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Joe Roman has come by his self-reliance naturally. His parents divorced when he was little, and his dad”a race car driver”remarried and focused primarily on his new family with his young wife Claire. Joe spent his childhood on the move with his mother, venturing out on his own when he was just 15. A year after his father's fatal accident, Joe returns to Philadelphia to collect his share of his Dad's estate, a car customizing business. His reunion with Claire and his half brothers is a little rocky. Despite her best efforts, Claire is struggling to keep the business afloat. Fifteen-year-old Matt, tormented by a number of teen crises both real and imagined, harbors a lot of resentment toward Joe. And Andy, a wildly imaginative seven-year-old, can't quite hide his need for a father figure. It doesn't take long for Joe to realize how much he's needed, so he accepts Claire's offer to move in and work in the family business. Downstairs in the garage, Joe works alongside


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Brotherly Love

S01E01 Pilot 16/09/1995 Matt and Andy mix like oil and water with Joe, who means to collect his share of their late father's garage.
S01E02 Such a Bargain 17/09/1995 Matt goes overboard trying to impress a girl; Joe warns Lou about an art dealer with connections who has convinced her he's interested in her junk sculpture.
S01E03 The Liberty Bell Show 24/09/1995 Matt and Joe get into a heated debate over which of them should date Matt's forensics teacher after a field trip, Andy blames himself for the crack in the Liberty Bell.
S01E04 A Midsummer's Nightmare 01/10/1995 Joe's merciless teasing destroys Matt's confidence for his role in ""A Midsummer Night's Dream"" -- as a sprite. Joe could use a confidence-builder himself after agreeing to a nude-modeling gig for Lou's art class.
S01E05 Uptown Girl 08/10/1995 Taking Joe's advice nets Andy a new friend, but leaves Matt uncool at school; and Joe is anything but cool when he shirks his responsibilities for a free-spirited woman of independent means.
S01E06 The Comic Con 25/10/1995 Lies and deceptions multiply ""like tribbles"" when Lloyd meets a potential sweetheart on the Internet, and Matt tries to hid a blemish in anticipation of a first date.
S01E07 The Sleepover Show 29/10/1995 An old girlfriend from high school visits Joe and he invites to spend the night. Matt accidentally sees the girl get out of the shower, causing Claire to tell Joe he is setting a bad example for the younger boys. Andy, meanwhile, can't face telling Claire that he isn't ready to go to a sleepover birthday party at a neighbor's house and winds up sneaking downstairs to Joe's room to avoid his mother, ending up spending the evening with Joe's girlfriend instead.
S01E08 Witchcraft 30/10/1995 A fortuneteller gives Joe a Halloween scare, as does Andy's ""disappearance""; Claire goes solo to a party; and Matt endures the taunts of college-age trick-or-treaters. All this goes on while Lloyd watches the ""scariest movie ever made"": The Sound of Music.
S01E09 Bait and Switch 12/11/1995 A conspiratorial Lloyd locks up Joe and Lou in the storeroom on a day that Lou has arranged a blind date and Joe has promised to aid Matt in a date with destiny -- a fight with a school bully.
S01E10 Outbreak! 19/11/1995 Joe makes an executive decision to expand Roman Customizing by signing a new account -- one that Claire had turned down before she and others in the house came down with chicken pox.
S01E11 A Roman Holiday 18/12/1995 Christmas morning promises to be a big disappointment for Andy, who entrusted Lloyd to relay his gift wish to Santa -- but now wonders if his brother really delivered it.
S01E12 Once Around the Block 04/03/1996 Matt hopes to shed his boring image by catching the action at a salsa dance club, where his mom and Lou suddenly show up; and so do Joe and Andy, who swing by in a Batmobile-style cruiser.
S01E13 Remember 11/03/1996 Matt wants to play Philadelphia's Lucky Burger clown -- for the money; Joey wants to join the motorcycle-racing circuit and follow in his father's footsteps, which worries Claire.
S01E14 Big Brotherly Love 18/03/1996 The younger Roman brothers consider their Designated Dad Jack a delightful companion, but to Joe he's an interloper in the family.
S01E15 Bride and Prejudice 25/03/1996 Lou weighs a heavy decision after accepting an engagement ring from her boyfriend; Matt's sarcastic new friends rib Lloyd.
S01E16 Double Date 01/04/1996 Dissatisfied with their respective dates, Joe and Lou introduce the two on a double date -- and wait for nature to take its course.
S02E01 Lord of the Guys 15/09/1996 The boys fend for themselves when Claire goes to a spa for the weekend.
S02E02 Joe at 21 22/09/1996 Perched at a bar on his 21st birthday, Joe reminisces about his dad and about turning 16, while at home Claire and the gang plan what they hope will be a nifty surprise party -- but Joe ruins the surprise by coming home drunk.
S02E03 Claire's First Date 29/09/1996 Claire has butterflies as she prepares for a first date. So do Matt and Andy, who fear that a newcomer will replace their dad.
S02E04 Other People 06/10/1996 Joe and Lou agree to be ""just friends"" and date others, but Joe fumes when Lou's ""other person"" is someone he doesn't know -- and then he unwittingly asks out Lou's best friend. Puppeteer Marc Weiner appears as himself.
S02E05 Viva la fraternite 13/10/1996 Both Joey and Matt ask Andy's new baby sitter for a date.
S02E06 Big Mike 20/10/1996 The boys' lovable grandpa Big Mike rolls into town in a big rig and for a time endears himself to Joe---with some promises he can't keep.
S02E07 Motherly Love 03/11/1996 Lloyd's RV-driving mom visits as Joe is pushing to enter Andy in a pine-box derby -- to prevent a smarmy business rival's son from beating Matt's previous winning record.
S02E08 Kernel of Truth 10/11/1996 Andy figures he won't get into any more trouble in school if Joe dates his teacher, Claire meets a potential date at the supermarket; and psychology student Matt fears he may have obsessive-compulsive disorder.
S02E09 Downtown Girl 17/11/1996 Joe regrets the path his life has taken after running into a once-unpopular classmate who's now headed for rock stardom.
S02E10 The Great Indoors 24/11/1996 Andy's excited about wearing his wilderness badge from the Young Pioneers, but his enthusiasm is dampened when a storm cancels his planned camping trip -- which winds up being staged in the garage.
S02E11 The Driving Lesson 08/12/1996 A merciless driver's-ed teacher may have Matt's future in mind when he passes out grades, but Joe has only revenge in mind when he rallies Matt, Lloyd and Lou in a pay-back prank on the man.
S02E12 Power of Love 08/12/1996 Lloyd quits the garage to fulfill his dreams after he sees a self-help video.
S02E13 Party Girl 12/01/1997 Even Joe agrees with Claire that the new girl in Matt's life seems to be out of his league, frequenting after-hour rave parties -- and drinking.
S02E14 Skin Deep 19/01/1997 Matt's new girlfriend wants him to get a tattoo.
S02E15 Paging Nell 02/02/1997 Joe is reunited with old friend Nell Bascombe, who needs a new kidney.
S02E16 The Comet 09/02/1997 Matt hopes to reinvent himself for a newcomer visiting her grandfather in the neighborhood; Andy fears getting hit by a comet.
S02E17 Stealing Beauty 16/02/1997 Kristin gets Matt a job at a music store, but his future there looks bleak when the manager collars a shoplifter.
S02E18 Art Attack 23/02/1997 Lou has some modern art she wants to take to the museum. So Joe helps her carry her work. A woman sees the artwork & thinks Joe did it. So he impresses her by doing some last minute art with help from Andy. Then Joe confesses that the artwork's Lou & not his & that all of these masterpieces were nothing at all. Also, Matt takes up playing the guitar & wants to write a song. Matt tries to find inspiration by his surroundings. When their garbageman Leo pays a visit, Andy tells him he's got a pigeon on his car. Then Matt comes up with a very bad song.
S02E19 Pizza Girl 30/03/1997 Romance is in the air at the pizza parlor as Matt's co-worker falls for Joe and Andy falls for a young girl who doesn't think his jokes are funny.
S02E20 Easy Come, Easy Go 20/04/1997 Andy becomes Joe's good luck charm on a trip to Atlantic City -- for a while. Meanwhile, bad luck crashes the scene when Matt throws his first big party.
S02E21 I Scream, You Scream (1) 27/04/1997 Joe moves in for the kill after Matt claims he's ""just friends"" with Kristin; an ice-cream vendor is a real treat for Andy and for Claire.
S02E22 We All Scream (2) 04/05/1997 Matt and Joe nearly come to fisticuffs over Kristin, who's unable to handle the truth when she hears it; and Lou receives an e-mail message from an admirer.
S02E23 Mother's Day 11/05/1997 Mother's Day brings a surprise visit from Joe's hippie mom, who's pregnant and married to an ""aura-photographer"".
S02E24 Girl Crazy 18/05/1997 Julia returns hoping to strike up a relationship with Matt again, but his friends aren't part of her plans. Meanwhile, Andy ""sells his childhood"" at a garage sale.