. Matthias looks up to the high-above battle to see his son Mattimeo and fights to get to him. But he fails to see Slagar the Fox taking deadly aim at him with his bolas - and Slager has never been known to miss.
S02E13 Retour a Redwall 07/05/2001 In the pit of the kingdom of Malkariss, Matthias fights off Slager who escapes to daylight as Matthias joins his battling friends - now reinforced by the released slaves. As Matthias joyfully embreces Mattimeo an earthquake shakes the ground, the terrible Polecat statue topples and with it the kingdom of Malkariss starts to collapse - with the slaves and the rescuers still inside and Slagar ouside and free. At Redwall, Ironbeak pcenetrates the barricate which protects the Redwallers and takes them hostage. He attacks Sister May which enrages huge Stryk who fights an aerial duel with Ironbeak - as Constance breaks free and attacks the birds from behind. Ironbeak's army swiftly surrenders and Redwall is saved! And the kingdom of Malkiriss is doomed - but not before Matthias and Orlando are safely ejected from the earthquake, only to face Slagar, the cause of all their greif and loss. Fleeing from their ferociaus attack eh falls into the depths of the collapsing underground city - and is
S03E01 Captured! 14/04/2002 Martin, son of Luke the Warrior, is captured by the evil Badrang. Seasons later, when Martin gets in a fight with Hisk, one of Badrang's horde, he is tied to ropes on top of Marshank in a storm. Bandrang hopes the seagulls eat Martin the morning. But in the middle of the night, Laterose of Noonvale the mouse and her friend Grumm Trencher the mole hear Martin crying out in the storm. Laterose's brother, Brome, is missing. She calls out to Martin whether he has seen him. She tells Grumm that they should help the poor mouse, so using slings, they ward off the seagulls in the morning. And they hope to free Martin, somehow.....
S03E02 Return of the Clogg 21/04/2002 As Martin and his new friends languish in Marshank's Prison Pit, Rose and her companion Grumm hide from Tramun Clogg's advancing seaborne corsairs. Badrang and Clogg finally meet, pretending to be the other's friend, but they both soon skirmish and Clogg retreats intending to take Marshank from his rival. As Badrang posts extra guards the news reaches Martin. Rebellion is planned among the slaves — but there is a traitor in their midst — Druwp, a surly bankvole who plans to betray them to Badrang. Outside, Grumm conspires with Rose to tunnel to their rescue. Druwp identifies the slave ringleaders. Meanwhile in the prison pit, Brome tells of his and Rose's home — the idyllic region called Noonvale. If his father the chief can be alerted, he will surely rescue them. Grumm continues to dig hard to complete the tunnel. Under the cover of Clogg's battle against Badrang, Grumm breaks into the Prison Pit and Martin, Brome and Felldoh escape — but have to leave the others behind.
S03E03 Escape From Marshank 28/04/2002 Martin demonstrates he is a born leader, and everybody sees it. Rose sees something else in Martin.
S03E04 New Partners and Old Friends 12/05/2002 Martin and friends survive the storm, but become separated from Brome and Felldoh
S03E05 The Play's the Thing 19/05/2002 Martin and friends continue on toward Noonvale; Clogg plans to double-cross Badrang
S03E06 Freedom and Monsters 26/05/2002 As the Mirdrop threatens to destroy Martin and friends, Rose rushes the monster with a thick branch
S03E07 The Great Escapes 16/06/2002 Martin and his friends are captured by Slo Worms and dragged into the lizard's lair
S03E08 From Marsh to Mountain Heights 23/06/2002 Martin tries to help the warden, who is under attack, then he and his friends are attacked by the Gawtrybe
S03E09 Heroes and Fools 30/06/2002 Brome and Felldoh attempt to get the slaves to safety when they learn Clogg and Badrang formed a truce
S03E10 Tunnel Vision 07/07/2002 The owl Boldred shows Martin and friends the way to Noonvale
S03E11 Felldoh's Revenge 14/07/2002 Rose leads Martin and his friends to Noonvale and find out that Brome has not made it back
S03E12 Battlefield Marshank 21/07/2002 Just as the Fur and Freedom Fighters arrive, Felldoh dies; the battle rages until Badrang offers a deal
S03E13 Rose of Noonvale 28/07/2002 Martin and Rose confess their love for each other before tragedy strikes; Martin leads the troops to victory