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Britain’s Darkest Taboos is the, shocking, true-life crime series that tells the story of some of the most sickening acts of familial crime imaginable. No subject is off limits, from incest and rape to child destruction and murder. Britain’s Darkest Taboos is every family’s worst nightmares, relived and retold firsthand by the family and friends at the heart of events, as well as Police Officers involved in the case.


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S01E01 I Had My Killer Brother's Baby 07/11/2012 We talk to the victims of convicted rapist and killer David Jaggers. Jaggers raped his sister Vicky when she was just 12 years old and as a result she gave birth to their daughter, Kirsty. She kept the rapes and the identity of Kirsty’s father a secret for 18 years until she went to police. During the 18 years of silence, Vicky’s brother, David Jaggers went on to kill his girlfriend Helen Mitchell and also was convicted of other sexual offences against women before his arrest after a police siege in 2005. For the first time, David and Vicky’s mother Avril talks about the impact this had on her and the family, plus we hear from Helen Mitchell’s daughters for the first time, who were just four and two years old when their mother was killed in front of them. With never before seen exclusive footage of police interviews with Vicky about her ordeal and featuring an interview with the arresting officer in the case, we reveal a story almost too shocking to comprehend.
S01E02 Murdered for a Free Breakfast 14/11/2012 Murdered for a Free Breakfast In October 2010, 16-year-old schoolboy Joshua Davies murdered his on-off girlfriend, 15-year-old Rebecca Aylward, in Aberkenfig, Bridgend. At the trial it came out that Davies had been plotting to kill Rebecca for some time and with two of his friends had been texting about killing her for a “free breakfast”. Around the time he killed Rebecca he texted “you may just owe me a breakfast”. It was a story that sent chills down every parent in Britain. Davies had become part of Rebecca’s family, liked by his mum she described him as 'a nice boy'. In this episode of Britain's Darkest Taboos, Sonia Oatley, Rebecca’s mum, retraces her daughter’s steps on the day she was murdered and re-visits the woods where she was killed for the first time since the killing two years ago. With interviews from school friends of Rebecca’s, a teacher who taught both children and with expert analysis from forensic psychologist Dr Keri Nixon and psychologist Emma Kenny, we get an insight into the mind of Josh Davies, plus we reveal the devastating impact the murder had on Rebecca’s family and friends.
S01E03 Violence, Drugs and Prostitution: The Murder of Kirsty Grabham 21/11/2012 In April 2009, Kirsty Grabham was murdered by her husband Paul Grabham. Her battered body was found in a tiny suitcase after it was thrown from the M4. There was a huge murder investigation in Swansea which made headline news when it was revealed that Kirsty and her husband both worked as escorts. We reveal the truth about their marriage within the sex industry and the horrific murder, plus how Grabham tried to get away with the killing. We interview Kirsty's mother, Cathy Broomfield, and her sister Sonya, and we reveal the other side to the Kirsty they knew, not the working girl reported in the media. With exclusive access to never seen before home footage from their wedding and Kirsty’s childhood, plus extracts from her diaries where she talks directly to her killer, asking him why he wants her to sleep with other people for money. We uncover a tragic story which culminated in a horrific murder.
S01E04 Five Murders, One Family…One Killer 28/11/2012 In October 2000 in a tiny hamlet in Cornwall, police discovered the bodies of Lesley Ford and her four eldest children, buried in a woodshed in the garden of the family home they shared with Lesley’s husband and step-father to the children, Lee Ford. It was a crime that shocked the nation. Ford confessed to killing them all one by one by garotting them in the kitchen of the family home, before burying their bodies. Now, for the first time since the murders 12 years ago, Lesley's ex-husband and biological father of their four children, Michael Tranter, talks about what happened and how Ford tried to cover up his terrible crimes. Peter Wyatt, Lesley's brother, who raised the alarm when the family went missing also talks to us, as well as the children's teacher and the senior police officer on the case. With expert analysis from Forensic Psychologist Dr Keri Nixon and psychologist Emma Kenny, we profile Ford and reveal the horrific impact this had, not only on the loved ones left behind, but also those in the community nearby.
S01E05 Killed by Her Pen Pal Lover 05/12/2012 In February 2006, 19-year-old Carly Fairhurst was killed by her boyfriend, convicted killer Darren Pilkington. Pilkington had already served time for killing a friend in 2000. At the age of 15 Carly began writing to 'Pilky', a friend of her brother's in jail. He murdered her within two years of coming out of prison. In this incredibly powerful story we reveal what happened and the impact Carly’s death has had on her family and friends. With exclusive access to home video footage of Carly, plus interviews with her parents Trevor and Sheila, we discover that she was a victim of domestic violence who suffered in silence and paid for it with her life. We also talk to her school friends who also became pen pals with prisoners and with the nurse who eventually switched off Carly’s life support machine. This is a story of the dangers of domestic abuse and the impact the death of a child has on a family. Expert analysis from Forensic psychologist Dr Keri Nixon and psychologist Emma Kenny, gives us an insight into the mind of her killer, Darren Pilkington.
S01E06 Murdered for Reporting Rape 12/12/2012 In a story that shocked Britain, A&E nurse Jane Clough was murdered by Jonathan Vass in July 2010, her ex-boyfriend and the father of her daughter. He stabbed her repeatedly and slit her throat outside the hospital where she worked. At the time Vass was on bail for repeatedly raping Jane in front of their daughter. Jane predicted her own murder in her diary entries in the weeks leading up to her death. Featuring previously unseen home video footage of Jane and her family, and including extracts from her diary never before published, we uncover a horrific crime. We hear from Jane’s parents, her brother, the A&E nurse who was first on the scene when Jane was murdered, the senior police officer involved in the case and with expert analysis from Forensic psychologist Dr Keri Nixon and psychologist Emma Kenny, we get an insight into the mind of Jonathan Vass, plus we reveal the devastating impact the murder had on Jane’s family.
S02E01 Mick Philpott: The Man Who Tried To Murder Me 09/10/2013 Mick Philpott became a symbol of hate across the nation when he was convicted of manslaughter following a flawed benefit scam which saw six of his children die. In a television exclusive CI discovers the harrowing story of how, over 30 years previous, Philpott stabbed his then teenage girlfriend, Kim Hill, 27 times. Leaving her for dead, Philpott then went onto attack Kim’s mother, Shirley, stabbing her 11 times. Convicted and sentenced to seven and a half years in prison, Philpott was released after serving just three years, leaving him free to commit more devastating crimes years later. In this disturbing television exclusive, Kim Hill recounts the brutal attack, whilst revealing how her mother’s terminal cancer may have been accelerated by the lasting effects of the stabbing. The episode also explores the incredibly moving account of how two of Philpott’s neighbours tried in vain to save the children from the house fire.
S02E02 Danielle Jones: My Daughter Was Abducted And Murdered By Her Uncle 16/10/2013 The abduction and murder of 15-year-old Essex school girl, Danielle Jones, left the nation shocked in 2001. Last seen near her home in East Tilbury, Essex, suspicion fell on Danielle’s Uncle, Stuart Campbell, when Danielle went missing. It soon emerged that builder, Campbell, was a secret paedophile who posed as a professional photographer from a modelling agency to lure underage girls to his home. Upon his arrest, more than 30 young women came forward claiming that Campbell had taken inappropriate pictures and assaulted them. However, after the largest murder investigation in Essex Police’s history, detectives are still unable to locate Danielle’s body. The episode reveals how the police convicted Campbell using forensic authorship analysis of text messages sent on Danielle’s phone, and with psychological analysis, explores the mental state that drove Campbell to commit this horrific crime. Danielle’s family hope this documentary will encourage Campbell to finally tell them where their daughter’s body can be found.
S02E03 Our Daughter and Granddaughter Were Murdered On The Same Day 23/10/2013 The nation was left stunned in 2011 when pregnant 19-year-old, Nikitta Grender, was brutally murdered just days before she was due to give birth. Killed by her fiancé’s jealous cousin, Carl Whant in a horrific attack, the soon to be mother was raped and violently stabbed to death by the killer in her home in Newport, South Wales. Whant, a former night club bouncer, then attempted to cover his tracks by setting fire to the first floor flat before fleeing the scene. Speaking to all those closest to Nikitta, the episode reveals the horrific impact her murder had, not only on the loved ones left behind, but also those in the community nearby. It also explores how Gwent Police caught Whant using DNA analysis from the crime scene and how the case led to the first conviction for child destruction in Welsh history.
S02E04 Two Sisters, One Rapist...Our Dad! 30/10/2013 In a chilling story of familial sexual abuse, sisters Nicola Twomey and Emma Willis reveal how they were molested by their father, Kevin Twomey, over a 12-year period in Port Talbot, South Wales. A well respected member of the community, Twomey raised money for charity by playing Santa at local community fund raisers. However, under his friendly demeanour lay a core of evil. The abuse began when Emma was 10 and Nicola just five years old, culminating in the horrific rape of Nicola when she was 17 years old. In a courageous act of strength, the sisters found the bravery to go the police. In this emotional episode, the sisters tell the story in their own words, detailing the extent of the abuse they suffered at the hands of their father, while psychologists reveal the devastating impact that sexual abuse has on a family.
S02E05 My Mum Was Murdered By Her Stalker Ex 06/11/2013 When 45-year-old Lorna Smith accepted a stranger’s friend request online, she had no idea of the tragic consequences that lay ahead. After ending her four year relationship with Clifford Mills in 2006, Lorna began seeing other men, much to the dismay of her ex-partner. Mills subsequently set up a fake Facebook profile to bombard Lorna with phone calls and messages, before stabbing her to death in a jealous act of violence. In a case that led to new stalking laws being introduced in the UK, the episode delves into Mills’ psychological state after claiming his alter ego, ‘Stan’, killed Lorna, as well as revealing the chilling way he plotted the murder of his ex-partner on internet forums.
S02E06 Gun Fanatic Shoots Dead His Family 13/11/2013 On New Year’s Day 2012, suicidal taxi driver, Michael Atherton, went on a destructive shooting spree in his family home in Horden, killing three women before pulling the trigger on himself. Among the victims were his partner, Susan McGoldrick, her niece, Tanya Turnbull, and Tanya’s mother, Alison Turnbull. Atherton was allowed to keep six guns in the family home. When Susan tried to leave Michael to start a new life, he committed a horrific late-night killing rampage inside the family home. Susan’s daughter, Laura McGoldrick, witnessed the bloodbath and survived only by escaping through a first-floor window and jumping to safety. The bloodsoaked teenager then raised the alarm. This episode reveals how the family members left behind following the horrific gun attack are still coming to terms with the events that took place, as well as following their endless campaign to change gun licensing laws in the UK.
S02E07 Britain’s First White Honour Killing 20/11/2013 Dubbed ‘Britain’s first white honour killing’, the murder of 17-year-old single mum, Laura Wilson, is a story of love, deception and resentment. In October 2010, the Rotherham based young mother was entangled in a fatal love triangle which led to her being brutally stabbed to death by ex-boyfriend, Ashtiaq Ashgar. After a brief fling with neighbour Ishaq ‘Zac’ Hussein, 22, Laura fell pregnant with their daughter, but Hussein refused to accept responsibility for the child. Stung by his rejection, Laura confessed to both the men’s families. Believing she had brought shame and dishonour to both their families, Ashgar lured Laura to a local canal before attacking her in a frenzied knife attack and throwing her into the water. The episode explores how Laura’s honesty, coming forward and revealing the truth, led to a plot for her murder, while also explaining the devastating effects the horrific murder had on Laura’s mum and sisters.
S02E08 My Mother And Brother Murdered My Father 27/11/2013 In November 2010, 50-year-old gamekeeper, Nigel Bacon, was killed by hitman Peter Jacques, hired by Nigel’s wife, Susan, and son, Michael, in a plot to claim his heritance. Nigel, who had a history of domestic violence, had more than £150,000 in cash at the family home, while his wife, Susan, and son, Michael, were both deep in debt. To get their hands on the money, the pair hired Jacques to stab Bacon six times at their remote cottage on the edge of Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire. Told from the view point of Nigel’s three other children, Kerry, Lyndsey and Stuart, the episode explores how they are all coming to terms with their father’s death. It also details the shocking revelation that Stuart was physically abused and neglected by his parents as a teenager. Adding a twist to the case, we also finally discover whether Stuart and Kerry are actually siblings when they take a DNA test.