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S01E01 Come Fry with Me 15/05/2005 The series premiere of BSTV In which contestants believe their in a casting session for a new reality show called ""Come Fry With Me!"" .Then we are introduced to ""Lovers Lounge"" a fake love advise show with actual unknowing D-list celebs...Traci Lords.Then see past reality star and out of work actors in reality show pitch sessions with,The Parkers' Countess Vaughn.
S01E02 Billionaire Bride 17/05/2005 Women are lead to believe they are auditioning for a new reality show in which they will marry a 99 yr old man. If the woman crowned ""Billionaire Bride"" keeps him alive for one year she will be given a million dollar checks for the rest of her life.On ""Celebrity Advice Bureau"" Dennis Rodman, believe these two men (One wants his grandmother to die peacefully in her sleep so he can buy a drum set)are really seeking advise from him.Also during this episode ""You're Not My Mailman!"" with Leif Garret, where Leif believes hes about to surprise an unsuspecting fan... but their not home. A beaten dog is herd while he awaits what he thinks is his fan. Celebrity Pitch Meetings: Aaron Buerge- ""Evil Cat-Nieval"" Charlie Maher- ""Arabian Nights"" Heidi Bressler- ""Heidi Go Sikh""
S01E03 Super Duper Size Me 18/05/2005 In this episode, Men believe there auditioning for a reality show called ""Super Duper Size Me"" (A ""Super Size Me!"" reality program)They are told they will gain hundreds of pounds,and the heaviest wins.They are tested on their ""Mouth index"" (how wide they can open their mouths: the largest 7 inches).They then eat food sideways and have a ""Pizza Face"" competition.Yet another installment of ""Lover's Lounge"" takes place with Rikki Rachtman.Rikki is enraged when the ""fake"" doctor tells a woman its her fault men hit on her because of her reveling attire.Also,""Have your Cake and Greet It!"" with Katrina Campins in which she is left alone in a large Birthday cake after a fire alarm signals. Celebrity Pitch Meetings: Heidi Bressler- ""Heidi Heidi Ho"" Gabrielle Tuite- ""The Great American Hospital Hoax.""
S01E04 The First Time 19/05/2005 On this episode, men and women believe they're auditioning for a new reality show (""The First Time"") where they have sex live on national TV with a virgin.They are tested on sexual skill, and speak to the ""virgins"" enraged parents. An attractive man goes as far as reveling his perfect six pack and rating them ""A 7 or 9"".Meanwhile on Celebrity Advice Bureau The Real World's Trishelle, talks to a man who saves everything... even his fices! Doug Stanhope faces the heat on Venice Beach as host of the totally bogus on-the-street talent show Daredevils.Also Star Justice Rachel Hunter, in a case where an ex spouse wants his belongings back. Celebrity Pitch Meetings Katrina Campins- ""Cry Me a Liver""
S01E05 American Superhero 20/05/2005 On this episode, three guys believe they are auditioning for: ""American Superhero"".Tara Lipinski makes an appearance on Fame Makeover, (American Idol knock-off).Yet another episode of Celebrity Advice Bureau with Kimberley Locke in which a woman wants to trade a kid for a condo. Celebrity Pitch Meetings Charlie Maher- ""Sloppy Seconds"" Aaron Buerge- ""Crackass""
S01E06 The Box 20/05/2005 People are lead to believe their auditioning to live in a box for 10 weeks... they later learn that they'll have their face covered the entire time... meaning they wouldn't be famous.Later a soap star thinks hes on a new show where he meets another person with the same exact name,he later begins to hate him!
S01E07 Booty Boat 27/05/2005 Women believe they are auditioning for a reality show in which they compete for a yacht by romancing the most men.
S01E08 Daredevils 00/00/0000