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Kotaro Takamiya, un éminent professeur de cybernétique, se fait enlever par une organisation terroriste au cours d'une exposition à Pékin. La "Mecanicae Imperium", désireuse de conquérir le monde, réunit en effet les cerveaux les plus brillants en vue de créer des robots effroyables dotés d'une volonté propre : les BT. Malgré les menaces, Kotaro décide toutefois de refuser de participer à l'élaboration de Rafaelo, dernière création en date de l'agence, dont la puissance et le pouvoir de destruction semblent sans limites. Alors que la Mecanicae Imperium s'apprête à prendre des mesures contre le scientifique récalcitrant, son frère Teppei apparaît pour le délivrer, chevauchant X, un BT lui aussi redoutable...


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de BTX

S01E01 Miracle ! La résurrestion de B't X 06/04/1996 Teppei's brother Kotaro is a scientific genius and is kidnapped by the Machine Empire. Teppei gives chase and ends up in the Area of the Machine Empire! He is attacked by the B't Madonna and her donor Metal Face. Badly injured and bleeding everywhere, Teppei fights back, but he's no match for the B't Madonna! However, Teppei's blood reactivates X, whose body had been buried in the scrap pile. Once again active, X breaks free of the scrap, while Madonna has to take her donor Metal Face back to the Machine Empire for treatment. He had been seriously injured by Teppei just moments earlier. Meanwhile, Kotaro awakens in the Machine Empire. Major Aramis tells him about the Area and the B't's. She also starts to explain about the ultimate B't - Raphael. Asked to join them, Kotaro turns them down. He has faith in his brother and knows Teppei will be coming to save him! Episode summary graciously provided by Vortex Fansubs
S01E02 Naissance ! La bataille du soleil 13/04/1996 Teppei thinks he has gained Karen's powerful partner X, as an ally! He soon learns differently. Not long after Metal Face and his B't Madonna leave, X and Teppei are attacked by the Fifth Unit Ryukon Troops. Can Teppei and X overcome their problems and work together to defeat the Fifth Unit???Vortex Fansubs
S01E03 Confrontation ! L'ambition de l'Empire Mécanique 20/04/1996 X's original donor is Karen and he'll obey only her! He's going to do everything he can to get rid of Teppei and go to find Karen! Teppei finally realizes that X isn't just a robot and gives up - telling X where he can find Karen. He then proceeds back into the Area alone and is soon attacked by the Ryukon Troops. Can Teppei defeat all of them by himself or will X return to help him???Episode summary graciously provided by Vortex Fansubs
S01E04 Entrée ! Les quatre généraux de la légende 27/04/1996 X is finally willing to cooperate with Teppei. Suddenly, one of the best fighters in the Machine Empire appears before them! Fou Rafine, and his B't Je'taime! Je'taime's sonic attack is called the Deadly Carol. X and Teppei have never been up against fighters as strong as these two!Episode summary graciously provided by Vortex Fansubs
S01E05 A l'aide ! La bataille de la vie ou de la mort 04/05/1996 When Teppei comes around after his last battle, he finds himself being treated in Fou's chapel! X, however, has been deactivated and is lying motionless... One of the Machine Empire's hit men, Kaas, shows up and takes some of the children hostage to use against Fou. Je'taime, Fou, and Teppei and X must work together to stop the soldiers from getting away and reporting back to the Empire!Episode summary graciously provided by Vortex Fansubs
S01E06 Terreur ! Bataille dans le désert 11/05/1996 Teppei and X finally make it to the first point! Here, they meet a huge robot named Big Rock who is piloted by a young boy named Gaku. The robot doesn't last long against X and that's when the true guardian for this point shows up! This point is guarded by a B't named Groupie that can eat ANYTHING!! Humans, robots, name it! His donor is Captain Hook. Captain Hook feeds Gaku to his B't and Teppei and X allow themselves to be eaten also, so they can rescue the boy! Will they get out alive?????Episode summary graciously provided by Vortex Fansubs
S01E07 Surprise ! Le secret de l'Empereur mécanique 18/05/1996 X and Teppei thought that Captain Hook and his B't had been defeated! But he hadn't!!! Captain Hook gives them a taste of his weapon, the Hanging Rod and just about fries them. His B't Groupie revives also and comes back to try and eat them again. X is damaged, but he and Teppei must still overcome these two again if they're going to continue into the Area!Episode summary graciously provided by Vortex Fansubs
S01E08 Illusion ! Le guerrier Kamira 25/05/1996 Gaku has been poisoned by the ""Heavy Steam"" given off by Groupie. X and Teppei must rush to the next point, where an oasis can be found. They have to wash the poison off of Gaku and themselves! One BIG problem though! This oasis is protected by the illusionist Kamiura and his B't Mirage. Without even knowing that they were already caught in his illusion, X and Teppei start to fight each other...Episode summary graciously provided by Vortex Fansubs
S01E09 Démoniaque ! Evil flower 01/06/1996 Teppei and X break free from the illusion! X goes after the B't Mirage and Teppei goes after Kamiura. Both of them have already been affected by the Evil Flower pollen. Kamiura attacks Teppei by using illusions and Teppei has to break free from yet another trap before he can defeat Kamiura! X has to shut down all of his senses to attack Mirage and they have a serious battle... Episode summary graciously provided by Vortex Fansubs
S01E10 Poursuite ! La riposte de Metal Face 08/06/1996 X and Teppei are attacked by the B't Madonna and Metal Face. They force X and Teppei to crash into a deadly valley. It's a place where the sound of the wind can affect a B't and shatter them completely!! But, there was a man who came and helped them. He is Professor Zaji and he's wanted by the Machine Empire. To escape from the valley and rescue the Professor, X and Teppei must be united to overcome the effects of the wind! Episode summary graciously provided by Vortex Fansubs
S01E11 Invincible ! Le commandant Lon 15/06/1996 Without warning, B't Raido appeared in front of Teppei and X! His donor is one of the greatest fighters in the Machine Empire. His name is Ron. Teppei and X have never fought anyone as tough as Ron before! He has the power of one of the Spirit Generals! Episode summary graciously provided by Vortex Fansubs
S01E12 Formidable ennemi ! La chaleur féroce de Chaos 22/06/1996 Teppei and X continue on their journey into the Area. They meet a mysterious old man named Kaos... Kaos and his B't Lamu used to be legendary warriors for the Machine Empire! X and Teppei must struggle to stay alive as Kaos and Lamu attack them! Episode summary graciously provided by Vortex Fansubs
S01E13 Compagnon ! Les obligations d'un cœur ardent 29/06/1996 B't Lamu and the warrior Kaos are very good! Kaos attacks and cuts Teppei through his Battle Gear! Teppei and X will win though, no matter what it takes! They'll become the best of buddies! Episode summary graciously provided by Vortex Fansubs
S01E14 Tragédie ! Maria, la fille du cimetière 06/07/1996 Teppei and X arrive at the next point and find themselves in a huge graveyard. In the middle of the graveyard is a giant tree full of skeletons! They meet a girl named Maria, who is terrified of something evil that lives there! Can Teppei and X help Maria and defeat this point's guardian??? Episode summary graciously provided by Vortex Fansubs
S01E15 Explosion ! L'attaque vers la mort 13/07/1996 X has received a lot of damage from the Reaper! Teppei and X are in serious trouble! They must become united to save themselves from total destruction and fulfill Maria's dreams! Episode summary graciously provided by Vortex Fansubs
S01E16 Résurection ! La lumière aux 5 couleurs 20/07/1996 Teppei and X are finally united! X has revived his Prism of Aura and they have defeated the Reaper. X is still terribly damaged from the battle though, and now another enemy shows up in front of them! X might die... Episode summary graciously provided by Vortex Fansubs
S01E17 Apparition ! X noir 27/07/1996 X is trying to fly Teppei as close to the Area as possible before he dies. Now another of the Machine Empire's hit men shows up to attack them! His name is Rai of the Dark Knights. When Teppei and X fight back with the Prism of Aura, Shadow X appears!Episode summary graciously provided by Vortex Fansubs
S01E18 Ténèbres ! La terreur de l'Hunder-Hell 03/08/1996 Kotaro struggle to figure out a way to destroy Raphael! If Raphael keeps metamorphasizing, he'll absorb the entire planet! Kotaro has to figure out WHAT Raphael is and keep from being killed by his jailer in UnderHell! Meanwhile, Fou, must battle one of the Dark Knights to save Karin!Episode summary graciously provided by Vortex Fansubs
S01E19 Mort ! La fin de X 10/08/1996 X is dying, and now the strongest of the Dark Knights, Mira, shows up to stop them! Teppei fights back with his Messiah Fist to try and keep X out of it, but X wants no part of it and attacks on his own. Only united do they stand a chance, and Teppei rejoins X. They use the Prism of Aura at full power and stop Mira, but it uses everything X has left.... Episode summary graciously provided by Vortex Fansubs
S01E20 Vie ! La cœur brisé 17/08/1996 When Teppei comes to after the last battle, he finds X in pieces in front of him! Someone has dismantled him!!! He finds out that he's been rescued (or has he??) by Hokuto and B't Max - one of the legendary Spirit Knights of the Machine Empire! What will Teppei do without X? Episode summary graciously provided by Vortex Fansubs
S01E21 Renaissance ! Néo B'tX 24/08/1996 Hokuto has indeed rescued Teppei AND X! B't Max rebuilt X into the Neo B't X!! Bigger, badder, and better than ever! X and Teppei were flying away from B't Max when they were attacked again, this time by Balzac and his B't Savanna. Teppei and X are much more powerful than before and this enemy is no match for the Neo B't X! Episode summary graciously provided by Vortex Fansubs
S01E22 Les plus dangereux ! Les 7 démons 31/08/1996 Teppei and X meet up with Fou and Je'taime and Hokuto and B't Max again. Teppei and X have to battle their way into the Machine Empire. These enemies are so strong, it's unbelievable!! They have to make it though, if they're going to get into the Area and rescue Kotaro! Episode summary graciously provided by Vortex Fansubs
S01E23 Flash ! Shinning knuckle 07/09/1996 It seems like an endless fight to destroy the B't Lalaynya and her donor Myslim! No matter what X and Teppei do, she regenerates and comes after them again! It's been a very hard battle... Can X and Teppei defeat this evil Knight??? Episode summary graciously provided by Vortex Fansubs
S01E24 Brûlant ! Un fragment du soleil 14/09/1996 Teppei and X find out that they have defeated Lalaynya, but not Myslim! Myslim counterattacks with his Cyber Whip and hits Teppei! The poison causes Teppei to go blind. Teppei has to trust X completely and X responds by creating a new counterattack:Shining Wings! Episode summary graciously provided by Vortex Fansubs
S01E25 Défaite ! le B't Rafaelo 21/09/1996 Hokuto and Fou are on their way into the Area to clear up some doubts about the Machine Empire. X and Teppei are also trying to go to the Area, but Ron of the East tries to stop them all! He asked to Teppei to prove he has a piece of the sun and attacks! For everyone hoping for a conclusion to the story, give up that thought. This story is UNFINISHED and takes up exactly where this episode stops in Neo B't X- the OAV series!!! Episode summary graciously provided by Vortex Fansubs
S02E01 Gardiens spirituels contre démons de la guerre 21/08/1997 Teppei, Hokuto, Ron, and Fou are on their way into the Area. Ron and his B't Raido leave to pursue their own path into the Area, while the others continue their journey together. They don't get far though, as they are interrupted by one of the Evil Knights. His name is Quatro and he has a vendetta against Fou. Quatro and Fou grew up together, but Quatro believes Fou killed his little sister Lily. Teppei and Hokuto leave at Fou's request, only to get attacked by Ryukon Troopers being controlled by the Juggler. They are no match for Teppei and the Neo B't X! Juggler informs them that Fou has surrendered to Quatro and Teppei races off to rescue him. Episode summary graciously provided by Vortex Fansubs
S02E02 La terre de la haine et de l'amour ! 28/08/1997 Fou and Quatro's background is covered in depth. We learn more about Lily and the motivations of the Machine Empire. Fou has surrendered and has been beaten badly by Quatro. Just as Quatro is about to kill Fou, Teppei and X show up in time to interfere. They find that Quatro is not an easy target though, and the fight does not go well. Quatro once again attcks Fou, this time using his attack ""SPECTRA METAL"" and Je'taime sacrifices herself to save Fou... Episode summary graciously provided by Vortex Fansubs
S02E03 Les flammes rougissantes 04/09/1997 Je'taime has been killed and Quatro again attacks Fou. Teppei and X try to stop him and it gives Fou enough time to recover his violin. He plays a melody that he thought he had forgotten...the song of the angels. The song revives Je'taime and she is reborn with the powers of a true Phoenix. Fou decides that he will not sacrifice Je'taime again and they fight Quatro and Roleso. Je'taime's DEADLY CAROL and the melody played by Fou on his violin combine to make a FORTUNE SYMPHONIC. Quatro and Roleso are unable to stand against this and are quickly defeated. Episode summary graciously provided by Vortex Fansubs
S02E04 Le miracle du sang ! 11/09/1997 Teppei and X are still on their way into the Area, when they are discovered by Metal Face. This cyborg is OBSESSED with killing them!(Watch the ep, you'll see) A huge battle occurs and Teppei and X are rescued by Shadow X, Karen's B't. Shadow is badly damaged in the fight and they take her to Hokuto. Hokuto repairs her and Shadow is now able to talk. (Cool!) Shadow tells X that he's her big brother and X tells Shadow that she must go back to protect Karen. Shadow agrees and leaves for Kamui Island. Well, Metal Face shows up as soon as Shadow leaves. Hokuto and B't Max continue on into the Area, leaving Teppei and X to fight Metal Face. Metal Face and his B't Madonna are soon defeated. (Awesome fight scene, though) Teppei saves Metal Face from falling to his death and X tells Madonna that a B't is more than just a fighting machine. They have a warm heart, just like humans do and can make up their own mind. Madonna laughs and tells him that there is no such thing as a ""wa
S02E05 Le rêve de l'effroi ! 18/09/1997 Teppei and X are attacked not long after leaving Metal Face. Arrows are appearing from out of nowhere! Then Ron and Raido, Fou and Je'taime, and Hokuto and Max show up and start attacking them! Or are they...? ^___^ Evil Meimu and his B't Halloween are masters of the nightmare. They have already started working on Teppei and X! Just as the fight between them is getting started, Metal Face and his B't Madonna show up again! Metal Face starts screaming that HE is the only one who is going to kill Teppei. He needs it and he wants it. (Told ya, he was obsessed!) Meimu is annoyed and attacks Metal Face and Madonna and Teppei and X end up rescuing them from Meimu!! Madonna is fatally injured in the battle and crash lands. Meimu attacks Teppei with his ""Final der Mogliche"" and his B't Halloween sends him into the ultimate nightmare of ""Dark Inferno""! Are Teppei and X going to be able to win this one?! Episode summary graciously provided by Vortex Fansubs
S02E06 Un morceau de lumière ! 25/09/1997 Teppei wakes up in a nightmare... Meimu tells him that if he wants to escape, he must defeat the monster. Yet, every time he defeats the monster, it comes back stronger! What can he do? The damage he is taking is affecting his real body and he'll soon die if he doesn't escape! Meanwhile, Halloween has attacked X and he is now injured and lying helpless on the ground. After many attacks, it appears that Meimu has won. Teppei is not able to defeat the monster... As he's dying, he hears X... X is calling for him! X offers his life so that Teppei can burn his Piece of the Sun and break free. Teppei says NEVER AGAIN! He has only his life left and that's the one he'll use. As Meimu's monster comes in to finish him, Teppei ""powers up!"". The monster doesn't stand a chance and is blown away by Teppei's brilliance, which destroys the Dark Inferno. X catches Teppei as he falls and Halloween attacks them! Teppei is still unconscious, so there's not a lot X can do. Madonna gathers h
S02E07 Plus de lumière ! 02/10/1997
S02E08 La confession du masque ! 09/10/1997
S02E09 Les liens du sang ! 16/10/1997
S02E10 Le hurlement du démon 23/10/1997
S02E11 Cherche le passé disparu ! 30/10/1997
S02E12 Un pour tous ! 06/11/1997
S02E13 La mémoire du futur 13/11/1997
S02E14 Un morceau du soleil ! 21/01/1998
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