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This action-packed crime series takes a step by step journey through Britain's most renowned robberies. Can bank robbers and diamond busters get away with the prefect crime? Each programme explores what happened across a selection of Britain's biggest heists and asks the crucial question; 'could they have really pulled it off and escaped with the cash?'


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S01E01 Security Express Heist 07/01/2010 In 2006 Tonbridge, Kent, became the scene of the largest ever cash heist in the world. A well organized and heavily armed gang forced their way into a security cash depot at night with the manager, Colin Dixon. He had been kidnapped by the robbers along with his family and held at gun point. The money stolen was a colossal £53 million, the biggest amount of cash ever stolen in a robbery.
S01E02 Brink's Mat Robbery 14/01/2010 In 1983 a gang of armed robbers hijacked a security depot near Heathrow Airport and held the guards to ransom, expecting to steal cash in the region of £3 million pounds. But their operation didn’t exactly go according to plan. Security guard Robin Risely couldn’t remember his part of the codes to the safes and remarkably the gang stumbled on a much bigger prize - £26 million of gold bullion. The hunt for the gold was one of the biggest the world has ever seen. The thieves had it smelted down and resold into the market. Now, in this new documentary, we hear first hand accounts from the security guards who were on shift that fateful morning and the officers who were on the case.
S01E03 Millennium Dome Diamond Heist 21/01/2010 Discover the audacious plan of the thieves who dared to drive a digger into the Dome, and how their elaborate scheme to steal 300million worth of jewels was foiled.
S01E04 Knightsbridge Robbery 28/01/2010 In 1987, Italian robber Valerio Viccei coordinated a mass raid on 120 safety deposit boxes in London s wealthy Knightsbridge which led to the loss of over £40 million worth of goods.
S01E05 Tonbridge Securitas Heist 04/02/2010 Detectives reveal how a gang of robbers made off with 53million from a security cash depot in Kent. And how, despite their cunning plan, they were eventually caught.
S01E06 Great Train Robbery 11/02/2010 In 1963 a gang of robbers hijacked a post office train traveling from Glasgow to London Euston and stole more than £2 million. Hailed as the most audacious crime in British history, the heist was a success due to its meticulous planning.
S02E01 Baker Street Robbery 20/10/2011 On the night of Saturday, 11 September 1971, a gang of thieves tunnelled for 40ft into the vault of Lloyds Bank on Baker Street, central London, cutting through the reinforced concrete floor with a thermic lance. They began digging the tunnel over a period of evenings and weekends from beneath a nearby handbag store they had previously purchased.
S02E02 Bank of America Robbery 27/10/2011 Stuart Buckley, the bank’s electrician, acted as part of the gang who raided Mayfair’s Bank of America. The raid took place on 16 November 1976, at the Bank of America in Mayfair, London.
S02E03 Battering Ram Gang 03/11/2011 During a two year reign of terror across the UK, a gang of ruthless criminals targeted cash-in-transit vans and high security depots stealing a total of £1.1 million. The gang, comprising of criminals from Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham had a highly elaborate, but effective method of welding battering rams to heavy goods vehicles, and driving them into their targets. It took a nationwide Police operation to finally bring the thieves to justice, but not before the gang had managed to steal a Police vehicle and flee the scene. The investigation ended in one of the largest recoveries of cash ever made in the country, with almost £1 million seized and given back to its rightful owners.
S02E04 Northern Bank Robbery 10/11/2011 In 2004 a gang in Northern Ireland managed to execute one of the most audacious robberies in the world. A violent group kidnapped staff of the Northern Bank in Belfast and held their families hostage. In an elaborate plot, they ordered the staff to steal over £26 million, walking straight out of the bank with the money.
S02E05 Midland Bank Robbery 17/11/2011 On 3 July 1995, 4 masked raiders ambushed a Midland Bank van as it pulled up to the Midland Bank District Service Centre, Salford. As one of the guards entered the building, the driver (Graham Huckerby) was threatened with a pistol and forced to drive to street nearby. Huckerby was forced to open the van, blindfolded, and tied to railings. He was told that his colleague had been taken hostage and would be killed if he did not cooperate.
S02E06 Swissport Robbery 24/11/2011 The target was £40m pounds worth of gold bullion and £40m in cash, stored at the Swissport Cargo Warehouse at Heathrow Airport. On 17 May 2004, armed police were lying in wait for the gang as a white Transit van smashed into warehouse doors. Police had been on high alert due to an increase in crime at Heathrow.

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