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This classic period drama series follows the fortunes of the aristocratic Lacey family, living peacefully in Arnescote Castle until the onset of the English Civil War in 1640. Sir Martin Lacey, the head of the family, is steadfastly loyal to the King. However the family is torn apart when his eldest daughter Anne weds John Fletcher - son of a merchant family who support the forces of Cromwell.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de By The Sword Divided

S01E01 Gather Ye Rosebuds 16/10/1983 There is great excitement surrounding the arrival of John Fletcher at Arnescote Castle. His father and Lord Lacey have a heated discussion about the wedding dowry.
S01E02 This War Without an Enemy 23/10/1983 The King dramatically makes several arrests for treason in the House of Commons. While out riding Lucinda meets Prince Rupert on his way to visit Sir Martin.
S01E03 The Sound of Drums 30/10/1983 Anne returns to the castle to collect her belongings and has a sad parting with her father. Lord Lacey is badly wounded fighting and a cousin, Susan Protheroe, arrives seeking refuge.
S01E04 A Silver Moon 06/11/1983 Lucinda is rude to the King because of her sense of justice - she then embarks on a successful adventure posing as 'Luke' Lacey and redeems herself.
S01E05 The Edge of the Sword 13/11/1983 Arnescote is commandeered by Captain Marsh, a Cavalry Officer for Cromwell's Parliament. Sir Martin feels let down by the King and cousin Susan betrays the family.
S01E06 Outrageous Fortune 20/11/1983 Dick Skinner returns to Arnescote with tales of pillaging in Swinford. Tom goes there and brings his sister Anne home despite her angry protests. Lucinda receives advice from the King.
S01E07 A Sea of Dangers 27/11/1983 Tom is anxious about the castle's security and calls for more diligence. Anne gives birth then bids a sad farewell to Arnescote. Hugh Brandon performs a 'valiant commission' for Sir Martin.
S01E08 Ring of Fire 04/12/1983 Arnescote is surrounded and is under siege by the Roundheads. Sam Saltmarsh brings shame on his family by being a turncoat and Susan Protheroe is re-acquainted with Colonel Marsh.
S01E09 Ashes to Ashes 11/12/1983 Sir Martin's funeral brings with it more family and political discord. Colonel Marsh is holding Arnescote's inhabitants hostage and the future of the castle is looking grim.
S01E10 Not Peace But a Sword 18/12/1983 The Fletchers return to Arnescote as the new owners but life is not as they expected. Cousin Susan gets shocking news from Colonel Marsh. Edward has a plan to get Tom out of the Tower.
S02E01 Conflicts 06/01/1985 1645: Arnescote Castle, home to the mid-seventeenth century Lacey family, is now in the hands of Parliamentarian John Fletcher and his wife Anne.
S02E02 Cruel Necessity 13/01/1985 1649: The trial and execution of Charles I seems to have put an end to the Royalist cause.
S02E03 Cromwell at Arnescote 20/01/1985 1649: The Fletchers receive Oliver Cromwell at Arnescote, unaware of the dangers involved.
S02E04 Witch Hunt 27/01/1985 1650: Henry Snelling, a witch-finder, arrives at Arnescote Castle and spreads suspicion and distrust that leads to strained relations between John and Anne.
S02E05 Escape 03/02/1985 1651: King Charles II, defeated at the Battle of Worcester, seeks sanctuary at Arnescote and is treated kindly, before attempting to escape into exile.
S02E06 Fateful Days 10/02/1985 1653: Arnescote's 'singing boy' Hugh Brandon discovers his true identity and is horrified to discover who his birth mother is.
S02E07 Forlorn Hope 17/02/1985 1655: Sir Thomas Lacey is involved in an uprising plot to recapture Arnescote Castle. Sir Austin Fletcher stands firm.
S02E08 The Mailed Fist 24/02/1985 1657: Martin Fletcher is caught brawling with the village boys and Anne is summoned to London by her husband, John, to discuss his suspicions.
S02E09 Retribution 03/03/1985 1658: Cromwell is on his deathbed. Tom Lacey meets with his twin, Anne, to discuss her affair with Horton and finally proposes to Frances.
S02E10 Restoration 10/03/1985 1660: With the restoration of King Charles II, John Fletcher is brought to trial as a regicide. Tom is surprised to be honoured as a Baron by the King.

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