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For Brits of a certain age, Camberwick Green is a programme guaranteed to spark nostalgia. At the start of each episode, we saw a tall, hexagonal box sitting on a table. This was to be our way in to the charmingly old-fashioned world of Windy Miller, Mrs Honeyman the gossip, PC McGarry ("number four! five! two!") and the rest. Here is a box, a musical box, Wound up and ready to play. But this box can hide A secret inside. Can you guess what is in it today? And from the box would emerge one of the residents of Camberwick Green. Following a brief chat between the narrator (Brian Cant) and the character (who would respond to Cant's questions silently with nods, shrugs and shakes of the head), the scene mixed through into Camberwick Green itself - a quiet country village with all the basic amenities (bakery, butcher, garage) and, in the land surrounding it, Windy Miller's windmill, Jonathan Bell's farm and the army fort commanded by Captain Snort.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Camberwick Green

S01E01 Peter The Postman 03/01/1966 Peter The Postman has an eventful day as his deliveries cause a mixture of joy and chaos.
S01E02 Windy Miller 10/01/1966 Windy Miller falls asleep. When he awakens, the sails of his windmill have stopped turning and he needs assistance to get them going again.
S01E03 Mr Crockett The Garage Man 17/01/1966 Mr Crockett attends to Mickey Murphy's delivery van which has broken down. Later, after visiting Mr Crockett's garage for a fill-up, Jonathan Bell the farmer challenges Windy Miller to a race.
S01E04 Doctor Mopp 24/01/1966 Doctor Mopp visits patients all around the village, carries out a routine medical examination at Pippin Fort and even attends to a cow with a nasty cough. It's all in a day's work!
S01E05 Jonathan Bell The Farmer 31/01/1966 Farmer Bell is worried when his regular customers don't want his eggs anymore. A rival supplier has taken his business - but who is it?
S01E06 Captain Snort 07/02/1966 Captain Snort sends his troops to help out the villagers with little tasks, but one of the soldiers goes missing.
S01E07 Paddy Murphy 14/02/1966 Paddy Murphy works at the dairy, collecting supplies and making deliveries. But an accident causes the loss of a day's milk - who can he turn to for help?
S01E08 Roger Varley The Sweep 21/02/1966 When Roger Varley tries to clean up after sweeping the chimney at the bakery, he discovers that the water supply has been cut off. Fortunately, Windy Miller knows what to do - touch a sweep's collar for luck!
S01E09 PC McGarry 28/02/1966 PC McGarry is trying to track down anyone fishing illegally when a call for help arrives - a swarm of bees has descnded upon the bakery! PC McGarry and the soldiers from Pippin Fort can't help, but they know a man who can.
S01E10 Mr Dagenham The Salesman 06/03/1966 Mr Dagenham visits one of his satified customers, Jonathan Bell the farmer, then goes to Pippin Fort to attempt to sell a helicopter. He doesn't sell it, but it comes in useful when Windy Miller needs to repair his mill.
S01E11 Mr Carraway The Fishmonger 13/03/1966 Mr Carraway makes his deliveries to the mill and to Pippin Fort, telling stories of the sea to his customers.
S01E12 Mickey Murphy The Baker 20/03/1966 Mr Murphy the baker burns his hands and can't bake his usual orders, so Private Lumley is sent in from Pippin Fort to help. Unfortunately Lumley isn't the brightest of the soldiers and chaos ensues.
S01E13 Mrs Honeyman and her Baby 27/03/1966 Village gossip Mrs Honeyman jumps to the wrong conclusion when she sees workmen arrive in Camberwick Green, and organises a protest against the green being dug up.

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