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Follow best friends Sydney the Sailboat and Zip the trainee Water Taxi as they learn how to ride the waves of life alongside the other vessels of bustling Bubble Bath Bay. Terry the Tugboat provides safe and steady command as each episode sees Sydney and Zip embarking on a new and exciting adventure, and in the process learning important lessons about teamwork, friendship, cooperation, respect and problem solving.


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S01E01 Running on Empty 09/03/2015 When Sydney dares Zip to a race, Zip is in such a hurry to prove motors are faster than sails that she forgets to refuel - leaving her stranded in the Harbour. Sydney's sails must save her.
S01E02 Royal Visit 10/03/2015 Queen Josephine, the biggest ocean liner in the world, is visiting the Harbour. Terry has a big job to do and everything must run smoothly, but Zip and Sydney struggle to get the pesky canoes under control.
S01E03 Cleo at the Cove 11/03/2015 Cleo is having her first spinnaker fitted today! Spinnakers can be tricky, so Sydney and Zip will have to keep a close eye on Cleo as she learns the ropes. But Cleo is too excited to listen, leading to a near catastrophe!
S01E04 Muddled Friends 06/07/2015 What's bumping the boats beneath the waves? It's Humpy the baby whale! When Humpy refuses to leave, can Muddles find the courage to guide Humpy out of the Harbour and reunite him with his mother?
S01E05 Zip in a Spin 12/03/2015 Sydney and Zip are going to Dry Dock for their first ever check-up! But when Zip is too scared to go, her wobbly propeller sends her spinning out of control! Sydney will need to find where she's spun off.
S01E06 Ferry Bad Luck 13/03/2015 Bryan the ferry crashes into the jetty and gets stuck. Everyone has a job to do to free him, except Sydney, who is too small to help. But when Bryan springs a leak, only Sydney, because of his size, can save the day.
S01E07 Dragon Parade 14/03/2015 Bubble Bath Bay hosts a Lantern Festival featuring an exciting Dragon Boat race! Terry is keen to show the Bay at its best, but things unravel when Sydney, Zip and the Canoes decide to join in the race too!
S01E08 Muddles in the Mist 15/03/2015 It's a very foggy day and everyone's been told to stay moored. But when Zip and Sydney sneak off into the fog, Zip mistakes Muddles for the fearsome Bubble Bath Bay Monster! She'll need to overcome fear to save her friend.
S01E09 Around the World in a Day 16/03/2015 The Bay is throwing Rodney the submarine a Welcome Home Party. But instead of decorating, Sydney daydreams about travelling the Big Blue Sea. Zip and Stormy help show him that there's lots to explore right here at home!
S01E10 Stormy Weather 17/03/2015 When Stormy warns the Bay that there's a storm coming, Sydney and Zip laugh at her. But then a terrible storm hits, and Stormy is nowhere to be found the next morning. The hunt is on as Sydney and Zip fear the worst...
S01E11 Bonita's Party 18/03/2015 When Bonita is too impatient to fix her broken outrigger, Sydney helps by giving it a temporary fix. But when her patched-up outrigger fails, Sydney and Zip have to help her get back on course before disaster strikes.
S01E12 Gone with the Wind 19/03/2015 Sail away to a world of fun and adventure with Sydney the sailboat and Zip the water taxi as they learn to ride the waves with their friends in bustling Bubble Bath Bay.
S01E13 Cheeky Canoes 20/03/2015 Zip is sitting her Harbour Navigation Test today! Terry will be testing her ability to navigate around the Harbour with the Canoes in tow - through Middle Harbour, around Aurora Island, past Hidden Cove and Point Periwinkle.
S01E14 Crash Landing 21/03/2015 Seaweed is clogging up the Bay, so Muddles has the sorry task of slowly cleaving his way through the build-up, collecting it all in a net he drags behind him. Sydney and Zip set up a landing strip for seaplane Lulu.
S01E15 Buoy oh Buoy! 22/03/2015 Sydney, Jet and Stormy are having fun racing around the marker buoys near Aurora Island. Jet speeds in, causing Stormy to topple off into the water.
S01E16 Seal of Approval 23/03/2015 Belch the tramp steamer is causing trouble again. He's offended Rodney by dumping a load of garbage right on top of him - and worse still, he's left the Harbour awash with his litter.
S01E17 Hear Hear 07/07/2015 When Sydney and Zip mishear a message from Terry, they accidently set off a chain of events that throw Bubble Bath Bay into chaos. They need to learn to listen to save the day.
S01E18 Sleepy Sydney 24/03/2015 Sydney and Zip are racing around the bay, getting ready for Sydney's important time trials the following day. Sydney is so excited for the trial that, against Terry's wishes, he keeps practicing long past his bedtime.
S01E19 Sydney's Royal Parade 25/03/2015 It's a beautiful morning as Sydney and Zip practice their royal manners in preparation for the arrival of the grand Queen Josephine. But they aren't the only ones excited for the event.
S01E20 Tall Stories 26/03/2015 Hilton the young submarine has come to visit Bubble Bath Bay for the holidays and Terry suggests that Sydney and Zip give him a tour. Hilton is pretty unimpressed by what the two boats have to show him.
S01E21 A Very Ducky Day 27/03/2015 It's another beautiful day in Bubble Bath Bay as Sydney and Zip prepare to lead the Canoes to Morning Meeting. Before departing they do a quick count to make sure they're all present.
S01E22 Lost and Found 08/07/2015 Sydney and Zip have been kept up all night from an obnoxious party boat, blaring music long into the night. The next morning they wake to find the bay is covered in filth and debris from the careless boat.
S01E23 New Tricks 09/07/2015 Zip loves her new navigation device so much, she doesn't listen to Terry's lesson on navigating with the stars. When Sydney and Zip sneak out and get lost, Zip realises the value of lessons.
S01E24 Trash and Treasure 28/03/2015 The fleet are assembled for Morning Meeting. The last boat to arrive is Sydney, who is sluggishly trailing behind. Sydney's toolbox is full to the brim. Terry tells him it's dangerous to be overloaded.
S01E25 How Terry got his Groove Back 10/07/2015 When the fleet put on a concert, Terry gets to play the big bass note. But at rehearsal, all he does is parp! Terry is disheartened, what's blocking his funnel? A croaky little visitor, that's what!
S01E26 Worry Muddles 11/07/2015 When Muddles panics about the storm, he leads his cargo of clacking oysters straight into danger! Sydney and Zip must pull Muddles through his fear to deliver the oysters safe and sound.
S01E27 Making Muddles Merry 29/03/2015 During a game of Frisbee, Sydney and Zip notice a loud crash off in the distance. Muddles has dropped a large cargo container on the pier. He attempts to re-stack the containers but a big yawn causes him to drop them again!
S01E28 I Forget 30/03/2015 Sydney and Zip are playing a game with the Canoes when Jet roars past, splashing everyone with water. Jet wants to show off his new super powered engine by jumping over the canoes, which Terry is quick to put a stop to!
S01E29 When Zip Became Zap 12/07/2015
S01E30 Hot, Hot, Hot 31/03/2015 There's a heat wave in Bubble Bath Bay, and with no wind, Zip tows Sydney along to find some shade. Jet roars in with a cool 360-degree turn that makes an enormous wave. Zip has a go too but can only manage a small wave.
S01E31 Popstar Samira 13/07/2015
S01E32 Team Spirit 01/04/2015 It's carnival day in Bubble Bath Bay and boats from far and wide have come to enjoy the day. It's the start of the second last game of the day as Cleo, Jet, Min, Hilton, Sydney and Zip take their places on the starting line.
S01E33 Cleo's Big Find 14/07/2015
S01E34 Under the Weather 02/04/2015 It's Spring Race Day. The fleet are preparing the bay with decorations and racing lanes. Stormy distracted by all the decorations, doesn't notice Sydney and Zip racing ahead of her and crashes head first into Sydney's mast!
S01E35 Regatta at the Bay 15/07/2015
S01E36 Sailing School Rules 16/07/2015
S01E37 Major Hiccup 03/04/2015 It's an eerie night in Bubble Bath Bay as an unnatural, shrill, gurgling sound is echoing through the darkness. Sydney and Zip can't sleep, until Zip realises that the noise must be Stormy.
S01E38 Ruffled Feathers 17/07/2015
S01E39 Treasure Chest 18/07/2015
S01E40 Oh Barnacles! 19/07/2015 The fleet is looking its best as everyone prepares for Rodney's big award ceremony. As Rodney emerges from the water, the boats line up for inspection. As ship-shape as the boats seem, Rodney still finds something to nitpick.
S01E41 Perfect Stormy 20/07/2015
S01E42 Scaredy Boats 21/07/2015
S01E43 Coral Caves Campout 22/07/2015
S01E44 Sydney's Boat-Day 23/07/2015
S01E45 Iceberg Escape 24/07/2015
S01E46 Jet Ski Jumble 25/07/2015
S01E47 Spring Fever 26/07/2015
S01E48 Sub vs Seaplane 27/07/2015
S01E49 Treasure Hunt 28/07/2015
S01E50 Stormy at Sea 29/07/2015
S01E51 Shape Up 30/07/2015
S01E52 Sydney's Slip Up 31/07/2015

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