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Britain’s Got the Builders In takes a look at the relationship between builders and their respective clients.


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S01E01 Episode 1 18/03/2015 In South Kensington, property hopeful Galia Grainger wants to create the perfect bedroom in her multimillion-pound flat. A series of hold ups, pressure from nearby residents and a strained relationship with her builder Greg, start to affect the schedule.
S01E02 Episode 2 19/03/2015 The programme catches up on the progress of Galia Grainger's South Kensington penthouse. Having run over-schedule and over-budget, Galia is desperate to finish the build and to install her £50,000 bed. But it soon becomes apparent that her deteriorating relationship with her builder is going to have a massive impact on the project's future. Meanwhile in Ascot, Jennifer and James Slatter are on a mission to renovate their new home before the arrival of their first child. But for builder Salah Kamel, a combination of Jennifer's perfectionism, a question mark about which toilet the builders are using and a dusty fridge all make for a stressful build.
S01E03 Episode 3 20/03/2015 In south east London, Ronny and Naeema Reder are building their dream family home. But it's not long before Ronny's attention to detail causes friction between him and his builders, Jorge and Luisa Laranja. However, this tension is soon forgotten as Luisa and Jorge receive tragic news that could affect the very future of the project. In Shropshire, Sue Jones has razed her old family home to the ground. But when the build progresses faster than she had anticipated, Sue is faced with a major cash flow issue, forcing a go-slow for her builder Keith Mayer.
S01E04 Episode 4 25/03/2015 In Cheshire, hairdresser Paul Atherton has given his daughter Rebecca a plot of land in the hope of enticing her back from abroad to live near him. Enlisting the help of his brother Robbie, a builder, the family plans an ambitious self-build home. But a catalogue of changes, a set of out-of-date plans and a reluctance to hire experts to oversee the project soon cause havoc with the schedule. Meanwhile, Gary Wright and his partner Jan want to extend and renovate their home in Adlington. In a seemingly straightforward build, they employ building brothers Scott and Warren Wilson, but it soon becomes apparent that, when it comes to making decisions, Jan and Garry like to take their time.
S01E05 Episode 5 26/03/2015 We revisit the Atherton family whose self-build in Cheshire has been beset by problems. Daughter Rebecca is struggling to divide her time between her young family and site, whilst her dad Paul is losing patience with the process. With everyone at an all-time low, it seems that getting the build watertight is a long way off. Meanwhile in north London, builder Bill Collins has taken on the task of renovating and extending a property for Chike Okonkwo. But it's not long before Chike begins to make changes to the original plans and Bill is left with a difficult decision. Does he keep on building according to Chike's new spec, or does he raise the tricky issue of budget?
S01E06 Episode 6 27/03/2015 Shan Shan Kruse and her husband Jacob are determined to find the right builder to work on their Marylebone apartment. Having contacted over 20 contractors, they eventually settle on Chas Gannon. But despite Chas's confidence in his ability to handle clients, Shan Shan's unwavering attention to detail puts the relationship under pressure. Before long, the deadline to move in before the start of the new school year looks optimistic in the extreme. Meanwhile in Dorset, Gino and Kerry Amabile and their two children have moved into a caravan in their front yard after hiring their neighbour Nick Cuddy to renovate their house. But a disagreement about the plans threatens not only the future of the project, but also neighbourly relations.