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Bronies are a vast, diverse subculture. Every day, more friendships are born, more struggles are overcome, and more unshakeable bonds are formed. For each brony, there’s another unique journey and another story to be told. This documentary anthology uncovers more of the compelling experiences undertaken by the men and women who have come together from across the globe to celebrate their shared love for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.


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S01E01 Chrissy and Lauren Faust 13/09/2014 "When I was about seven years old, I had the coolest babysitter...she was so cool, she'd come over and draw for me...Turns out that my babysitter...was Lauren Faust." Chrissy has traveled to BronyCon in hopes of reuniting with her childhood babysitter, the alicorn across the street.
S01E02 Andrew Brockert 04/10/2014 Take a peek into the chaotic life of a convention chairman as he begins final preparations for the biggest brony convention in the world.
S01E03 Megan Youmans & The Traveling Pony Museum. 26/10/2014 Follow the Curator of the Traveling Pony Museum as she relives the story of its founding, and frantically prepares for its biggest showing at BronyCon.
S01E04 John Joseco 19/07/2014 Delve into the life of John Joseco, one of the most prolific artists in the brony fandom, and see how his military family heritage, his father's legacy, and My Little Pony itself, have influenced his art. Wanna see more? Check out John Joseco on DeviantArt:
S01E05 Fire at BronyCon! 05/08/2014 Watch as the bronies are thrown into a desperate struggle against a force so overwhelming it nearly shut down the entire con: a small electrical fire. Also, it was totally John's fault.
S01E06 James and Calum 10/08/2014 Join James and Calum at BUCK, the United Kingdom's premiere Brony convention, as they reveal how the fandom had brought them together.
S01E07 Sethisto, Editor-In-Chief of Equestria Daily 30/08/2014 Follow Shaun "Sethisto" Scotellaro, editor-in-chief of Equestria Daily, as he tours BronyCon with his staff, and get an inside look into the process of publishing content for EqD.
S01E08 The Berlin Pirate Party 26/07/2014 Take an inside look at the Berlin Pirate Party, a political party in Germany's House of Representatives. Explore how the positive messages from the show helps drive their approach to politics, and see at how they've integrated MLP into the political process as a means to resolve internal conflicts.
S01E09 The Cakes at the BronyCon Cosplay Contest 06/09/2014 Amina and Dan have teamed up to cosplay everyone's favorite Ponyville baking duo! How will they fare at this year's BronyCon Cosplay Contest?
S01E10 The Carneys' Honeymoon at BronyCon 16/08/2014 Michael Carney takes a moment to plan a special surprise for his newly-wedded wife, Jessica Carney, at BronyCon 2012.
S01E11 The Slik Family 20/09/2014 Take a look into the life of a brony family, and see how bronyism has impacted their daily family life.
S01E12 Hayden and Lauren Faust 00/00/0000

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