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Created and directed by the award-winning filmmakers Mark Benjamin and Marc Levin, Brick City, is a documentary series that captures the daily drama of a community striving to become a better, safer, stronger place to live. Against great odds, Newark’s citizens and its Mayor, Cory A. Booker, fight to raise the city out of nearly a half century of violence, poverty and corruption.


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S01E01 Summer Is Ours 21/09/2009 It's 2008 and Newark is leading the nation in homicide reduction. Traditionally violent summer months could erase those gains, so Mayor Cory Booker and Police Director Garry McCarthy put new programs and systems in place to keep the streets safe. Longtime Blood gang member, Jayda, juggles her inspiring work as a youth counselor with motherhood and romance with a Crip named Creep. When Jayda's pregnancy creates excitement, an ugly episode in her past threatens plans for a bright future.
S01E02 Struggle 22/09/2009 Jayda remains in jail as Creep struggles to take care of his and Jayda's children, while his boss at Integrity House, a respected therapeutic center, contacts authorities on her behalf. Mayor Booker attends public ceremonies relating to trade and housing, and faces skepticism and criticism at a community meeting in the city's middle-class North Ward. Business Administrator Michelle Thomas lays out the grim facts about the city's budget for Mayor Booker. At the regular CompStat (crime statistics) meeting, Garry delivers good news about the homicide numbers, and Mayor Booker joins Governor Corzine to announce a new state program to help ex-offenders find regular employment. Jayda's plans for a nonprofit mentoring group are gaining steam, but her relationship with Creep is headed for crisis. And though the number of homicides may be down, senseless murders continue to occur, bringing with them anguish and rage.
S01E03 Central 23/09/2009 It is July, and the word comes down that Newark's new Central High School building - now nearly 10 years and $100 million in the making - may not be ready for the start of the school year. It's a development that leaves everyone angry, and it's up to Principal Ras Baraka and Vice Principal Todd Warren to prepare contingency plans and maintain morale among students, parents and staff. Creep and Jayda reconcile, and Jayda meets with the straight-talking, savvy defense lawyer Brooke Barnett about her pending criminal case. At City Hall, all departments are grappling with cost-cutting necessities, and a sign in Mayor Booker's office says it all: "We are in a budget crisis." But the life of the city goes on, with an opening parade for a renovated park, a back-to-school fair and other activities. As the school year begins Central High opens. Camaraderie and serious discussions share the agenda at overnights given by Principal Baraka and Vice Principal Warren for Central High's freshman boys, and by Jayda for her young female mentees.
S01E04 Circus 24/09/2009 For the first time in more than 50 years, the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus comes to Newark, an event that is a testament to the city's increased viability and improving public profile. Meanwhile, Director McCarthy's efforts to change Newark's policing methods have begun encroaching on areas traditionally overseen by the Chief of Police. Jayda makes her first court appearance in her pending case, and her lawyer investigates the claims made against her. The Newark Police Department and the Bloods mourn deaths in their families. Jiwe Blood author wins his literary award. News reports alert McCarthy to a potential coup against him - and it will be up to Mayor Booker to determine the outcome.
S01E05 Red October 25/09/2009 The city posts its 50th murder of the year, raising fresh concerns about the public safety policy. As he campaigns for Democratic nominee Barack Obama, Mayor Booker must also decide which candidate to support in the critical race for Municipal Council in the Central Ward. As he surveys the scene of a daytime dual, shooting, Director McCarthy wonders if an intra-gang war is brewing. After Newark's streets explode in gunfire - including an incident near Central High - McCarthy demands a plan to deal with the violence that is claiming gangbangers and innocent victims alike. Facing dwindling legal options, Jayda must decide what is best for herself and her family. Newarkers flock to the streets to savor an historic Election Day, and Mayor Booker keeps a close eye on the local results.
S02E01 To Plea or Not to Plea 30/01/2011 We rejoin charismatic Mayor Cory Booker on his quest to make Newark, New Jersey a national model for urban transformation during a season when he is also running for re-election. Controversial Police Director Garry McCarthy battles a rising surge of violent crime as he faces numerous political enemies. Jayda and Creep, with baby Layla in tow, open their mentoring non-profit, "Nine Strong Women." Finally, there is Dashaun "Jiwe" Morris, author, gang member and father of three. Charged with attempted murder, Jiwe and his dynamic lawyer, Brooke Barnett, face an excruciating decision: take a 6-year plea sentence or go to trial and risk the possibility of conviction and 81 years behind bars.
S02E02 Arrested Development 06/02/2011 As they try to build new lives, Jayda and Creep are dogged by their pasts and become entangled in legal troubles. Director McCarthy feels the heat as criticism mounts over police conduct and crime reporting methods. Newly elected governor Chris Christie comes to Newark in an unexpected gesture of goodwill and diplomacy. Mayor Booker conspicuously fails to mention his Police Director McCarthy in his annual State of the City address, raising speculation about the Directors future in the administration.
S02E03 The Haunting 13/02/2011 The shooting death of a young filmmaker at a notorious apartment project sparks a massive response by Newark police and activists, along with bitter criticism of Director McCarthy and the police department from Central High School Principal Ras Baraka and others. Jiwe and lawyer Brooke Barnett gear up for Jiwes trial, while Brooke works to straighten out the mess surrounding Jayda's arrest. A former Booker administration official is indicted just as the Mayors re-election campaign kicks off. Booker's bitter rival, former mayor Sharpe James, returns from prison to a hero's welcome.
S02E04 Game On 20/02/2011 With the help of a local pastor, Jiwe attempts to organize a Blood v. Crip peace truce basketball game, but authorities in Newark have serious reservations. As the budget crisis intensifies, labor union head Rahman Muhammad challenges Business Administrator Michelle Thomas, and Newark students pour out of school to protest state education cuts. As the City Council elections approach, the Booker Team incumbent, Oscar James, tries to slow the momentum of his opponent, Ras Baraka. Scandal again rocks the police department, and everyone waits to see if the Blood v. Crip game is on.
S02E05 Election 06/03/2011
S02E06 Judgement Day 00/00/0000
S00E01 Behind the Scenes with Forest Whittaker 00/00/0000
S00E02 Behind the Scenes with Mark Benjamin and Marc Levin 00/00/0000
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