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  • 26 épisodes
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Budgie stars British Popstar Adam Faith as a petty crook Ronald "Budgie" Bird. He is forever delving into scams and get rich quick schemes which always ended in failure. This constantly got him into trouble with both the police and his underworld boss Charlie Endell played by Iain Cuthbertson.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Budgie

S01E01 Out 09/04/1971
S01E02 Some Mothers' Sons 16/04/1971
S01E03 Brains 23/04/1971
S01E04 Grandee Hotel 30/04/1971
S01E05 In Deep 07/05/1971
S01E06 Could Do Better 14/05/2001
S01E07 Best Mates 21/05/1971
S01E08 Everybody loves a Baby 28/05/1971
S01E09 A Pair of Charlies 04/06/1971
S01E10 Fiddler on the Hoof 1 11/06/1971
S01E11 Fiddler on the Hoof 2 18/06/1971
S01E12 Sunset Mansions 25/06/1971
S01E13 And in again 02/07/1971
S02E01 Dreaming of Thee 21/04/1972
S02E02 And the Lord taketh Away 28/04/1972
S02E03 Louie the Ring Is Dead and Buried in Kensal Green Cemetery 05/05/1972
S02E04 The Jump Up Boys 12/05/1972
S02E05 Our Story so far 19/05/1972
S02E06 Do Me a Favour 26/05/1972
S02E07 Glory of Fulham 02/06/1972
S02E08 24000 Ball Point Pens 09/06/1972
S02E09 King for a Day 16/06/1972
S02E10 The Outside Man 23/06/1972
S02E11 The Man Outside 30/06/1972
S02E12 Brief Encounter 07/07/1972
S02E13 Run Rabbit, Run Rabbit, Run, Run, Run 14/07/1972