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Interior designer Gordon Whistance is back for a brand new and exclusive series that unearths the worst in DIY disasters, dodgy decorating and downright bad taste. This fifteen-part series sees Gordon travels up and down the country to name and shame some of Britain’s Ugliest Rooms, wading through a hideous array of nominations sent in by the public. From avocado bathroom suites to woodchip wallpaper and tasseled lampshades, all the design crimes you have nightmares about are revealed and receive Gordon’s Plaque of Shame. But once recipients receive the Plaque of Shame, they can pass on a wish list of the belongings they’d like to keep because before they know it, Gordon is on a mission to give these aesthetically-challenged rooms the makeover of their lives. Along the way, Gordon dispenses plenty of DIY dos and don’ts for the budget conscious in the hope that everyone can avoid an ugly room. But at the end of each episode it’s all about the reveal – can Gordon give Britain’s Ugliest Rooms a Cinderella-style makeover?

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