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Carter Nash was a chemist in a police department who discovered a liquid which could turn him into Captain Nice, an odd sort of superhero: very shy and dominated by his mother. Captain Nice flew (he feared heights) in his tattered leotards, fighting badguys because his mother told him to do so.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Captain Nice

S01E01 The Man Who Flies Like a Pigeon 09/01/1967 Every hero has to have an origin story and this is that of Captain Nice! Meek, mild-mannered police chemist Carter Nash creates a formula that grants extraordinary powers to whomever drinks it. It is not his original intention to drink it himself. He is a shy and unassuming man and prefers to have someone else take on the burden of being a hero. But his attempts to give it to the Mayor of the city are rejected (the Mayor completely misunderstands what the formula does and is in the middle of a crisis: the villain 'Chameleon' recently escaped). Rejected, Carter returns to his lab. But events will not allow Carter the anonymity he desires and soon he'll be forced to take the potion and be transformed into the City's first Super Hero: Captain Nice!
S01E02 How Sheik Can You Get? 16/01/1967
S01E03 That Thing 23/01/1967
S01E04 That Was the Bridge that Was 06/02/1967
S01E05 The Man With Three Blue Eyes 20/02/1967
S01E06 Is Big Town Burning? 27/02/1967
S01E07 Don't Take Any Wooden Indians 06/03/1967
S01E08 That's What Mothers Are For 13/03/1967
S01E09 Whatever Lola Wants 20/03/1967
S01E10 Who's Afraid of Amanda Woolf? 27/03/1967
S01E11 The Week They Stole Payday 03/04/1967
S01E12 Tastes OK But Something's Missing 10/04/1967
S01E13 May I Have the Last Dance? 17/04/1967
S01E14 One Rotten Apple 24/04/1967
S01E15 Beware of Hidden Prophets 01/05/1967