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Set in the fictional town of Halwapur, Pakistan, the Burka Avenger follows the adventures of the school teacher-cum-superheroine Jiya dressed in a Ninja like Baku fighting using books and pens to protect the village school from closing.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Burka Avenger

S01E01 Importance of Education for All 28/07/2013 The girls' school is shut down by the evil Baba Bandook. Girls can no longer have access to education and their future is doomed. Burka Avenger comes to the rescue and battles Baba Bandook and his henchmen. The school is reopened and a mega concert takes place. Girls' schools being shut down by extremist elements is a real life issue in Pakistan.
S01E02 Maintaining Inner Peace in the Face of Adversity 28/07/2013 How to show courage in the face of adversity.
S01E03 Superstition and Child Labor (Part I) 11/08/2013 A man disguised as a Monster has been kidnapping children taking them to a child labour factory (Haunted House) where evil Baba Bandook hypnotizes them. When Mooli goes missing, Burka Avenger must confront the moster as the children try to get to the bottom of the mystery.
S01E04 Superstition and Child Labor (Part II) 18/08/2013 Burka Avenger is trapped by Baba Bandook at a child labor factory disguised as a Haunted House. The kidnapped children have been hypnotized by Baba Bandook and are working as slaves. To save the day, Ashu and Immu must overcome their fears and come to Burka Avenger's rescue. After Baba Bandook has been defeated, the Monster is revealed to be a man in a mask and the haunted house just a regular factory. However the kidnapped children are still hypnotized and nothing breaks the spell until famous rock star Ali Zafar sings.
S01E05 Importance of Family and Making the Right Choices 25/08/2013 Mooli runs away from home with Golu in tow after being admonished by his parents. He must come to terms with a life on the run. Meanwhile Baba Bandook unveils his super weapon, the Roobot Zalimnator 2.0. Mooli finds an unlikely friend in Roobot. Mooli realizes his mistake and returns home to his family and friends. Roobot Zalimantor's terror chip is activated and he attacks Immu and Ashu, Mooli must make the hard choice between saving his old friends or destroying his new friend forever.
S01E06 Protecting the Environment 01/09/2013 Vadero Pajero's factory which is spewing toxic waste into the river. The water becomes polluted, plants die and animals mutate due to the toxic waste. Vadero Pajero forces his peon to drink the toxic waste which turns him into a mutated monster with four arms. Kabadi Jaan creates an antidote. Burka Avenger must stop the toxic factory but first she must fight the mutated peon.
S01E07 Using resources responsibly 08/09/2013 Vadero Pajero is stealing the electricity in HalwaPur. The kids are unable to study due to excessive power-cuts. Baba Bandook needs electricity to run his army of mini Roobots. He teams up with Vadero Pajero sucking up all of Halwaypur's electricity and creating a blackout in the city. Before the kids and Burka Avenger can shut down the factory and restore power, they must fight the seven evil mini Roobots.
S01E08 Importance of Books and Knowledge 15/09/2013 Baba Bandook and his henchmen steal every single book in halwapur. His reasons are twofold one. So that he alone will hold all the knowledge and secondly without books Burka Avenger will be Weaponless. Baba Bandook places all of Halwapur's books including Burka Avenger takht kabaddi; book in a giant pile and plans to burns them in a huge bonfire. The children are in grave danger. Burka avenger must rescue them and stop the bonfire without the help of her books.
S01E09 Don't Judge a Book or Burka by Its Cover 22/09/2013 Baba Bandook Has created the the Burkanator, a robotic doppelganger of the Burka Avenger. The Burkanator commits evil acts turning the people of Halwapur against the Burka Avenger. Disheartened, the Burka Avenger hangs up her burka disguise for good and vows to leave her crime fighting days behind her. With Burka Avenger out of the way, Baba Bandook has free reign to destroy the city. Burka Avenger's adopted father and mentor Kabadi Jaan must expose the truth behind the burkanator.
S01E10 Equality and Discrimination 29/09/2013 Vadero Pajero wants to drive out the Mooli family from their farm so that he can build a two star hotel on that location. He hires Baba Bandook to turn the people of Halwapur against the Mooli family through the use of discrimination. The Mooli family is told they are "different" and must leave Halwapur forever. Multi-cultural international Pop Band JOSH comes to the rescue with a song of friendship and an anti-discrimination message.
S01E11 Importance of Music 06/10/2013 Babab Bandook hates music and dance and invents the Music Exterminator Gun . All music from Halwapur disappears leaving the people depressed. People realize how important music is in their lives and how much they miss it once it's gone. Miss Jiya explains to her class how learning to play musical instruments sharpens the mind and how important music is for our culture and society. Burka Avenger finds a musical way to destroy the music terminating gun.
S01E12 Learning from Experience 13/10/2013 Episode 12 is the Flashback Episode. The kids are enjoying their summer holidays where the kids are sitting around the fire discussing how the year changed them and how Halwapur was affected by both good and evil by the arrival of Baba Bandook and Burka Avenger into their lives. They recount some of the tales of adventure over the past year and realize how important it is to learn from past experiences.
S01E13 The Dangers of Weapons 20/10/2013 Miss Jiya teaches her school children about the dangers of guns and weapons. Meanwhile Baba Bandook builds the ultimate weapon of mass destruction, the doomsday machine, to destroy halwapur once and for all. The doomsday machine has a giant hammer that demolishes buildings and when slammed into the ground causes earthquakes. The people of Halwapur panic thinking it's a natural disaster. Burka Avenger defeats the doomsday machine in an epic battle to save the town of Halwapur.