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Holly Aldrige is a young American living on her own in France. Although she doesn't speak any of the language (which causes trouble for her frequently) she finds a job working as a waitress in a small cafe. At the cafe she meets a strange assortment of characters from around the world. She gradually comes to be friends with them and starts to find her place in her new home.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Cafe Americain

S01E01 (pilot) 18/09/1993 A ditzy American finds refuge at the Café Americain when the disappointments of her new life in Paris threaten to overwhelm her.
S01E02 Le Confidence Game 25/09/1993 Chaos erupts at the cafe after Holly is left in charge when Margaret is called away.
S01E03 Weekend at Holly's 02/10/1993 Holly helps Fabiana hide from her boyfriend, but the Italian supermodel soon outstays her welcome.
S01E04 The Language of Really Good Friends 09/10/1993 Holly asks Marcel for help with her French, but he soon declares she's hopeless.
S01E05 Happy Birthday to Moi 16/10/1993 Holly tries to hide her birthday from her new friends so they won't feel obligated to celebrate.
S01E06 Every Picture Tells a Story ... Don't It? 23/10/1993 Holly sets out to prove that Margaret is telling the truth about being the woman in a famous old photograph.
S01E07 Home Alone 06/11/1993 Holly's interest in Marcel is thwarted when Fabiana consoles a depressed Marcel over their respective failed romances.
S01E08 There's No Business Like Show Business 13/11/1993 Helping struggling actress Fabiana rehearse a love scene for her first film role, Marcel and Holly get caught up in the moment.
S01E09 ... And Giblets for All 20/11/1993 Holly struggles to throw a genuine American Thanksgiving dinner for her Parisian friends.
S01E10 Toast of the Town 27/11/1993 Holly tries to help Paris-phobe Steve give his visiting boss a unique tour of the city in hopes of winning himself a ticket home.
S01E11 Mommy Dearest 11/12/1993 When an immigration inspector arrrives at the cafe, an illegal Holly claims to be Margaret's daughter.
S01E12 Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly 18/12/1993 Unable to go home for the holidays, Holly accepts Marcel's invitation to accompany him home for a French Christmas at his family's estate. But a jealous former fiancé makes life hard for the American.
S01E13 The Dating Game 04/01/1994 Marcel's hurt when Holly refuses to date him but goes out on a date with a handsome photographer.
S01E14 Le Date 11/01/1994 When Holly and Marcel finally go out on a date, Holly's too sick to enjoy herself.
S01E15 All about Kelly 18/01/1994 Holly impulsively takes a penniless American girl under her wing, but finds Kelly's youth, writing talent and fluency in French are making her feel second-rate.
S01E16 Love the One You're With 08/02/1994 Valentine's Day has everyone in a frenzy as Holly tries to make Marcel jealous, Margaret avoids her infatuated but misled penpal, and Madame Ybarra ends her mourning.
S01E17 Oh, Brother 28/05/1994 Marcel's perfect brother pays a visit, driving Marcel wild with worry that his impressive sibling will steal Holly.
S01E18 The Fashion Show 28/05/1994 Backstage at Fabiana's fashion show, Holly's impressed by the glamour and Macel's overwhelmed by the models but the cost of both is brought home to them when Fabiana collapses from starvation.