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Comedy Central’s first dramatic comedy series, Brody Stevens: Enjoy It!, combines live stand-up material, documentary footage and animation to tell comedian Brody Stevens' life story. The series takes an unflinching look at various parts of Stevens' life, including his public psychological breakdown and his relationship with his family and friends -- such as Zach Galifianakis, Sarah Silverman, Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim -- as well as his journey back into the world of stand-up, culminating in the premiere of his episode of The Half Hour.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Brody Stevens: Enjoy It!

S01E01 Brody Stevens, Who Are You? 01/12/2013 Brody attempts to reconcile with his estranged sister in time for their mother's 80th birthday.
S01E02 Breakdown! 01/12/2013 Brody decides to stop taking his medicine cold turkey and experiences a manic episode which affects his family and friends.
S01E03 I'm Sorry, Chelsea 08/12/2013 Brody decides to apologize to Chelsea Handler for blowing up at her crew and walking out on his job at her show.
S01E04 Oklahoma Cupid 08/12/2013 Brody talks about being bullied as a kid, and lands a date from an online profile he filled out with his mom.
S01E05 Nose Business Like Show Business 15/12/2013 Zach encourages Brody to take acting and improv classes to sharpen his skills, and Brody opens up about getting cut from Judd Apatow's film "Funny People."
S01E06 Conan! 15/12/2013 Brody gets ready for a stand-up appearance on "Conan."
S01E07 What Nose Up.... Must Come Down 22/12/2013 Brody's friends rally around when he goes into a deep depression; Zach Galifianakis encourages Brody to volunteer at a soup kitchen
S01E08 Face Time 22/12/2013 Brody goes to a hypnotherapist to help him overcome his facial dysmorphia issues; then hires a matchmaker to help him get chicks.
S01E09 Smoke and Believe 29/12/2013 Brody crashes the Hangover 3 premiere and reconciles with an old friend. Tension mounts with his crew over his pot use, angry outbursts and their fears that he will have another manic episode.
S01E10 Jews and Samoans Rule Seattle 29/12/2013 Brody and Teina revisit their old neighborhood on the way to mounting a live reunion show.
S01E11 Boston Me Party 05/01/2014 Brody goes to Boston to shoot his half-hour Comedy Central special and interviews 17 other comics.
S01E12 Born in the Valley, Hollywood Finale 05/01/2014 Brody dates a new woman, takes a trip to Miami, and throws a rooftop birthday party.

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