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The lake is toxic. The forest creatures are mutants. The counselors are a danger to themselves and others. And the kids? They’re having the time of their lives! An animated comedy about 12-year-old daredevil and mastermind McGee, who was headed for an awesome summer at Camp Sunny Smiles when his bus took a wrong turn and landed him at old, run down and ridiculously spooky CAMP LAKEBOTTOM! McGee soon discovers though that Lakebottom is not just your average camp; it’s the BEST CAMP EVER! That is, if you’re into surfing “killer” waves, eating french flies at lunch and having monsters as counselors. Legend has it that Lakebottom was built on the haunted remains of Sir-Screams- A-Lot Amusement park. It may seem scary, but McGee is having a blast and will do anything to protect Lakebottom from his nemesis Buttsquat and the snooty camp across the lake, Camp Sunny Smiles.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Camp Lakebottom

S01E01 Escape From Camp Lakebottom 04/07/2013 McGee, Gretchen and Squirt arrive at Camp Lakebottom to find themselves held captive by a hungry zombie, a raging Sasquatch and a ruthless chef.
S01E02 Rise of the Bottom Dwellers 04/07/2013 McGee and Buttsquat compete to see whose camp is best, but a race up Mt. Fittoblow triggers a volcano that could wipe out Lakebottom.
S01E03 Late Afternoon of the Living Gitch 11/07/2013 When Squirt's stinky underwear is washed in toxic cleanser, the gitch comes alive and leads the rest of the laundry on a campaign of terror.
S01E04 Mindsuckers From the Depths 11/07/2013 When a huge, evil leech attaches itself to Squirt's skull, he turns into a super-genius bent on world domination.
S01E05 Jaws of Old Toothy 18/07/2013 .When Sawyer closes the beach because of a giant, raging fish, McGee vows to rid the lake of Old Toothy.
S01E06 Arachnattack 18/07/2013 Despite Rosebud's ban on pets, Squirt brings home a baby monster spider, but it quickly webs up the camp in a cocoon of silk for a spidery meal.
S01E07 Cluck of the Were-Chicken 25/07/2013 When a hulking were-chicken stalks the camp, McGee must lead the hunt to prove his innocence.
S01E08 Gnome Force 25/07/2013 Buttsquat captures one of Rosebud's garden gnomes and McGee couldn't care less until a squad of garden gnome commandos takes the counselors hostage.
S01E09 Stage Fright 01/08/2013 The Bottom Dwellers stage Armand's awful play but a jealous Suzi unleashes an evil curse on the production.
S01E10 Frankenfixer 01/08/2013 McGee and the kids decide to help Sawyer out with his to-do list and end up finishing off the zombie's Frankenstein monster.
S01E11 Cheeks of Dread 15/08/2013 Gretchen must confront her greatest and cutest fear when the Bottom Dwellers are trapped on Screech Island with a camper eating chipmunk.
S01E12 Doo Doo Doomsday 15/08/2013 McGee's eagerness for presents almost destroys the biggest monster holiday of the year when he ruffles the feathers of the magical Permadactyl.
S01E13 Marshmallow Madness 29/08/2013 The campers are threatened when Armand goes into a marshmallow frenzy. But they eat the marshmallow bushes and has mushroom lumps that when itch it will create more marshmallow bushes.
S01E14 28 Suzis Later 29/08/2013 McGee and the Bottom Dwellers are hopelessly outnumbered when Suzi moves to Camp Lakebottom along with her posse of 'mean girl' mud replicas.
S01E15 Pranks for Nothing 05/09/2013 McGee releases a mischievous pixie.
S01E16 Zombie Dearest 05/09/2013 Sawyer's brain-eating mother arrives in Camp Lakebottom, much to Sawyer's dismay.
S01E17 Terror From the Toybox 12/09/2013 Buttsquat's teddy bear falls to the bottom of Lake Icky Gloomy and is exposed to radiation, giving it brainwashing abilities.
S01E18 Slimeball Run 12/09/2013 Eager to win Buttsquat's awesome new racer, McGee challenges him to a cross-Lakebottom race with the cars and Camp Lakebottom at stake.
S01E19 Bite of the Buttsquat 26/09/2013 When Buttsquat suddenly becomes cool, McGee is immeadiately suspicious.
S01E20 Sword of Ittibitticus 26/09/2013 The gang finds a frozen Minotaur.
S01E21 It's a Headless Horse, Man 03/10/2013 McGee is thrilled when he wins a mounted horse head, until the horse head's evil body starts stealing the Bottom Dwellers noggins in a rodeo rampage.
S01E22 Voyage to the Bottom of the Deep 03/10/2013 McGee, Squirt and Gretchen go into an old submarine and find themselves in an underground version of Camp Lakebottom.
S01E23 Pirates of Ickygloomy 17/10/2013 While playing Pirates on a shipwreck the Bottom Dwellers must battle the ghost Spitbeard the Pirate, who is determined to win back his ship.
S01E24 Attack of the 50-Foot Squirt 17/10/2013 After eating a rare plant, Squirt grows into a hulking giant-and a target for Buttsquat, who wishes to use Squirt's massive size to his advantage.
S01E25 Bloody Marty 24/10/2013 McGee, Squirt and Gretchen release Bloody Marty from the Mirror World.
S01E26 Ghost in the Mower 24/10/2013 The Bottom Dwellers summon a ghostly Groundskeeper to help take care of their overgrown soccer field.
S01E27 Trouble in Spit Creek 03/07/2014 During a game of frisbee, McGee and Buttsquat get lost in the forest for what feels like days and must work together to survive the terrors of the forest and make it back to camp safely.
S01E28 The Spy Who Squatched Me 03/07/2014 The Bottom Dwellers discover that Armand was once a secret agent when they visit his old hideaway at the top of a mountain. His old nemesis comes back to face him one last time in a battle of wits and dance moves.
S01E29 Ants in Our Camp 09/07/2014 When McGee mistakenly concocts a spray that shrinks the campers to ant size, they meet a friendly blue ant who agrees to help them navigate their way through this now dangerously giant world and return to normal.
S01E30 Fanboy Freakout 09/07/2014 McGee is desperate to win a hovercraft and enters a photo of Armand into a Sasquatch photo contest, but soon the gang must save Armand from a crazy Sasquatch-napper.
S01E31 Are You My Mummy? 16/07/2014 The Campers and Buttsquat come across an ancient pyramid inhabited by mummies! The kids are soon sent running for their mommies when Gretchen is mistaken for the missing Queen.
S01E32 Slimey Come Home 16/07/2014 Something big is lurking in Lake Icky Gloomy and causing trouble for Buttssquat. Quick to blame the problems on Slimey, McGee and the gang must prove Slimey's innocence.
S01E33 The Superfantastic Mega-Buds 23/07/2014 After touching a glowing orb from outer space, McGee, Gretchen and Squirt get super fantastic mega powers!
S01E34 It Came From My Nose 23/07/2014 McGee is sick and confined to his bed.Disobeying Monster's orders, he ventures outside to play. After a sneezing fit he is hunted down by a giant booger looking to return home to his nose.
S01E35 McGee the Mermaid 30/07/2014 The kids accidentally resurrect an evil mermaid who floods the camp in her first step toward world domination.
S01E36 Welcome to Buttcon 30/07/2014 When McGee, Gretchen and Squirt sneak into Buttsquat's Sunny Smilers comic-con, it's not long before they start acting out scenes from their favorite sci-fi show.
S01E37 High Plains Garbage Eater 06/08/2014 It’s Western Week at camp and the gang finds themselves in the middle of a good ol’ fashioned show down with mutant raccoons, over garbage!
S01E38 Dream a Little Scream 06/08/2014 The Monsters tuck the Campers in to bed and warn them of the devious mosquito Dream Weevil. Taking the myth to heart McGee finds himself in a wild dream where he learns to overcome his fears and protect his friends from the Dream Weevil.
S01E39 McGee. T. 13/08/2014 McGee befriends a frog-like alien creature that crash lands near Camp Lakebottom.
S01E40 The Great Tiki Hunt 13/08/2014 McGee and his friends find an old Tiki idol and accidentally unleash an ancient Tiki diety. Although the diety initially seems nice, he soon gives the campers the "honor" of being his prey in the Great Tiki Hunt!
S01E41 Camp Plantbottom 12/09/2014 Its Suzis birthday and McGee ate her gift. Desperate to find her another gift, McGee grows a mutant plant using Rosebuds special fertilizer.
S01E42 Game Over 12/09/2014
S01E43 Clockwork Slime 18/09/2014
S01E44 Ride the Haunted Howler 18/09/2014
S01E45 Buttastic Journey 25/09/2014
S01E46 Monkey See, Monkey Kung Fu 25/09/2014
S01E47 Red Drawn 02/10/2014
S01E48 Pandora's Jock 02/10/2014
S01E49 Ring Around the Gretchen 16/10/2014
S01E50 Chilli Con Carnage 16/10/2014
S01E51 Valley of the Iguanasquat 30/10/2014
S01E52 The Legend of Wiggly's Gold 30/10/2014

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