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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Bronco

S01E01 The Besieged 00/00/0000 Gunmen attack a religious family heading home to California.
S01E02 Quest of the Thirty Dead 00/00/0000 Bronco investigates a planned train wreck that killed one of his best friends.
S01E03 The Turning Point 00/00/0000 Bronco unknowingly saves the life of a gunfighter.
S01E04 Four Guns and a Prayer 00/00/0000 Bronco enlists the help of gunfighters to save a town.
S01E05 The Long Ride Back 00/00/0000 Bronco Layne returns to his Texas hometown after fighting for the Confederacy in the Civil War, but faces the hostility of townspeople who believe he's a traitor and a murderer who killed his fiancé's brother.
S01E06 Trail to Taos 00/00/0000 Bronco tracks down a gang robbing stagecoaches and goes undercover to catch them in the act.
S01E07 Brand of Courage 00/00/0000 Bronco lands in the middle of a range war when he tries to help nuns whose possession of a cattle ranch is opposed by other ranchers in the area.
S01E08 Freeze-Out 00/00/0000 Bronco is hired to guide a writer to a ghost town, but repeated attempts on both their lives reveals her true purpose: to find a man buried in a nearby glacier.
S01E09 The Baron of Broken Lance 00/00/0000 Bronco leads a wagon train through the wilderness but the danger comes from within as an old war buddy provokes a local cattle baron when he brings along the man's runaway daughter.
S01E10 Payroll of the Dead 00/00/0000 Major Damayer hires Bronco to guide him into Indian territory to make a request of Sitting Bull.
S01E11 Riding Solo 00/00/0000 Bronco is suspected of being a killer when he arrives in a town just after a stagecoach robbery committed by an old friend.
S01E12 Borrowed Glory 00/00/0000 Bronco gets involved in blackmail and murder when a killer tagets a friend whose Congressional Medal of Honor may have been wrongly won.
S01E13 The Silent Witness 00/00/0000 Bronco is framed for murder when the ruthless Traxel brothers and gangleader Willis Turner sets him up for the murder of his best friend. Only the testimony of a mute child can rescue Bronco from the gallows.
S01E14 The Belles of Silver Flat 00/00/0000 Bronco is saved from a hired gun by the quick draw of the Reverend Dave Clayton, arousing suspicions that the preacher is really a gunman.
S01E15 Backfire 00/00/0000 Sheriff McKeever is killed when his scheme to restore his gunslinging youth fails, leaving deputy Bronco to discover who was behind the backfire.
S01E16 School for Cowards 00/00/0000 Bronco is hired to teach at a military academy but ends up searching for a would-be killer after a cadet's realization that he's half-Sioux prompts an attempt on his life.
S01E17 Prairie Skipper 00/00/0000 Bronco's hired as trail-boss for a cattle drive and runs into trouble with a flirtatious woman who seems to have multiple husbands.
S01E18 Shadow of a Man 00/00/0000 Furious at being pulled into a payroll robbery and murder, Bronco goes looking for the loot and the culprit as a posse chases him.
S01E19 Hero of the Town 00/00/0000 Bronco tries to solve the murder of the town's most popular man, found dead with Bronco's gun in his hand shortly after a bank robbery.
S01E20 Red Water North 00/00/0000 Bronco agrees to deliver a riverboat for his friend Martha Chandler despite a ruthless businessman intent on stopping the cargo from reaching its destination and a blonde passenger with a mysterious agenda.
S02E01 Game at the Beacon Club 00/00/0000 Bronco unwittingly introduces a demure con artist to a rich man.
S02E02 The Burning Spring 00/00/0000 Bronco relives a wartime experience while testifying in the trial of his would-be killer.
S02E03 Bodyguard 00/00/0000 Bronco is hired as a bodyguard, but when he fails to keep the man alive, he's faced with a host of people confessing to the killing.
S02E04 The Soft Answer 00/00/0000 Bronco intervenes when a range war between cattlemen and sheepmen threatens to become a slaughter due to the Quaker sheepman's refusal to use guns.
S02E05 The Last Resort 00/00/0000 Bronco goes in search of the only man who can clear him of a murder charge, but must disguise himself when his quarry goes to ground in a lawless town known as a haven for criminals.
S02E06 The Devil's Spawn 00/00/0000 Bushwhacked by an escaped convict, Bronco is saved by a local rancher and becomes involved in his feud with a neighboring family.
S02E07 Flight from an Empire 00/00/0000 Bronco hires refugees from the fallen Maximillian empire, but has to contend with bandits who are convinced the mother and son know what happened to $5 million in missing gold.
S02E08 Night Train to Denver 00/00/0000 Bronco accompanies a corpse to Denver and is accused when $100,000 is stolen from the railcar.
S02E09 Shadow of Jesse James 00/00/0000 Bronco tries to break up the James gang by pressuring outlaw Cole Younger to give up Jesse, an indiscriminate killer.
S02E10 Masquerade 00/00/0000 Bronco's attempt to reform four teenage would-be outlaws backfires when a violent gang cuts in on their planned gold heist.
S02E11 Volunteers from Aberdeen 00/00/0000 Bronco tries to rescue a lovestruck friend from murder and robbery charges.
S02E12 Every Man a Hero 00/00/0000 Bronco arrives at Ft. Monument in the wake of an Indian massacre, and slowly realizes the survivors are actually criminals masquerading as heroes.
S02E13 Death of an Outlaw 00/00/0000 Bronco wins a range war with the help of Billy the Kid, but when the dust settles the outlaw is still wanted by the law and by bounty-hunter Pat Garrett.
S02E14 The Human Equation 00/00/0000 Bronco finally talks an Army officer into sending the Osage to a fertile Wyoming territory, but a cholera epidemic and a hostile new commander threatens to destroy the plan.
S02E15 Montana Passage 00/00/0000 Bronco fakes his own death, and assumes the identity of a colonist, in order to hunt down the outlaws who framed him for murder.
S02E16 Legacy of Twisted Creek 00/00/0000 Bronco's attempt to capture a killer alive runs into a snag when a band of renegade Apaches set out to kill his prisoner in hopes of sparking an uprising.
S02E17 Tangled Trail 00/00/0000 Bronco helps a small herder resists a brutal rancher and finds himself accused of murder when the man's unbalanced wife becomes a tool for the canny rancher.
S02E18 La Rubia 00/00/0000 A beautiful woman double-crosses Bronco when she learns that the bandits who have taken them hostage have a fortune in gold hidden in a secret cache.
S02E19 Winter Kill 00/00/0000 A vengeful mother swears to kill the prisoner Bronco and Marshal Sample are taking to the county jail.
S02E20 End of a Rope 00/00/0000 Bronco finds himself on the gallows after he stumbles across an elaborate scheme to protect wanted fugitives from the law.
S04E01 Cousin from Atlanta 00/00/0000 Bronco tries to convince a city cousin that her interest in a dashing gunman is a bad idea.
S04E02 Prince of Darkness 00/00/0000 As part of a scheme to uncover an insurrectionist group famous actor Edwin Booth pretends to share his relative James Wilkes Booth's hatred of the Union. But when irate townspeople try to kill the traitor, Bronco must protect the seeming turncoat.
S04E03 One Came Back 00/00/0000 Bronco falls hard for a pretty traveler, and only a bank robbery delays his rush to the altar.
S04E04 Equalizer 00/00/0000 Bronco keeps rival outlaw gangs from slaughtering each other so two young lovers can marry.
S04E05 Harrigan 00/00/0000 Bronco teams up with a silver-tongued Irishman to break up a robbery gang.
S04E06 Beginner's Luck 00/00/0000 When a kid gets lucky in his first poker game and in a gunfight, enemies of his father see a chance to use him to win a dispute over grazing rights.
S04E07 Ride the Whirlwind 00/00/0000 Bronco and the local sheriff try to figure out how a bitter ex-con is taking revenge for a Civil War disgrace.
S04E08 Sure Thing 00/00/0000 Bronco sets himself up in the cattle business only to find that a local rancher is using his control of the only road to the market to kill off his competition.
S04E09 Trail of Hatred 00/00/0000 Bronco leads a troop of mutinous soldiers into Indian territory to find a deserter, the father of the troop's ruthless lieutenant.
S04E10 Rendezvous with a Miracle 00/00/0000 Bronco tracks an escaped bankrobber and meets up with an unusual nun.
S04E11 Destinies West 00/00/0000 Bronco's infatuation with a lady gambler distracts him from his army assignment to locate a missing fortune and a renegade Union solder.
S04E12 Last Letter 00/00/0000 Leading a group of bitter Confederate POWs west to fulfill their pledge to help the Union fight the Indians, Bronco is also in charge of a gold delivery headed to Mexico and a secret assignment from the murdered president Abraham Lincoln.
S04E13 One Evening in Abilene 00/00/0000 Bronco hires gunman Clay Farraday to help with a cattle drive, but when Clay falls for a scheming beauty Bronco has to try to talk his helper out of a shootout with Wild Bill Hickock.
S04E14 Until Kingdom Come 00/00/0000 Bronco helps a lovely duchess being chased by Mexican revolutionaries.
S04E15 Moment of Doubt 00/00/0000 Bronco infiltrates anti-Union subversives in New Orleans with the help of an ex-slave and a lovely woman.
S04E16 A Town That Lived and Died 00/00/0000 Bronco faces a kangaroo court intent on hanging him for his wartime activities as a Confederate spy.
S04E17 Immovable Object 00/00/0000 Bronco has to sweet-talk two stubborn frontier men when one refuses to allow the construction of a dam on his land, provoking a journalist to write a story that causes an international incident.
S04E18 Then the Mountains 00/00/0000 Bronco has his wagon train marked for extinction by an ex-guerrilla leader.

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