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Buford is a smart but sleepy bloodhound who lives deep in the murky swamp county of Fenokee. He teams up with two teenagers, Cindy Mae and her older brother Woody, and the trio solves confusing mysteries that baffle Sheriff Muletrain Pettigrew and his overeager, but dimwitted deputy Goofer McGee. Buford's abilities are expanded with ears that revolve like radar dishes, and his nose responds to clues like a geiger counter; he also howls his heart out when the moon comes out and has a running feud with a brown raccoon. Nugget Nose is a short and feisty ghost prospector who finds adventure riding his invisible horse and is also a guardian to Wendy and Rita, two cowgirls who work at the Fuddy Dude Ranch whose owner is grouchy old Fenwick Fuddy. Nugget is always battling Fuddy and takes delight in harassing him in odd and humorous ways. Whenever the girls are in trouble, Wendy summons Nugget Nose by rubbing on her special nugget necklace.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Buford and the Galloping Ghost

S01E01 The Swamp Hermit (The Buford Files) 03/02/1979 Woody, Cindy Mae and Buford visit their friend Jeb Crowley in Fenokee Swamp but discover that he's been kidnapped; as they pick Jeb's trail, they rescue their friend and also capture two escaped convicts, the Swamp Brothers.
S01E02 Phantom of the Horse Opera (The Galloping Ghost) 03/02/1979 Wendy and Rita are star-struck with dreams of becoming movie stars when a movie producer visits the Fuddy Dude Ranch; Nugget Nose, worried that his girls will abandon him for Hollywood, begins causing trouble by trying to scare away the producer.
S01E03 The Vanishing Stallion (The Buford Files) 10/02/1979 Woody, Cindy Mae and Buford watch Nelly's stallion Cheetar mysteriously disappear during the Fenokee annual Steeple chase race; they follow the trail to a couple of crooks who snatched Cheetar for his value's worth.
S01E04 Too Many Crooks (The Galloping Ghost) 10/02/1979 A crook-on-the-loose seeks refuge at the Fuddy Dude Ranch; Wendy and Rita summon Nugget Nose to help save the day and capture the crook.
S01E05 The Swamp Saucer (The Buford Files) 17/02/1979 A mysterious UFO has been sighted in Fenokee Swamp; Woody, Cindy Mae and Buford get in contact with an Astro-chimp and then they proceed to thwart a gang trying to steal a valuable space satellite generator.
S01E06 Sagebrush Sergeant (The Galloping Ghost) 17/02/1979 Mr. Fuddy's sister, a tough army sergeant, arrives at the ranch and starts Fuddy and the girls on a rigid schedule of exercise and work.
S01E07 The Man with Orange Hair (The Buford Files) 24/02/1979 At the Fenokee Sports Palace, a pair of silver jewelled ice skates are stolen by a mysterious performer with orange hair; Woody, Cindy Mae and Buford do a thorough search exposing the announcer and the light director as the thieves.
S01E08 Bad News Bear (The Galloping Ghost) 24/02/1979 During the annual health safety inspection, Wendy, Rita and Nugget Nose try to prevent Mr. Fuddy and a visiting safety inspector from discovering a wandering grizzly bear hiding out at the Fuddy Dude Ranch.
S01E09 The Demon of Ur (The Buford Files) 03/03/1979 Deputy Goofer fails to safeguard a demon statue of Ur which disappears from a train bound from Tecusah to Fenokee Community Center; Woody, Cindy Mae and Buford's investigation reveals the thieves winched the statue out with a camouflaged crane.
S01E10 Robot Round-Up (The Galloping Ghost) 03/03/1979 Wendy and Rita are worried that they might lose their jobs when Mr. Fuddy hires a robot to work at the Fuddy Dude Ranch for a free one-week trial; with Nugget Nose's help, the girls attempt to sabotage the robot.
S01E11 The Missing Bank (The Buford Files) 10/03/1979 Deputy Goofer delivers $10 million to the bank in an armored car, but the bank president claims he hasn't received the money; Woody, Cindy Mae and Buford discover that a mysterious road detour sign and disguises were used to intercept the money.
S01E12 Pests in the West (The Galloping Ghost) 10/03/1979
S01E13 Scare in the Air (The Buford Files) 17/03/1979 At a Fenokee air show, Buford gets caught in a near plane crashing accident and next comes an amphibious plane out of control and going missing; Sheriff Muletrain arrests the pilot, who had attempted to hijack the amphibious plane.
S01E14 Rock Star Nuggie (The Galloping Ghost) 17/03/1979 Nugget Nose becomes jealous of Wendy and Rita's fawning over a visiting rock star and he begins causing trouble to get him to leave the Fuddy Dude Ranch.
S01E15 Buford and the Beauty (The Buford Files) 24/03/1979 Woody, Cindy Mae and Buford go to see a movie being filmed in Fenokee County starring a show-dog named Duchess who is stolen for ransom; Buford rescues his beloved Duchess while Woody and Cindy Mae expose the dognapper.
S01E16 Frontier Fortune Teller (The Galloping Ghost) 24/03/1979 Wendy and Rita seek Nugget Nose's help when a couple of thieves posing as phony fortune tellers plot to steal Mr. Fuddy's furniture from his Dude Ranch.
S01E17 Peril in the Park (The Buford Files) 31/03/1979 Woody, Cindy Mae and Buford visit the local amusement park to look for summer jobs, but the place is closing down; an investigation reveals that the real estate Shafter is responsible for sabotaging the rides in order to drive the owner out of business and get the park sold.
S01E18 I Want My Mummy (The Galloping Ghost) 31/03/1979 It's double trouble at the Fuddy Dude Ranch costume party with Wendy disguised as the mummy Queen Tut Tut, a rejuvenated ancient female Egyptian ruler.
S01E19 The Magic Whammy (The Buford Files) 07/04/1979 Woody, Cindy Mae and Buford attend the Great Zambini Magic Show while banks in Fenokee are mysteriously being robbed without any sign of a break-in; the bank robberies have been committed by Zambini, who specializes in hypnotism.
S01E20 Mr. Sunshine's Eclipse (The Galloping Ghost) 07/04/1979 Wendy and Rita summon Nugget Nose to scare away Mr. Sunshine, an annoying TV prankster who is on vacation at the Fuddy Dude Ranch.
S01E21 The Haunting of Swamp Manor (The Buford Files) 14/04/1979 Woody, Cindy Mae and Buford venture in the old Grimsley Mansion which is being haunted by the ghost of Jedediah Grimsley, a Confederate general; the whole scare scene was to cover up a counterfeiting activity.
S01E22 Klondike Kate (The Galloping Ghost) 14/04/1979 Nugget Nose is reunited with Klondike Kate – a female ghost girlfriend from his past – whom he had promised to marry if he struck gold.
S01E23 The Case of the Missing Gator (The Buford Files) 21/04/1979 Jeb Crowley has lost his pet alligator, Gertrude, and smugglers in the swamp are after some stolen diamonds; once Gertrude is found, the diamond smugglers are arrested.
S01E24 A Ghost of a Chance (The Galloping Ghost) 21/04/1979 When a millionaire guest offers $1 million to prove that ghosts exist at the Fuddy Dude Ranch, Mr. Fuddy goes to great lengths to try and capture Nugget Nose
S01E25 Don't Monkey with Buford (The Buford Files) 28/04/1979 Woody, Cindy Mae and Buford are invited to the circus by Duchess; when Duchess' diamond collar gets stolen during the parade, the chimp trainer is suspected but the real thief is the stilt walker who wore a chimp costume.
S01E26 Elmo the Great (The Galloping Ghost) 28/04/1979 Wendy and Rita buy a horse named Elmo as a surprise birthday gift for Mr. Fuddy, but the troublesome horse becomes too much for Fuddy to handle.