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Interior designer Gordon Whistance is back for a brand new and exclusive series that unearths the worst in DIY disasters, dodgy decorating and downright bad taste. This fifteen-part series sees Gordon travels up and down the country to name and shame some of Britain’s Ugliest Rooms, wading through a hideous array of nominations sent in by the public. From avocado bathroom suites to woodchip wallpaper and tasseled lampshades, all the design crimes you have nightmares about are revealed and receive Gordon’s Plaque of Shame. But once recipients receive the Plaque of Shame, they can pass on a wish list of the belongings they’d like to keep because before they know it, Gordon is on a mission to give these aesthetically-challenged rooms the makeover of their lives. Along the way, Gordon dispenses plenty of DIY dos and don’ts for the budget conscious in the hope that everyone can avoid an ugly room. But at the end of each episode it’s all about the reveal – can Gordon give Britain’s Ugliest Rooms a Cinderella-style makeover?


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S01E01 Norwich 03/10/2011 Desperate rooms made desirable with Gordon Whistance. In Norwich, he gets to work on a red kitchen with a stained polystyrene ceiling and vile patterned tiles.
S01E02 Walthamstow 04/10/2011 Gordon Whistance tackles a horror of a bedroom in Walthamstow. It's out with the cream gloss painted wallpaper and swirly green carpet, and in with a relaxing chic retreat.
S01E03 Epsom 05/10/2011 Interior designer Gordon Whistance is in Epsom, chucking out a swirly, stained carpet, horrific built-in fireplace and dated lighting, and bringing in a shiny modern look.
S01E04 Bracknell 06/10/2011 More room hells turned into room heavens with Gordon Whistance. In Bracknell, he battles with vivid yellow paint, a prehistoric ceiling fan, and grotesque lime green curtains.
S01E05 Abingdon 07/10/2011 Interior designer Gordon Whistance is on a mission to makeover ugly rooms. In Abingdon, he confronts Dawn Long's eyesore of a sitting room, including a garish floral carpet.
S01E06 Liverpool 10/10/2011 Interior designer Gordon Whistance is in Liverpool, turning a couple's shocking pink bedroom into a contemporary grown-up room with a Victorian twist.
S01E07 Leyton 11/10/2011 Top interior designer Gordon Whistance is on a mission to makeover ugly rooms. In Leyton, his challenge is a horrendous kitchen with orange swirly tiles among its sins.
S01E08 Maidstone 12/10/2011 Gordon Whistance transforms another room by throwing away the ugly stick. In Maidstone, teens push to modernize their family living room.
S01E09 Reading 13/10/2011 Gordon Whistance is on a mission to makeover ugly rooms. Will he be able to transform a nightmare of a bedroom in Reading into a chic boutique space for slumber?
S01E10 Hampton 14/10/2011 Gordon Whistance transforms another room by throwing away the ugly stick. In Hampton, he's at war with a hideous bathroom sporting a dodgy color scheme.
S01E11 Rochdale 17/10/2011 Makeover show where Gordon Whistance transforms ugly rooms into attractive ones. In Rochdale, he tackles a kitchen with little space, clashing cupboards and peeling wallpaper.
S01E12 Thorpe Bay 18/10/2011 Gordon Whistance tackles interior design emergencies. His latest challenge is a badly dated living room in Thorpe Bay, Essex.
S01E13 Leicester 19/10/2011 Gordon Whistance's latest room transformation is in Leicester, where he confronts a 1980s lounge with garish carpet, green wood-chipped walls and clashing floral curtains.
S01E14 Wilmslow 20/10/2011 More desperate rooms made desirable with Gordon Whistance. He shields his eyes from a grim avocado bathroom suite in Wilmslow with a clashing color scheme.
S01E15 Stockport 21/10/2011 More ugly rooms conquered and redesigned by Gordon Whistance. His latest target is a horrendous bedroom in Stockport. It was painted while tipsy and it shows...

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