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Campus Vets tells the dramatic stories of student veterinarians at one of the most renowned veterinary schools in North America: the Western College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan (Saskatoon). This documentary series showcases the best and brightest of Canada’s young vets in training, as they purse demanding careers of immense responsibility. Campus Vets features an amazingly diverse range of animals, from the ordinary to the extraordinary. There are stories about companion pets and exotics, such as dogs, cats, ferrets, guinea pigs, iguanas, rabbits and budgies. There are also stories about large animals, such as horses, sheep, cows, oxen, alpacas and llamas. Then there are some really unique creatures, such as the hairless albino rat with the bad complexion, the arctic muskox with the bad molar or the psycho Chihuahua with the bad attitude.


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S01E01 Casey’s Crisis 00/00/0000 The vets prepare a black lab for lifesaving surgery as his distraught owner waits in anguish. A muskox needs a tooth extracted and a stray cat arrives in critical condition, while vet students learn an unusual skill.
S01E02 From the Horse's Mouth 00/00/0000 An old mare has nearly severed much of her tongue and the vets must perform a challenging surgery while she is both awake and standing up. A Terrier has an innovative respiratory procedure and a puppy has swallowed its owner’s underwear.
S01E03 Dos Chihuahuas 00/00/0000 An aggressive male Chihuahua proves to be a big problem while oral surgery on his sister gives the vet students a new challenge. The student vets also struggle to save newborn calves and spay a young Saint Bernard.
S01E04 Merlin’s Malady 00/00/0000 The deaf owner of a hearing service dog fears he has become blind and will be taken away. Meanwhile, a cow needs a caesarian section, a hairless rat has a puzzling skin ailment and an accident-prone lamb becomes a ward of the hospital.
S01E05 Foal in Distress 00/00/0000 A four-day-old Arabian foal is being ravaged by infection and the vet team races against time to save its life. A lynx must be subdued with an anesthetic blow dart and an orphaned lamb visits a pre-school.
S01E06 Rescuing Riza 00/00/0000 Coughing and having trouble breathing, a German Shepard is rushed to the clinic where the vets suspect a deadly fungal disease. A juvenile alpaca’s sight is restored, a champion horse has a foot injury, and Lambertus the lamb has his leg casts replaced.
S01E07 Sonic’s Colic 00/00/0000 An ailing horse is rushed to the clinic for emergency abdominal surgery while the owners anxiously await its recovery. A dog gets a new hip, while another has porcupine quills removed from its nose, and an orphan lamb finds a new home.
S01E08 Llama Leg 00/00/0000 The surgical team attempts to realign the leg of a young llama, which has been broken since birth. A thirsty cat may have diabetes, a dog comes in with swollen eyes and an iguana has unusual bumps on his face.
S01E09 Deadly Toxins 00/00/0000 A young Pug named Mei-Ling is seriously ill with a congenital liver problem that is poisoning her blood. A root canal is performed on a ferret, while student vets check out pregnant horses and a constipated buffalo.
S01E10 Stomach Flip 00/00/0000 Emergency surgery is performed on a cow that is unable to eat because one of her four stomachs is displaced. A prized foal’s knee won’t heal, a dog appears to have heart problems, an aggressive cat has infected wounds, and a bull has an altercation with a porcupine.
S01E11 Horse Nose Job 00/00/0000 The surgical team rebuilds the nose of a horse that was kicked in the face as colt. Cataract surgery and new lenses save a young dog’s vision, a chinchilla needs dental work and the vets help a mother cat in a birthing crisis.
S01E12 Spur’s Emergency 00/00/0000 While some vets struggle to save an injured farm dog, others are busy birthing piglets, tending to a wounded horse, learning how to handle elk and trying to determine whether an eagle has West Nile Virus.
S01E13 Bonnie's Brain 00/00/0000 Graduation day is looming but the vet students are as busy as ever - treating an old dog with a brain tumour, a miniature horse unable to eat or drink, a dog with a sewing needle stuck in an unusual place and an iguana that ingested a screw - all the while preparing for the day they officially become doctors of veterinary medicine.

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