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BUYING THE BAYOU proves the real estate market in the south is bursting with properties as extraordinary as its people and culture. Transporting viewers deep into the swamps, marshes, and waterways of America’s Gulf Coast to see houses that simply can’t be found anywhere else in the country, each episode combines Cajun real estate agents and quirky clients to create irresistible television gumbo. Watch people go head-over-heels for the swampfront shack of their dreams – whether it’s an alligator farm or converted fishing boat. The clients explore three properties from top to bottom while risking run-ins with gators and nutria. After weighing the pros and cons of each home, they’ll decide which property meets their needs, budgets, and Bayou dreams.


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S01E01 Gator Boys 07/09/2013 Best friends Duck, Lathan, and Flip are avid gator hunters but are growing tired of traveling each weekend to their favorite place to enjoy bayou living. This year, they’re willing to do whatever it takes to buy a home if they can hunt gators right out their back door.
S01E02 Floating Homes 07/09/2013 Bryan Fassbender and Stephanie Robichaux are self-described work-a-holics who just want to have a weekend houseboat escape on the Pearl River. They are willing to live off the grid to have the water be their back yard. For them, there’s nothing better than being able to move the house up and down The River to get a change of scenery.
S01E03 Cajun Fixer Uppers 14/09/2013 David and Jackie love bayou life in Mississippi. With their two sons away at college, it makes sense to downsize on the water. They love to add their creative touch so they’re looking for a fixer upper with beautiful views of the wetlands that they can make their own.
S01E04 Catfish Kings 14/09/2013 Jack “Catfish” Clampit and his daughter, Amanda, love hand-grabbing catfish, but no longer want to haul their boat to Lake D’Arbonne, in northern Louisiana. Now that Amanda is encouraging her son to follow in her father’s footsteps, it looks like noodling may become a family affair. And there’s no better way to pass on the tradition than finding the perfect fishing camp to accommodate the growing Clampit clan…and their appetite for catfish.
S01E05 Starter Homes 21/09/2013 Josh recently graduated from Louisiana Tech university and got his first job. Since he loves fishing and duck hunting, Josh, with his best friend's help, is looking for a first starter home that offers prime property for outdoor entertainment.
S01E06 Boaters Beware 28/09/2013 A couple look at three unusual homes in Louisiana, hoping to find a place to accommodate their large number of boats and their love of fixer-uppers.
S01E07 Hurricane Homes 05/10/2013 Hurricanes are a concern for a couple looking for a waterfront property that can withstand strong winds.
S01E08 Beach vs. Bayou 12/10/2013 A couple search for a weekend getaway on the water, considering options both near the beach and the bayou.
S01E09 Airboat Action 19/10/2013 A family search for an airboat-accessible home in Louisiana.
S01E10 Bayou Millionaires 26/10/2013 Two self-made millionaires look to upgrade their living space, but at the same time they want to stay true to their Southern roots.
S01E11 Cruisin' for a Bruisin' 02/11/2013 Jill and Marvin look for the perfect floating home on Belle River that will get them back to their bayou roots.
S01E12 Cajun Bahamas 02/11/2013 Mike and Kim are looking for a home away from home, a Cajun camp where they can throw down and have a good ol' time. And the best places you can only get to by boat. Join these two as they cross lakes and rivers to find a perfect bayou
S01E13 Bayou Baby 09/11/2013 A bayou couple return to their native Houma, La., to raise their baby in a waterfront home.
S01E14 Gumbo Shacks 09/11/2013 A chef and his father look for a camp where they can catch speckled trout right in their backyard.
S01E15 Gator Country 27/01/2014 Three best friends who are avid gator hunters are looking to buy a place in the premiere of this real-estate series, which features people searching for their dream home in the swamps, marshes, and waterways of America's Gulf Coast.
S01E16 Floating Fish Camps 27/01/2014 A pair of workaholics look for a houseboat retreat on the Pearl River.
S01E17 All Terrain Livin 03/02/2014 Josh and Tiffany Chambless grew up living the bayou lifestyle and spending any spare moment exploring the swamps on their ATVs. Now, they have a one-year-old daughter, Chloe, and they’re looking for a place that’s good for the baby and for four-wheeling.
S01E18 Million Dollar Manor 03/02/2014 Floyd and Robin Foti are living the American Dream. They started out living in a trailer, selling crawfish out of a truck. But, with hard work, the business grew to become a massive food market. Now they’re looking for a million dollar home!
S01E19 Huntin' for a Bargain 10/02/2014 A family who raise Catahoula Cur hunting dogs in Northeast Louisiana need a bigger house with plenty of land in order to expand their booming business.
S01E20 Wake Zone Getaway 17/02/2014 A couple who own a fishing boat look at a house that's difficult to reach on an island and tour a mainland property that wasn't built for average-size people.
S01E21 Cajun Cabins 24/02/2014 Mike and Kim look for a bayou party house to be their home away from home.
S01E22 Waterfront Getaway 09/03/2014 Ross and Sarah discover a remote house on an island and a property on the mainland.
S01E23 Mississippi High Rise 16/03/2014 For Matthew and Lindsey, summers on Mississippi’s Lake Mary is a family tradition and now they’re looking for a camp of their own. Lake Mary houses can flood, so the couple is looking for a high rise home, lifted 20 feet off the ground!
S01E24 Redneck Riviera 23/03/2014 Spear fisherman Clay and his girlfriend Jackie are looking for their first home together around Pensacola, Florida, an area where the bayou meets the beach, known as the Redneck Riviera.
S01E25 Beaches, Bayous, Backwoods 23/03/2014 Jamie and his fiancée Brandi are looking for a home to start their life together near the Cajun Tropics of Gulf Shores, Alabama. But there’s one problem - Jamie wants a house on the bayou, but Brandi prefers the beach. Which one will they choose?
S01E26 Backwoods Paradise 23/03/2014 Life in the bayou is all about family and passing down traditions. Blane is looking for a place where he can spend quality time with his teenage daughter, Kendall, doing what their family does best - hunting.
S01E27 Mud Loving Camps 30/03/2014 Trey and Jacob are two best friends who want to buy a backwoods getaway home for themselves and their families. They discover properties where the fields have been flooded to attract wild birds and a plantation overrun with raccoons!
S01E28 Burbs to the Bayou 06/04/2014 Marty and Shelly grew up in the backwoods of the Mississippi bayou. But recently they’ve been stuck in the suburbs. So now they’re looking for a new home that will get them back into wilderness, where they can teach their children the bayou way of life.
S01E29 Biloxi Jackpot 13/04/2014 Childhood sweethearts, Rowdy and Stevi, want to move into a starter home on the bayou. They love the excitement of nightlife and gambling so they’re looking for a house close to Biloxi’s casinos.
S01E32 Water Highways 04/05/2014 David and Blair love getting out on the waters of the Louisiana Bayou, so they want a weekend waterfront getaway home. But these houses come with their own hassles - like taking a boat to your car on the mainland when you need to shop for groceries.
S01E33 Striking It Rich 11/05/2014 Carter and his wife want a million dollar home on the waters of the Mississippi bayou.

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