Affiche Buang Atitharn
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    150 minutes
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Starts out in the present. Pat's father is an archeologist searching for evidence of a lost ancient kingdom. He found something but then it went missing. He thinks this rich businessman stole it cause the guy wants it in his private collection. The rich guy is Mark's dad. Pat is trying to help her dad recover the artifact. Mark hires Pat to take photos of his dad's event showcasing ancient stuff. They find the thing, I think it's a tablet maybe? Anyway Yard's spirit is in it and when Pat/Mark comes upon it, it releases the vengeful ghost. Past time: Mark's kingdom is superstitious and has this belief that whomever finds this paper lantern will be the Prince's wife. Well Pat (Kedapa) finds it but Yard stole it from her cause she wants to be Mark's wife so the whole kingdom thinks that Yard is Areeya's rightful soulmate. Mark doesn't want to marry her so he goes on an adventure pretending to be a normal guy and meets Pat. He trains Pat how to fight because Pat wants to learn how to defend herself and the kingdom. Her dad is some kind of high ranked soldier in Mark's kingdom. She tells Mark the story of finding the treasure that signifies the person's fate to be the Princess but that it got stolen. Mark figures out the truth, tells everyone and marries Pat cause he loves her. Pat is mad at first because she fell in love with the normal guy not knowing that he's the Prince. There's major drama with Yard being the usual n'rai and cursing everyone for all life times.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Buang Atitharn

S01E01 Episode 01 16/08/2016
S01E02 Episode 02 22/08/2016
S01E03 Episode 03 23/08/2016
S01E04 Episode 04 29/08/2016
S01E05 Episode 05 30/08/2016
S01E06 Episode 06 05/09/2016
S01E07 Episode 07 06/09/2016
S01E08 Episode 08 12/09/2016
S01E09 Episode 09 13/09/2016
S01E10 Episode 10 19/09/2016
S01E11 Episode 11 20/09/2016
S01E12 00/00/0000