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Series in which John Craven and Jules Hudson meet the people saving British crafts and heritage. The duo reach Cornwall where artists, fishermen and miners have all made their mark on history. They meet people getting creative at a studio in St Ives, attempt to get their tongues around the Cornish language and set sail on a historic ship that has been restored to tell tales of its great maritime past.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Britain's Heritage Heroes

S01E01 Allendale Valley 06/02/2012 John Craven and Jules Hudson meet farmers restoring hay meadows to the Allendale Valley.
S01E02 Cumbria 07/02/2012 John Craven and Jules Hudson meet a community group refusing to let their spirit die.
S01E03 Lancaster Canal 08/02/2012 John Craven and Jules Hudson meet the volunteers at work on the Lancaster canal.
S01E04 Sheffield 09/02/2012 John Craven and Jules Hudson visit Sheffield to try their hands at steel working.
S01E05 Derbyshire 10/02/2012 John Craven and Jules Hudson visit Derbyshire, where Jules makes some artisan bread.
S01E06 Cheshire and Denbighshire 15/02/2012 John Craven and Jules Hudson travel across the borderlands of Cheshire and Denbighshire
S01E07 Powys and Shropshire 14/02/2012 John Craven and Jules Hudson explore the peaks and plains of Powys and Shropshire.
S01E08 Shropshire 15/02/2012 Featuring miners' cottages on the Stiperstones and Stokesay Court in Shropshire.
S01E09 Herefordshire and Monmouthshire 16/02/2012 Meeting the people saving the disappearing heritage of Herefordshire and Monmouthshire.
S01E10 Forest of Dean and Welsh Valleys 17/02/2012 John and Jules travel around the ancient Forest of Dean and the dramatic Welsh valleys.
S01E11 Dorset, Somerset and Devon 20/02/2012 John and Jules are at Swanage pier in Dorset where they join the party at Illminster carnival for a show stopping performance they hope will not be their last.
S01E12 Dorchester 21/02/2012 John and Jules get the chance to experience life in the last oak bark tannery in the country. They also talk to a woman who has built a traditional sailing boat and visit a youth club who are finding new ways to tell stories about the past in Dorchester.
S01E13 Devon 22/02/2012 Britain's Heritage Heroes: Episode 13 John and Jules are in Devon which is home to five areas of outstanding natural beauty and two national parks.
S01E14 South West Coast 23/02/2012 John and Jules end up joining forces with some of the heroes and heroines of Devon to find the last little ship to leave Dunkirk in 1944.
S01E15 Cornwall 24/02/2012 John and Jules are in Cornwall where the region's artists, fishermen and miners have all made their mark on the country's history.

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