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Daniel Fathers hosts a new competition show in which ten people compete to show their superiority across a series of physical and mental challenges. They compete both against and with each other to earn points; the person with the lowest number of points at the end of each episode is eliminated.


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S01E01 Episode 1 30/01/2012 Ten Know-It-Alls from across the country are confronted with super sized challenges (one blustery, one explosive, and one that should be child's play) - and each other.
S01E02 Episode 2 06/02/2012 With nine remaining, the competition gets intense, as the Know-It-Alls compete in teams - but not everyone plays well with others.
S01E03 Episode 3 13/02/2012 The remaining eight are faced with the big question for a know-it-all: do they listen to the advice of others, or simply listen to the one person they know is right...themselves?
S01E04 Episode 4 20/02/2012 Know-It-Alls thrive on tackling problems alone. Now, the remaining seven get the chance to do just that, in 3 new individual challenges featuring bombs, snakes and planes.
S01E05 Episode 5 27/02/2012 The competition is getting more... complicated. In this episode, competitors struggle to find their voices, among many.
S01E06 Episode 6 05/03/2012 The 5 remaining competitors compete alone again and are challenged to truly step up and deliver, in a day of sheer terror to see if they can use their Know-It-All skills to save the day.
S01E07 Episode 7 12/03/2012 The Final Fou Know-It-Alls are paired up in teams of two. Now it's 2 brains struggling to work together, while trying to be the only one left standing, in 3 challenges of firepower, speed and memory.
S01E08 Episode 8 19/03/2012 The claimant of 'Canada's Greatest Know-It-All" title must win two challenges. The first testing knowledge, memory, direction and logic, and the second, a confrontation with what is a Know-It-Alls worst nightmare.
S02E01 Dive Deep, Shoot Straight...To Survive 14/01/2013 10 Know-It-Alls arrive for the competition and are instantly thrown into the deep end of the competition, having to scuba dive and defuse an underwater bomb, battle it out in a know-it-all knowledge gun duel and avoid elimination by having to 'name that thing'.
S02E02 Murderous Race to Win 21/01/2013 The 9 remaining Know-It-Alls race against a top fuel dragster, lawn tractors, drag motorcycles and golf carts in a challenge to tie at the finish. Then become CSI investigators, as they work in teams to solve a murder, and the bottom two fight for survival in a game of 'AKA'.
S02E03 Bridges, Blueprints, & Body Parts 28/01/2013 The 8 remaining Know-It-Alls battle to build bridges over troubled waters, then brainstorm to conceptualize and create the ultimate science fair project. The bottom 2 get up to their elbows in the elimination challenge, dissecting animals and playing a game of 'name that body part'.
S02E04 Sensory Overload 04/02/2013 The 7 remaining Know-It-Alls put their concentration skills to the test as they are forced to think during free fall from 11,000 feet. Then they're thrown into a giant 'think-tank' and are forced to sink or swim. Their only mode of escape? Their brains. In the elimination challenge, it's information overload as the bottom 2 are confronted with an overwhelming wall of sound and light.
S02E05 It's A Know-It-All World 11/02/2013 The 6 surviving Know-It-Alls are tasked with the daunting challenge of creating the entire world in much less than 7 days. Then, they must find and fight their way through the wilderness to get back home, and finally, the bottom 2 must conquer the world in a gigantic game of Invasion against each other to stay in the competition.
S02E06 High Flyers, Ballistics & Bulls 18/02/2013 The 5 remaining Know-It-Alls are challenged to endure, then reverse engineer 'death simulation machines', destroy targets with large-calibre artillery, and conquer 1600 pounds of 'hell on hooves'
S02E07 All Alone - Sink, or Swim 25/02/2013 The Final 4vwork alone to build the perfect protective pod to save their cargo and Know-It-All lives. Then the bottom 2 face-off in the ultimate Know-It-All challenge - an epic game of 'KIA Bulls**t'.
S02E08 Finale 04/03/2013 The Final 3 duel for the title. One is eliminated in a multi-skill challenge taking on a past champion. The Final 2 compete in a supersized rally race, where you can only win if you're truly "Canada's Greatest Know-It-All."
S02E09 Survivor Guide Special 11/03/2013 This one-hour special is the ultimate survival guide for future Know-It-Alls who think they have what it takes to compete in this unique competition.

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