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Busy Buses is about a group of eight buses who work the routes of a little town called Chumley for their manager, Mr. Spector. Together, Sammy the School Bus and his other bus friends have all sorts of fun and exciting adventures, help each other out in difficult situations and most of all work together as a family.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Busy Buses

S01E01 Sammy Meets A Monster 00/00/0000 Late one night, Sammy decides to take the road that travels through Chumley Park to reach home but comes across something he has never seen before; something big, loud, and alive!
S01E02 Stephanie and The Queen 00/00/0000 Stephanie is chosen by Mr. Spector to carry the Queen who shall be arriving in Chumley! However, not everything is as it seems¦
S01E03 Harry Gets Spooked 00/00/0000 Harry is to take passengers to the 'old ruined castle' but after being fuelled up to head off Harry doesn't realise that he has left his petrol cap open! When it's time to take the passengers back home his fuel tank is of course completely empty, and it's getting dark, and spooky.
S01E04 Colin Needs A Bath 00/00/0000 Colin arrives back at the bus shed one day and unfortunately for the other buses' noses stinks! Sammy however comes up with a clever idea to make Colin clean again without him even noticing it! This is splendid because as everyone knows, Colin doesn't like to have a bath very often!
S01E05 Sammy Nearly Takes Off 00/00/0000 Sammy wishes he could be an airport bus instead of a school bus so he could see an airplane close up. Little does he know that his wish just might come true.
S01E06 Arnold Gets Lost 00/00/0000 Arnold doesn't have such a good memory anymore due to his old age. This leads to him making a right pickle of himself one day when he's sure that he's traveling down the right route to his destination.
S01E07 Stephanie's Bumpy Day 00/00/0000 The Chumley train system is temporarily out of use and so it's up to Stephanie to help out and save the day by picking up the stranded passengers at the train station. Stephanie however becomes confused and thinks that she, herself, has to drive along the railway line!
S01E08 Sammy's First Day At School 00/00/0000 The holidays are over and it's time for Sammy to start the school route again. After all of Sammy's excitement for seeing his children chums again he becomes brainwashed and forgets all his other routes for the day and only remembers when Mr. Spector reminds him on more than one occasion that is!
S01E09 Stephanie Gets Soaked 00/00/0000 When Stephanie is having a bath in the coach wash one morning, it breaks down leaving soapsuds all over her. She refuses to move because she simply just wouldn't want to be seen in such a state. Sammy, unexpectedly, solves the dilemma later that day...
S01E10 Susan Runs Away 00/00/0000 Susan becomes distracted by an attraction in town and parks to watch but ends up copping a parking ticket for parking where vehicles are not allowed. Susan is upset that all the other buses will give her a hard time about it and that Mr. Spector will be cross. So later, she runs away, into the black of night.
S01E11 Arnold In A Tight Spot 00/00/0000 Arnold's poor memory fails him yet again when he thinks that a road he is traveling down is a "shortcut" but instead finds himself wedged under a railway bridge that is too low for a doubledecker bus such as himself to pass beneath.
S01E12 Arnold's Special Passenger 00/00/0000 It's the last day of school before Christmas and everyone is looking really forward to the holidays, well, almost everyone apart from the some of the buses who complain that they'll have extra passengers to pull! Later it is learnt Father Christmas will be coming to visit Chumley and soon all spirits are brightened for whom is grumpy. But who will be the bus to carry the jolly old man in red?
S01E13 Sammy In The Snow 00/00/0000 Overconfident Sammy thinks that he couldn't possibly get stuck in the snow, but he does now of course doesn't he? But will anyone find him in such a remote spot where he has gotten stuck?
S01E14 Roger Slips Up 00/00/0000 Roger gets stuck in some snow at the airport but is lent a helping hand thanks to some rather unlikely circumstances.
S01E15 Susan Goes Pink 00/00/0000 Susan wishes people would notice her a bit more. She decides to alter her appearance by going for a "new look" and certainly does get noticed but for all the wrong reasons!
S01E16 Arnold's Brother Archie 00/00/0000 Archie, Arnold's younger brother arrives from London to help out with the work in Chumley. He acts quite a big shot so Sammy encourages Arnold to pay him out.
S01E17 Sammy Has A Paddle 00/00/0000 After having a big play at the beach, Sammy becomes tired and falls asleep with the high tide fast approaching behind him!
S01E18 Roger Meets His Chums 00/00/0000 Roger meets his old bus friends from the war days for a reunion at Chumley Airport.
S01E19 Arnold Gets A New Coat 00/00/0000 Arnold tries to take a "shortcut" to get home quicker; but the poor old chap's memory fails him once more and ends up smashing into the paint factory!
S01E20 Frank Comes To Visit 00/00/0000 An American bus called Frank comes to do a special tourist route for a day in Chumley but is so big that he can barely move along the tight and narrow country lanes!
S01E21 Stephanie's Bossy Day 00/00/0000 The buses are relieved that Stephanie will be temporarily leaving Chumley for a while taking her bossiness with her! But her replacement for the time being, to the other buses' disappointment, turns out to be even bossier!
S01E22 Sammy Wins The Day 00/00/0000 Sammy cops some cheek from some other bigger and older buses he doesn't know at a school sports day for being little but later proves himself to them thanks to some helpful advice from Roger and Arnold that he was given earlier that day.
S01E23 Arnold Gets Sick 00/00/0000 Sammy finds no one at the bus shed one day except for Arnold who doesn't look right at all! He's dirty, his bonnet is open and his eyes are closed. Sammy becomes very worried and upset at this. What could be wrong?
S01E24 Mr. Spector's Flowers 00/00/0000 Sammy overhears Mr. Spector talking on the telephone and it sounds to him as if Mr. Spector will be having to get rid of some of the Busy Buses!
S01E25 Sammy & The Wrong Day 00/00/0000 Sammy rushes out to start his school route for the day. Unfortunately for him, there are no children waiting at the bus stops anywhere!
S01E26 Sammy The Acrobatic Bus 00/00/0000 Sammy and Colin accidentally get locked out of the bus shed one night, unknown to Mr. Spector. However, the two friends come up with an ingenious method to get their good night's sleep that they so rightly deserve!
S01E27 Sammy's Midnight Adventure 00/00/0000
S01E28 Sammy's New Friend 00/00/0000
S01E29 The Football Match 00/00/0000
S01E30 Busy Bangers 00/00/0000
S01E31 Sammy The Stunt Bus 00/00/0000
S01E32 A Day On The Farm 00/00/0000
S01E33 Sammy Becomes A Scout 00/00/0000
S01E34 Stephanie Loses Her Nerve 00/00/0000
S01E35 A Muddy Day 00/00/0000
S01E36 Sammy Gets Taller 00/00/0000
S01E37 One Eyed Roger 00/00/0000
S01E38 Rick The Racing Bus 00/00/0000
S01E39 The Big Parade 00/00/0000
S02E01 00/00/0000
S02E02 00/00/0000
S02E03 00/00/0000
S02E04 00/00/0000
S02E05 00/00/0000
S02E06 00/00/0000
S02E07 00/00/0000
S02E08 00/00/0000
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S02E10 00/00/0000
S02E11 00/00/0000
S02E12 00/00/0000
S02E13 00/00/0000

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