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Captain Midnight was a science fiction television series that followed the adventures of pilot Captain Midnight and his Secret Squadron. The series ran for two years before ending and featured 39 black and white episodes.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Captain Midnight

S01E01 Murder by Radiation 04/09/1954 A fragment of a powerful radioactive element called Ormondium is stolen by foreign agents. Captain Midnight are caleld upon to recover the stolen materials.
S01E02 Electronic Killer 11/09/1954 Captain Midnight's friend Dereck Strange invites him to witness the test of a new guided missile: the Nike. When Strange does not show up for the test, Midnight and Ikky go to his apartment and learn he has been kidnapped. Enemy agents use drugs of Strange to get the secrets of the missle. After getting the information, the enemy agents put an unconscious Strange on a drone plane about to be destroyed in an Air Force Test. Only Midnight's intervention saves Strange's life and captures the enemy agents.
S01E03 Deadly Diamonds 18/09/1954 Captain Midnight and the Secret Squadron track down a dangerous group of diamond smugglers. The assignment is made easier with the help of one of Tut's inventions, an Omni Counter, which reacts to precious gems and metals.
S01E04 The Lost Moon 25/09/1954 An astronomer dies after discovering a lost moon closely orbiting the Earth. Captain Midnight and enemy agents contend for the astronomer's secret with both sides aware that whichever power reaches the lost moon in space first will control the earth.
S01E05 Death Below Zero 02/10/1954 Captain Midnight investigates the poisoning of a small dog belonging to a member of the Secret Squadron. The investigation leads to the solution of a bank robbery and the near death of Captain Midnight when he is imprisoned in a cold storage locker.
S01E06 Operation Failure 09/10/1954 Captain Midnight goes behind the Iron Curtain to the country of Balkavia. He is there to rescue Zabor, a freedom fighter. Midnight succeeds in his mission but at the final moment Zabor elects to remain in his own country and continue the fight for democracy.
S01E07 Trapped Behind Bars 16/10/1954 Captain Midnight and Ikky go undercover gehind prison bars to learn the secret of a series of prison riots. Another riot leads to Captain Midnight and Ikky escaping along with a band of prisoners. The Secret Squadron learns that the riots are part of a foreign plot against the United States.
S01E08 Counterfeit Millions 23/10/1954 When counterfeit bills begin to flood into the United States, Captain Midnight discovers that a trucking company is being used as a means of distribution.
S01E09 The Walking Ghost 30/10/1954 A frantic squadron member asks for Captain Midnight's help. He needs help in exorcising a dangerous ghost. Midnight, Ikky, and Tut set up an electronic perimeter around the Southern mansion that is ""haunted"" by a ghost and discover a foreign agent plotting to use it as a rendezvous site.
S01E10 Secret of the Jungle 06/11/1954 Captain Midnight and Ikky pay a visit to Tut who is busy in Africa collecting rare plant and soil samples. Hoping for a peaceful vacation, the Secre Squadron instead encounters the mystery of a stolen idol, a plot to foment native unrest, and a rich uranium deposit.
S01E11 Sabotage Under The Sea 13/11/1954 Captain Midnight goes to the bottom of the ocean to search for an experimental missle that has disappeared. An enemy submarine is detected hiding underwater.
S01E12 Isle of Mystery 20/11/1954 The queen of a small island named Luana withdraws her permission for the US to conduct atomic tests in her territory. Captain Midnight and Ikky are sent in to discover the reason why.
S01E13 The Curse of the Pharaohs 27/11/1954 Captain Midnight is brought to Egypt by the daughter of an eminent archaeologist. He investigates the archaeologist's mysterious disappearance and the curse of the pharaohs.
S01E14 The Deserters 04/12/1954 Captain Midnight helps a group of Secret Squadron members who have been evicted from their club house by a commercial developer. In the process, Captain Midnight discovers a bank robbery.
S01E15 The Electrified Man 11/12/1954 An eminent refugee scientists asks that Secret Squadron headquarters be put at his disposal while he perfects his new process. The scientist is working on a countermeasure against the Radioactive Dust bomb. The process requires that the scientist be exposed to high levels of electrical energy. When the scientist exceeds tolerable limits of electricity, he comes incredibly dangerous.
S01E16 The Young Criminal 18/12/1954 Captain Midnight sponsors a youth gym as a way to combat juvenile delinquency. One of the youngsters named Tommy Venters is impressed with the lifestyle of a poolroom owner.
S01E17 The Deadly Project 25/12/1954 The Secret Squadron laboratory is placed at the disposal of a scientist working on a heat-resistant metal needed by the Air Force. The research is stymied by a vindictive scientist who develops a sonic gun and hates the other scientist.
S01E18 Touchdown Terror 01/01/1955 A group of gamblers try to bribe a star quarterback into throwing an important game. The young player is in need of cash for an operation for his sister, but he refuses to participate in the scheme. In retaliation, both the quarterback and Captain Midnight are kidnapped.
S01E19 Top Secret Weapon 08/01/1955 A young refugee from behind the Iron Curtain asks Captain Midnight for asylum. What Captain Midnight does not know is that the boy has been programmed to spy on a secret weapon being developed at Midnight's laboratory. Acting under hypnosis the boy sabotages the weapon. At the last moment the boy fights off the hypnosis and provides Captain Midnight with the information necessary to save Secret Squadron headquarters and to defeat the foreign agents behind the plot.
S01E20 The Human Bomb 15/01/1955 A munitions genius is released from jail and plots revenge against Captain Midnight and the police responsible for his conviction.
S01E21 The Mark of Death 22/01/1955 Captain Midnight goes to India to deliver a goodwill message at the invitation of Bengra Tassi. When Captain Midnight and Ikky get to India they discover Tassi has been kidnapped by ""The Executioner"". Captain Midnight must rescue Tassi before it is too late.
S01E22 Arctic Avalanche 29/01/1955 Captain Midnight and Ikky are returning from a mission to the North Pole. They are persuaded to fly a sick Eskimo to a medical facility. When they get to the Eskimo's remote cabin, they are taken hostage by enemy agents.
S01E23 Mystery of the Forest 05/02/1955 Captain Midnight and Ikky go to timber country in the Pacific Northwest in order to investigate the largest non-nuclear explosion in history. They pose as lumberjacks and uncover a chemical compound which when added to wood creates a cheap and powerful explosion. Captain Midnight must stop the men behind the chemical or the balance of power in the world may be altered.
S01E24 The Invisible Terror 12/02/1955 A gem warfare attack is planned against the United States by one of America's Cold War enemies. Captain Midnight is called upon to recover a missing formula which can protect the country from the virus.
S01E25 Saboteurs of the Sky 19/02/1955 Captain Midnight investigates the kidnapping of a Secret Squadron member and her father who is a famous scientist who has developed a method of creating hurricanes.
S01E26 Peril from the Arctic 26/02/1955 On a mission to Alaska, Captain Midnight and Ikky respond to a Mayday message. They make a landing in the remote northwest and discover a cabin where a renegade scientist is experimenting with an anti-magnetic force which is intended to form the basis of a military attack against the United States.
S02E01 The Secret Room 29/10/1955 Captain Midnight exposes a phony seance racket that preys upon a wealthy society women who is also the wife of a famous physicist. The professor has invented a device to harness the power of the sun. The seance racket is merely a scheme to obtain the Professor's invention.
S02E02 Mission to Mexico 05/11/1955 Captain Midnight and Ikky go to Mexico to find an enemy radio station. The last intercepted message from the station referred to a shipment of fissionable materials that may prove a danger to the United States.
S02E03 The Frozen Men 12/11/1955 A famous scientist who is working on a new metal that may be the key to space travel is kidnapped. In the middle of a desert, Captain Midnight locates the scientist in a state of frozen animation. In order to save the scientist, Captain Midnight must survive a nuclear test at ground zero.
S02E04 Doctors of Doom 19/11/1955 Captain Midnight investigates the report of a giant roaming around a small Maryland town. The investigation leads to a sanitarium where the only residents are nuclear scientists who have been turned into scientific slaves for the benefit of a sinister foreign power.
S02E05 Sunken Sapphires 26/11/1955 Captain Midnight and Ikky help and young woman and her brother in recovering a cache of jewels. They use Tut's Omni Counter. Once the jewels are recovered Captain Midnight and Ikky must battle thugs to keep it.
S02E06 Master Criminal 03/12/1955 The plans for a new jet engine under development at Secret Squadron headquarters attract one of the nation's top criminals. He pretends to surrender and gains access to Captain Midnight's laboratory and the plans for the new engine.
S02E07 Secret of Superstition Mountain 10/12/1955 Captain Midnight and Ikky stumble on a hidden treasure while prospecting for uranium in Arizona. Ghostly apparitions, however, seem intent on robbing them of their discovery.
S02E08 The Mountain of Fire 17/12/1955 Captain Midnight and Ikky help a group of scientists trying to develop a process of converting volcanic heat into electricity. When a long-dormant volcano begins to erupt, research is disrupted and sabotage is suspected.
S02E09 The Jungle Pit 24/12/1955 Captain Midnight and Ikky help a young Japanese boy find his missing father: a soldier hiding on a Pacific Island who is still convinced that World War II has not ended.
S02E10 Flight into the Unknown 31/12/1955 A banker disappers with a significant amount of money. Captain Midnight and Ikky trace the man to a small Pacific Island where he is recovering from exhaustion. The arrival of three greedy thugs on the island complicates Captain Midnight attempt to help the banker clear his name and return to his family.
S02E11 The Runaway Suitcase 07/01/1956 A police officer is accused of stealing a suitcase full of money. He is forced to resign and turns to Captain Midnight to help clear his name.
S02E12 Million Dollar Diamond 14/01/1956 A young boy tells Captain Midnight about the strange and abusive behavior of his father, a gem expert preparing to cut a million dollar diamond. With the aid of Tut's new invention, a miniature television camera and transmitter, Captain Midnight learns that the boy's father has been kidnapped and a double has been put in his place. The plan is to steal the diamond when it is delivered for cutting. Captain Midnight arranges for the release of the boy's father and the apprehension of the criminals behind the proposed theft.
S02E13 The Human Bullet 21/01/1956 Captain Midnight agrees to test a revolutionary rocket sled after the vehicle's first test pilot is killed in its 800 mph test run. Captain Midnight uncovers a sabotage plot to discredit the invention and its inventor.

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