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Call To Glory was intended as an ABC mini series,deplicting the turbelent 1960's as seen through the eyes of an Air Force family, a pre-Coach Craig T Nelson stars as Col. Raynor Sarnac and Cindy Picket as his wife Vanessa and Elisabeth Shue and Gabriel Damon with David Hollander and C Thomas Howell and the late Keenam Wynn as the Sarnac family. The two hour pilot focuses on the Cuban Missle crisis of 1962. This pilot and the mini series itself were originally intended to be aired on ABC in the spring of 1984, but ABC smelled potential in the project and ordered that it be expanded into a thirteen week series. The premiere was moved up to August 13, 1984 with the pilot unveiled right after ABC'S Olympics coverage. Call To Glory was an immediate ratings success at the outset; alas ABC'S decision to move away from the historical aspects of the show to concentrate on the soapish goings on with the Sarnac family prompted a severe viewer dropoff. The program was finally cancelled


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S01E01 pilot (1) 13/08/1984 Col. Raynor Sarnac is a pilot with the right stuff—he's flown missions in two wars and has risen to command a reconnaissance wing at Laughlin AFB, Texas, where he pilots his fliers and his family through the turbulent Cold War of the early 1960s. In October 1962 Sarnac's wing is ordered to fly continuous U-2 missions over Cuba—to obtain conclusive evidence that the Russians are installing offensive missiles. Meanwhile, Sarnac's wife Vanessa, who lives in constant dread of 'the knock at the door,' is baffled by her youngest son who won't speak to anyone but his sister; and has difficulty coping with a headstrong 16-year-old daughter who's taking flying lessons from her grandfather against her mother's orders.
S01E02 pilot (2) 13/08/1984 Craig T. Nelson stars in this critically acclaimed, gripping two hour premiere presentation that launched the exciting weekly CALL TO GLORY, television series. The year was 1962. John F. Kennedy was president, Nikita Krushchev ruled Russia, and the world held its breath as the Cuban missle crisis pushed the two superpowers to the brink of war. Behind the scenes, Air Force pilots flew dangerous spy missions over Cuba to monitor the volatile situation. Many men answered the CALL TO GLORY and many of them never made it back. This is the story of those brave pilots and their families.
S01E03 The Move 20/08/1984 The entire Sarnac family is thrown into turmoil when Raynor receives a lucrative job offer in the private sector.
S01E04 Blackbird 27/08/1984 Raynor faces one of his toughest missions as he tries to prevent a bitter ex-pilot from exposing the details of a top secret mission.
S01E05 A Nation Divided 03/09/1984 The violence spawned by the Civil Rights Movement hits home when Wesley and a black friend are beaten by teenage racists.
S01E06 Paper Tiger 17/09/1984 A dangerous top-secret mission takes Raynor over Red China to see if the Chinese have developed an Atomic Bomb.
S01E07 Go / No Go 24/09/1984 On a mission into the heart of Saigon, Raynor bears personal witness to the horrifying brutality of the government.
S01E08 Call It Courage 01/10/1984 Raynor's involvement in a bitter political controversy could cost him a valued friendship...and ruin his military career.
S01E09 A Wind from the East 08/10/1984 Forced to bail out of a crippled plane, Raynor and a Japanese Air Force officer struggle to survive in a dangerous wilderness.
S01E10 A Moment in the Sun 22/10/1984 Raynor is torn between duty and friendship when an Air Force buddy suddenly develops a crippling fear of flying.
S01E11 Cover Story 29/10/1984 While testing a new flight system, Sarnec is hounded by an investigative reporter probing for revelations about defense spending.
S01E12 Realities 12/11/1984 Raynor and Vanessa are so involved in their friends' marital problems, they don't notice Carl is facing a crisis of his own.
S01E13 The Wake 19/11/1984 Tension mounts in the Sarnac household as Raynor prepares for a mission that has already claimed the life of one of his best test pilots.
S01E14 Medals All of Brass 26/11/1984 Raynor is forced to face the harsh truth that an old friend is really a spy for the KGB.
S01E15 A Wind of Change 03/12/1984 A flight over Vietnam turns into a journey of terror when Raynor is shot down and captured by the North Vietnamese.
S01E16 Give Unto Caesar 17/12/1984 Stiff penalties await a pilot who disobeys orders and brings a Russian defector back to America.
S01E17 Moonchild 15/01/1985 The news that a child is on the way puts a wedge in the Sarnacs' marriage as they both try to cope with feelings of doubt and guilt.
S01E18 Images 22/01/1985
S01E19 Fathers and Sons 29/01/1985
S01E20 Just in Time 12/02/1985
S01E21 The JFK Years (1) 30/06/1985 Raynor has to fly this top secret mission and go to Washington DC
S01E22 The JFK Years (2) 30/06/1985 Raymor meets with President Kennedy. The family goes with him.
S01E23 Fathers and Daughters 00/00/0000 This episode mainly concentrates on the relationship between Raynor and Jackie. Jackie is growing into womanhood and Raynor is comming to grips with it.
S01E24 The End, the Beginning 00/00/0000 This episode had the return of Raynor home after the Viet Nam war. Every one had grown up Jackie had a baby. Wesley became a draft dodger and fled to Canada and at the end of the episode he came home to see his father. It was clear that this series was going into a different direction if only ABC would have stuck with it for another season.

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