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1,100 pupils. 160 staff. 60 languages. Eight makeshift classrooms. Welcome to Britain's Biggest Primary School. Over 60 different languages are spoken in the school where 160 members of staff face the mammoth task of teaching, feeding and managing the welfare of 1,100 pupils.


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S01E01 Episode 1 12/02/2015 This first episode looks at how the school machinery manages with such a high turnover of often vulnerable pupils. Children arrive from chaotic backgrounds, including war-torn countries and economic destitution. They have often faced huge trauma and it is up to the school to settle them in and create what may be the only calm in their lives.
S01E02 Episode 2 19/02/2015 The schooling of young boys is known to throw up its own challenges, but at a supersize school like Gascoigne with over 500 young lads, the issues are multiplied. Charismatic and cheeky, Year 5 pupil Cleyson regularly gets good grades, earning him a place on the ?gifted and talented? list. However, he battles with his ?red mist? and is never far away from trouble, especially in the playground. He has recently been temporarily excluded for hurting another pupil, and Gascoigne is keen to help him avoid a repetition of bad behaviour that could jeopardise his education or even lead to exclusion. When he is asked to be part of the team entering a schools? poetry competition, will Cleyson finally start listening?
S01E03 Episode 3 26/02/2015 This week's episode looks at how Gascoigne helps children navigate the ups and downs of their playground relationships and follows the staff as they prepare to teach a brand new Sex Education programme to children aged five plus. Ten-year-old classmates and BFFs Kierran and Elsie are in Year 5. The pair bicker like an old married couple and have recently started calling themselves boyfriend and girlfriend. Will Kierran be able to keep hold of his relationship with Elsie when a cool new boy starts at the school?
S01E04 Episode 4 05/03/2015 It is nearly the end of term, and the Year 6 head must get enough children to achieve basic SATs requirements before they leave or the school could face a fresh Ofsted inspection.

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