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If someone has a critter problem in Kentucky, they know Ernie Brown Jr. is the man to call. Nicknamed ``Turtleman'' for his uncanny ability to catch monster snapping turtles, Brown also handles raccoons, skunks, snakes, venomous spiders, possums and many other wild animal species, and by ``handles'' we mean literally. He uses his bare hands to catch his prey, a self-taught style he has honed over years of bonding with animals in the deep wilderness where he lives. This series tracks Turtleman's one-of-a-kind ways he uses to rid businesses and homeowners of potentially deadly pests.


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S01E01 Dirty Jobs 06/11/2011 In the series premiere, a farmers cows are getting attacked in a nearby cooling pond and emerge with missing udders; the culprits: snapping turtles. Ernie is happy to jump in but the pond is overflowing with manure.
S01E02 Groundhog Day 06/11/2011 The turtle man meets his match against his bare hand tactics- a skunk. Hiding under layers upon layers of clothes is his only defense.
S01E03 Possum Poltergeist 13/11/2011 When a local radio host challenges Turtleman to venture deep into the haunted woods of Kentucky and evict a school of venomous reptiles and rabid rodents, he is sent on a wild adventure to protect his Blue Grass name and legend.
S01E04 The Turtles of Alcatraz Pond 13/11/2011 Turtleman receives news that one of his top rescue ponds is scheduled to be bulldozed in a matter of hours. But this isn't just any rescue pond. Nicknamed "Alcatraz," it's where he has released the 12 most ferocious snapping turtles he's ever encountered.
S01E05 Fort Rattlesnake 20/11/2011 Turtleman spots a vicious raccoon at an old trading post and must remove the creature without damaging the historic structure. It's man vs. beast and whoever makes the first mistake will decide the future of one of the last standing stores of its kind.
S01E06 Turtle Boot Camp 20/11/2011 A farmer's hens are mysteriously disappearing from his chicken coop, and Turtleman's called in to catch the mysterious predator.
S01E07 Trapped Underground 27/11/2011 Turtleman races against the clock to save a calf that's fallen down a deep sinkhole and is in distress. Something is lurking in the Wilkins family pond — an animal so big, it broke the line Mrs. Wilkins set to trap it.
S01E08 The Snake Pit 04/12/2011 Turtleman hears of a job in North Carolina — a man's duck pond is being terrorized by turtles. Just a routine job until he finds out this call has come from David Ragan, one of the biggest stars of Turtleman's favorite sport: NASCAR.
S01E09 Nightmare at Poachers Pond 11/12/2011 Turtleman and his crew stage a daring night rescue to save turtles threatened by a band of poachers. Things don't get much brighter when a nuisance call requires Turtleman to descend 30 feet into an underground spring to remove a mysterious animal.
S01E10 The Bayou Beast 18/12/2011 Backwoods meets the bayou when Turtleman and Neal take a road trip down to Louisiana to investigate a mysterious predator locals call the "Beast of the Bayou." Armadillos burrows are destroying the foundation of a family's home.
S01E11 Danger in the Distillery 25/12/2011 A family of possums invades a historic Kentucky bourbon distillery and Ernie might be in danger. Later, turkeys create chaos in a corn maze by attacking kids.
S01E12 Dilapidated Death Trap 25/12/2011 Ernie and his team are asked to clear a wide variety of critters out of an abandon house; a families house is overrun with more rats then they thought.
S02E01 Miner Threat 03/06/2012
S02E02 Killer at Shaker Village 03/06/2012 Kentucky's Shaker Village is home to a bird sanctuary, but this church has got a new mystery member, and it's practicing blood sacrifice! Then, signs of a home invasion are becoming too much for one family to ignore, and Turtleman is their only hope.
S02E03 Santa Claws 10/06/2012 A hedgehog at a local petting zoo turns up dead, with only a pair of tooth marks left as evidence. Then, local realtors are planning an open house for a historic Kentucky mansion when a critter with a taste for pastries undermines their selling attempts.
S02E04 Beehive Massacre 10/06/2012 A bachelor auction has a treat for its bidders when Turtleman shows up as the prize of the party. Three ladies pool their money to win a date with the Turtleman, and he meets them for a date at one of his favorite haunts: a pond full of snapping turtles!
S02E05 Speedway Demons 17/06/2012
S02E06 Hell Hog 24/06/2012 Turtleman's back in New Orleans and teaming up with John "Hogman" Schmidt. Wild hogs are posing a direct threat to a real estate developer's property. Then, shrimper Big Sexy's livelihood is at stake when a pack of muskrats prevent him from setting sail.
S02E07 French Quarter Coyote 01/07/2012
S02E08 Baby Mama Drama 08/07/2012
S02E09 Jaws of Hell 15/07/2012 The Turtle Team is going back to college to clean up a host of gnarly critters that have moved into a frat house. A snapping turtle attacks a local preacher's congregants during a baptism in a pond, and the ceremony can't resume without Turtleman's help.
S02E10 Trailer Park Stink Bomb 22/07/2012
S02E11 Night of the Digging Dead 29/07/2012 A local cemetery is being disrespected by a canine whose cunning is matched only by its beauty. An emu farmer has lost one of his prized birds and despite no experience with these exotic animals, Turtleman agrees to find it.
S02E12 Sawmill Slasher 05/08/2012 Turtle Team Jake's wood-supplier is forced to shut down after a mysterious critter chews through the sawmill's wiring. Turtleman makes a last-ditch effort to clear the studio of snakes before a Kentucky bluegrass legend arrives for his instrument.
S02E13 Tee'd Off Turtles 19/08/2012
S02E14 Pig Wallow Predator 26/08/2012
S02E15 Killer in the Cavern 03/09/2012
S02E16 Fairground Fiasco 03/09/2012
S02E17 Holler Day Cheer 16/12/2012
S03E01 Mama Llama Drama 02/06/2013 In the season premiere, a critter is an uninvited guest at a community swimming pool, and the local kids are afraid to go in the water.
S03E02 All Skunked Up 02/06/2013 An unknown threat slaughters calves on a cattle ranch; a skunk lets a local sculptor know what it thinks about his art.
S03E03 Hook, Line and Snapper 09/06/2013 A feed store is being robbed by a hungry critter; Turtleman helps his mom relocate snapping turtles from her pond.
S03E04 Cat Killer 09/06/2013 Turtleman helps a local lady whose cats are disappearing. He must wrangle and relocate the cats, except for one to lure in the predator! Then, Turtleman is asked to capture foul smelling critters before they spray more kids at a local playground.
S03E05 Deer Destruction 16/06/2013 After a consignment-store window is broken, Turtleman must safely remove the furry culprit from inside. Meanwhile, a critter that's been living in a hot tub has to go before the owner's party can begin.
S03E06 Freddy Critter's Revenge 23/06/2013 A woman's cats are disappearing, so Turtleman must catch and relocate them but also find a way to lure the predator out in the open. Meanwhile, foul-smelling critters are spoiling the fun for kids at a playground.
S03E07 12 Angry Pigeons 30/06/2013 Turtleman must remove the flock from a jobsite where workers are cleaning up bird feces. Then, a caretaker finds a critter living under her log cabin, and Turtleman must relocate it before the foundation collapses!
S03E08 Savage Stowaways 07/07/2013
S03E09 Major League Menace 14/07/2013
S03E10 Lured Into Danger 21/07/2013
S03E11 Best Little Boar House in Texas 28/07/2013
S03E12 Bat Hair Day 04/08/2013 Turtleman and Neal risk their lives to save a critter trapped in a cave; unwanted animals find a new home in a hair salon.
S03E13 Wild Receiver 11/08/2013 A stolen mascot from a rival football team must be tamed; Team Turtle works to relocate an alligator that wandered into a residential area.
S03E14 Ernie le'Pew 18/08/2013 .
S03E15 Lone Stars and Stripes 25/08/2013
S03E16 River Monster Mystery 08/09/2013
S03E17 The Bull and the Beautiful 15/09/2013
S03E18 Fur for the Course 22/09/2013
S03E19 Don't Leave It to Beaver 29/09/2013
S03E20 Get Otter My Pond 06/10/2013
S03E21 Apocalypse Meow 13/10/2013
S03E22 Mudzilla Attacks 20/10/2013
S03E23 Halloween Spooktacular 03/11/2013
S03E24 Smokey and the Bandit 03/11/2013
S03E25 Unarmed and Dangerous 17/11/2013
S03E26 The Crittersburg Address 24/11/2013
S03E27 Snake Town Shakedown 01/12/2013
S03E28 Chaos in Critter Cavern 08/12/2013
S03E29 Swine Dining 15/12/2013
S03E30 Turtleman Takes Manhattan 22/12/2013

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