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Seeing the Earth in its profound environmental peril, Gaia, goddess of the Earth, summons five kids from around the world to become the Planeteers, an opposing force to fight back and educate others in the need to be environmentally responsible. To accomplish that task, each kid is given a magic ring that each has a power of earth, wind, water, fire and heart. When the threat they face is too big for them to face, they can combine and amplify their powers to create Captain Planet, who has the power to stop catastrophic environmental disasters himself, while the Planeteers contribute with the things anyone can and should do to help.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Captain Planet and the Planeteers

S01E01 A Hero for Earth 15/09/1990 In this first exciting episode, the nasty Hoggish Greedly and his sidekick, Rigger, use a devastating land-blaster oil rig to tap into an oil fieid under the sea bed. The distruption is enough to awaken Gaia, earth's spirit, from her long slumber. She soon learns to her horror that Greedly's merciless deeds are not uncommon in the world today, Earth is suffering terribly from all kinds of environmental damage every day. Refusing to sit back and do nothing again, Gaia calls forth five special young people from all five corners of the globe, and provides each of them with rings that control the four elments of the earth, plus the hearts of it's inhabitants. Kwame-From Africa, controls the power of Earth Wheeler-From North America, controls the power of Fire Linka-From Russia, controls the power of wind Gi-From Asia, controls the power of Water Mat-Ti-From South America, controls the power of Heart After a quick introduction to Gaia, their powers, and each other, the Planeteers race to stop Greedly's land blaster from doing further harm to the ocean, and to the wild life on shore. But the battle is not easy, and soon the planeteers find the situation is too much for them to handle alone, then Gaia instructs them to combine their powers as one. They do so, and earth's greatest champion is born..CAPTAIN PLANET! Planet immediately puts an end to Greedly's oil harvesting, but the villain and Rigger escapes to fight another day, Captain Planet tells the Planeteers that he will always be there should they need him. THE POWER IS YOURS!
S01E02 Rain of Terror 22/09/1990 Verminous Skumm turns a shut down coal factory into an acid rain making station by using a special acid rain making chemical. This chemical speeds up the acid rain process. The Planeteers go to shut Skumm down, but without the help of Ma-Ti. Ma-Ti has developed a size complex, and is feeling down because he feels he is too small. When the Planeteers are trapped, Ma-Ti must find a way to get past his complex to save his friends. They use teamwork to summon Captain Planet, but Skumm still manages to get away.
S01E03 Beast of the Temple 29/09/1990 Upon looking at the destruction of rice patties in Thailand on Planet-vision, the Planeteers are prompted to race to the location to investigate. They soon discover that Hoggish Greedly and Rigger are using the country's ancient, legendary Phi Pok dragon beast to instill fear and create destruction as a cover for their strip mining operation. They're robbing temple ruins of its gems.
S01E04 Skumm Lord 06/10/1990 Venomous Skumm introduces his new formula, rat rot, into the local water system. It transforms anyone who comes into contact with it into mutant rats. Skumm's goal is to turn the earth into a planet-wide vermon carrier. His plot can only be countered by the Planeteers and Captain Planet, but not before some of them accidentally get a dose as well.
S01E05 Deadly Ransom 13/10/1990 Dr. Blight and Duke Nukem stage a phony bomb threat to lure the Planeteers into the Arctic. After they summon Captain Planet, the villains are able to trap him and hold him for ransom, with the potentially critical cost to earth for his freedom is looming in the balance.....
S01E06 The Conqueror 20/10/1990 A comet hurtles towards earth, crashing into a deep forest and creating a devastating fire. The Planeteers exstinguish the danger with the aid of Captain Planet, and then they investigate what caused such a thing. Stumbling across the asteroid, the Planeteers are shocked to discover it is in fact, a spaceship, and that it carries an occupant, Zarm. This "peaceful alien" has traveled from his home planet to provide the Planeteers with powers with which they could easily save the planet without constantly depending on Captain Planet to do it for them. Taking the form of Iron Gauntlets, these powers increase the Planeteer's original capabilities a hundred fold. But with such mighty gifts, there must always come a price, the heroes of earth soon become corrupted by this power, and Zarm, (in reality, the exiled predecessor to Gaia), takes advantage of their new-found lust for glory. He tells them to destroy a nuclear missle base, which will undoubtly lead to disaster. He also captures Captain Planet. The only people who can stop Zarm now are Mati, (the only Planeteer to refuse Zarm's offer), and Zarm's succesor Gaia, but is it too late for the Planeteers, and Captain Planet?
S01E07 Last of Her Kind 27/10/1990 The Planeteers go to Africa to defend its elephant population against Looten Plunder. They also meet a baby elephant along the way, and protect it from Plunder's poaching before he kills it and uses it's tusks to forge and distribute dozens of Ivory trinkets.
S01E08 The Dead Seas 03/11/1990 Hoggish Greedly has set up a super drift net in the sea, trapping all sea life. Gi sees this on Planet-Vision, and storms out of the crystal chamber, tripping over Kwame. He refuses to let her take Greedly alone, so they both go to stop him. Eventually, Captain Planet is needed, and this provides Greedly with the break he needs: capture the Planeteers and their rings, to prevent summoning him again.
S01E09 Tree of Life 10/11/1990 Dr. Blight and her robojacks chop down the "Tree of Life" and she taps the trees extraordinary powers to become Super-Blight. With her new powers Blight will destroy the ancient redwood forests, unless Captain Planet and the Planeteers can stop her.
S01E10 Volcano's Wrath 17/11/1990 Sly Sludge thinks he has the answer to the world's trash problem: dump all the garbage into a Volcano on Laipuno Island, using it as an incinerator. Knowing the natives object to this, he pulls a phony trash shrinking scam as a cover. The volcano soon erupts, and the Planeteers and Captain Planet have to rescue the Island natives.
S01E11 Littlest Planeteer 24/11/1990 Jason, a 9 - year old boy, desperately wants to be a hero, and nearly pays dearly to accomplish this when he takes Wheeler's ring to try to prove his heroic worth as a Planeteer. Eventually, he and the Planeteers battle and defeat Dr. Blight and her devastating Smog creature.
S01E12 A World Below Us 26/01/1991 Gi is knocked unconscious while investigating ocean pollution. She is rescued by an inhabitant of a secret underwater city called Oceanus. Since Sly Sludge's illegal toxic dumping operation is polluting the surrounding waters, both the sea life and the underwater city are in danger of being destroyed. The Planeteers must race against time to find Gi, and use teamwork to save the people of this underwater paradise.
S01E13 Plunder Dam 02/02/1991 Looten Plunder cons an African village into thinking his installation of a dam and hydroelectric power plant will bring a more pleasant way of life to the villagers. The villagers don't realize that he has actually cut off the water supply, devastating their crops, killing water life, and leaving land animals thirsty. The Planeteers must stop Plunder and help the villagers return to a more familiar way of living.
S01E14 Meltdown Syndrome 09/02/1991 Duke Nukem infiltrates a Nuclear power plant and triggers a meltdown, the Planeteers have to cool the plant down before the Planet is covered in the most dangerous form of fallout...
S01E15 Smog Hog 16/02/1991 Hoggish Greedly gets his nephew a smog hog for his birthday. The locals see it, and decide they want one of their own, and Greedly suddenly sees dollar signs. He hijacks a factory, run by Dr. Goodair, the creator of a fuel-efficient automobile, so he can assemble more smog hogs to be sold. The only ones capable of stopping him in his tracks are the Planeteers.
S01E16 Polluting by Computer 23/02/1991 Dr Blight and Sly Sludge hack into government computers and reclassify America's nature reserves as toxic waste dumps. And, as if that wasn't enough, they also make it look as though THEY are the eco-warriors and the Planeteers are the ones engaged in illegal pollution.
S01E17 Don't Drink the Water 02/03/1991 In this eco-villain team-up episode, Dr. Blight, Looten Plunder Verminous Skumm and Hoggish Greedly, all make plans to inject poisonous pollution into America's water supply. Soon enough, their plan begins to bear fruit, with people soon dying from total dehydration, because of the polluted waters, only Captain Planet can replenish the water back to it's pure state, and put an end to the ""Pollution Syndicate"" before they cause a nation wide drought.
S01E18 Kwame's Crisis 09/03/1991 Kwame questions his usefullness as a Planeteer when he is unable to convince the people of a small village to stop Sly SLudge from burying garbage underneath their sacred grounds. A disillusioned Kwame's faith is restored however, after a young girl makes a brave effort to save his team mates from Sly's giant trash compactor. Kwame returns to the fold, and rescues all of them. Whilst Captain Planet is summoned to bury Sly's Sacred land spoiling for good..
S01E19 Ozone Hole 13/04/1991 Duke Nukem sets out to destroy the ozone layer over Antarctica so he can feast on the sun's dangerous ultra-violet rays. He plans on doing this by using a factory to rip open the freon containers on refrigerators in order to release the CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons) that eat away at the ozone. Captain Planet and the Planeteers battle to protect the Earth from Nukem's deadly radiation.
S01E20 The Ultimate Pollution 20/04/1991 Looten Plunder establishes himself as a notorious war-monger when he frightens two Middle Eastern villages into giving up every valuable thing they own to buy weapons to destroy each other. Will the Planeteers convince either side to give up the war before total destruction ensues?
S01E21 Population Bomb 27/04/1991 The Planeteers are flying through a hugely populated city, soon finding a building about to fall. They call Cap, and he saves the building, but as they return to Hope Island, Gaia tells the Planeteers about the over populated world. She says people should have fewer children and listening to this upsets Wheeler. He goes out to wind surf when he falls off and is knocked unconscious. While unconscious, he has a dream about being on a populated island with humanoid mice, and he learns that the mice city is over populated, learning the negative effects of overconsumption due to overpopulation. He befriends a mouse named Piebald, and he shows Wheeler the effects overpopulation has had on their city. Wheeler escapes the island, then wakes up from the dream with a different attitude towards population.
S01E22 Mission to Save Earth (1) 04/05/1991 The Eco-Villains team-up and, united, steal the Planeteers rings, and with them, their powers. The teens are stranded on the island of Commander Clash, a cold calculating military mind. He is tricked into going after the Planeteers by Blight, and succeeds, capturing Ma-ti and Gi. Without their powers, Planeteers are soon overwhelmed. Elsewhere, Dr. Blight creates dark variants of the power rings, and together, the eco-villains summon a dark, evil version of Captain Planet, dedicated to laying waste [literately] to the earth: CAPTAIN POLLUTION!
S01E23 Mission to Save Earth (2) 11/05/1991 Now with Commander Clash on their side, the Planeteers convince him to use his powers to serve and protect the environment, and to help them recover their rings from the eco-villains by using technology to create synthetic versions of their powers. With Captain Pollution on a rampage, can Captain Planet be summoned in time?
S01E24 Two Futures (1) 18/05/1991 In this odd "It's a Wonderful Life" take-off, Wheeler doubts his usefulness as a Planeteer. Making him wish he could go back and change things. When Dr. Blight and Hoggish Greedly scheme to use a time pool to dump toxic waste from the present into the unspoiled past, Wheeler sees his chance. He returns to the point in New York where he was chosen by Gaia to have the ring of fire to become an eco-warrior. He stops himself just as he getting the ring. In that instant, time is changed drastically. Without a fifth member, Captain Planet could not be summoned, and the Planeteers went their seperate ways rather than forge ahead as a team. With Gaia as his guide, Wheeler witnesses the results of his temporal tampering and finds that a world without Captain Planet is a sorry one indeed...
S01E25 Two Futures (2) 25/05/1991 Wheeler is still bearing witness to the consequences of his meddling with history. With no Captain Planet around, the Planeteers are finding life on their own VERY difficult. One by one, Wheeler goes into the future, and sees what hardships his friends now face. Having learned his lesson, Wheeler demands that Gaia send him back to the point where he stopped his younger self. Gaia does so, and history is set back on its proper course. He then re-unites with the Planeteers in the present to take on Dr. Blight and Greedly....
S01E26 Heat Wave 01/06/1991 Dr. Blight attacks Hope Island, utilizing a smog-fueled barge. She creates a huge dome over the island and feeds her smog supply into the dome, creating a "greenhouse" effect which threatens Gaia's life and that of the Island. If things couldn't get any worse, the greenhouse effect prevents the Planeteers from activating their powers and calling on Captain Planet! Only with the aid of a giant whale can the Planeteers hope to escape their domed environment and summon earth's protector to stop Blight cold.
S02E01 Mind Pollution 14/09/1991 On vacation, Linka goes to Washington D.C. to visit her cousin and uncle. Unfortunately, trouble isn't too far behind, because Verminous Skumm has brainwashed her cousin into taking a new drug called Bliss, and now Skumm wants to have Linka under his power as well.
S02E02 The Garbage Strikes 21/09/1991 To make a fast buck from a trash strike, Sly Sludge steals an untested microbe from Gi's scientist hero, Dr. Helix. It was supposed to be a technological fix for the problem of overflowing landfills, but it simply absorbs trash to become a city-devouring garbage blob. The blob must be stopped before it grows out of control.
S02E03 Domes of Doom 28/09/1991 Ma-ti is fooled when Looten Plunder disguises himself as a scientist, promising to clear the air all over the world, including his tribe's village in the rainforest. After Wheeler and the tribe are trapped inside one of Plunder's domes, and Ma-ti is captured after discovering Plunder's scheme, the remaining Planeteers have to find them both and bring Plunder down.
S02E04 Send in the Clones 05/10/1991 On the island of Mogahl, Looten Plunder and Dr. Blight have teamed up, and Blight's new cloning device will be used to clone workers for Plunder's flamethrower factory. They test it on the first living subject they find - a locust. But before they can capture the other one to test for side effects, it gets away. While searching for it, they come across Vico, a boy of a local village. He becomes the source for cloning workers for the factory. He becomes out of control with cloning when his appetite goes on a rampage, and threatens to wipe out the island. Now, the Planeteers (with the help of Captain Planet) must reverse the effects of the cloning ray, and also stop the locust(s) that have been cloned.
S02E05 The Predator 12/10/1991 In the Florida Keys, Ma-Ti has a brush with what he thinks is a giant man eating shark, though Gi reveals that it is a harmless Basking Shark. When a local overhears and misinterprets their conversation, panic spreads throughout the resort town, whose mayor then hires Argos Bleak to eradicate all the sharks in the bay. Then, when stinging jellyfish (that the sharks used to feed on) swarm the beach, the townspeople learn that predators have an important role in the ecosystem. After escaping their sinking EcoCopter that was shot down by Bleak, the other Planeteers rescue Gi and Ma-Ti (who were captured earlier by Bleak) . . . and the Basking Shark . . . from bloodthirsty Bleak.
S02E06 The Ark 19/10/1991 An alien (named Collectore) with good intentions abducts the Planeteers, convinced that the Planet Earth is doomed and decides to collect human specimens and include them in his menegerie of assorted alien life forms. The Planeteers must convince the Alien that Earth can be saved before Dr. Blight and Hoggish Greedly can destroy a forest, permanently eliminating the tiger population....
S02E07 Isle of Solar Energy 26/10/1991 The Planeteers are saved from crashing by a solar beam, created by Dr. Pollo. He and his daughter live on an island, creating new and innovative ways to use solar power. Kwame falls in love with his daughter, while also becoming suspicious of their lab assistant, who turns out to be Leadsuit, sidekick to Duke Nukem. Nukem's plan is to turn their solar convertor box into a nuclear device, so he can feed on the nuclear energy generated by the beam that saved the Planeteers earlier. The Planeteers and Captain Planet stop Nukem in his tracks, but shocks from the nuclear energy erases Dr. Pollo's memory, prompting him to set out to rediscover his inventions.
S02E08 The Coral Killer 02/11/1991 A fishing village is taught a lesson about the coral reef when Hoggish Greedly shows up. He uses dynamite fishing as a cover to rip off the coral reef remains with his new Reef Ripper. The villagers don't see this, as they are now being well fed by a plentiful, but quickly disappearing fish supply. When shown the devastating effects of pounding waves against a neighboring island village, the villagers ask the Planeteers to help stop Greedly. Captain Planet finds a creative way to recycle, and help start a new reef....
S02E09 The Big Clam-up 09/11/1991 People are collapsing in San Francisco with symptoms that suggest a whole range of pollution poisoning. As the Planeteers follow clues to solve this mystery, Ma-Ti (who is reading 1940s detective novels) keeps imagining himself as a private eye in black-and-white sequences. Ma-Ti proves a poor sleuth at first, but eventually he tracks down Verminous Skumm who is serving seafood tainted by storm drain runoff in his restaurant, The Sinking Ship.
S02E10 An Inside Job 16/11/1991 Sludge and four of the Planeteers learn first hand the terrible effects of untreated sewage when MAL and Dr. Blight shrink the EcoSub (and them) to microscopic size and put them into polluted water that Kwame unwittingly drinks. The Planeteers must battle hideous water-borne parasites in Kwame's body so that he can recover, and restore them to proper size.
S02E11 The Fine Print 23/11/1991 While the Planeteers learn about organic farming, Plunder exploits Joe, a man who cannot read, by tricking him into signing a contract allowing the distribution of pesticides on a farm that he manages.
S02E12 Off Road Hog 30/11/1991 Pete, a dirt bike enthusiast, tags along with Hoggish Greedly and Rigger, until Ma-Ti and desert guide Joshua Stone show him how alive the "barren" desert really is. They must get ahead of Greedly's ORV race to save the desert from being destroyed.
S02E13 Trouble on the Half Shell 07/12/1991 The Planeteers are present for the testing of JASON, a robot that observes wildlife and the environment, and transmits the data to its home base. The tests are being done on the Galapagos Islands, which is where Hoggish Greedly, Verminous Skumm and his rats have crash landed, since their ship was thrown off course from a storm. Now, they're hungry, and consider feasting on tortoise eggs to fill their appetites. The Planeteers must fly to the Galapagos to save the eggs, and remove the rats from the environment to restore the balance of its ecosystem.
S02E14 Stardust 18/01/1992 Gi and Linka are livid when Wheeler belittles their favorite rock singer, but it looks as though Wheeler may be right after they come upon a land-ravaging, strip-mining operation run by Hoggish Greedly, but bankrolled by none other than their idol - Sky Runner! Stunned, they confront the star, who turns out to be innocent, but they still have to stop Greedly before the small mining town is destroyed.
S02E15 The Blue Car Line 25/01/1992 When air pollution suddenly skyrockets in an Australian city with one of the best mass transit systems in the world, Gaia is suspicious. The Planeteers investigate and find out Looten Plunder and Argos Bleak are behind the problem. They are making it look like the transit line is haunted so that they can profit from massive freeway system and auto-related businesses. Thanks to teamwork Captain Planet and the Planeteers get things "back on track"
S02E16 Birds of a Feather 01/02/1992 Linka and Ma-Ti visit a friend, Juan, in Central America. While there, Juan's parrot, El Profesor, leads them to a secluded "bird paradise" when suddenly, a giant, metallic bird appears. All the birds, including El Profesor, follow it and so do Linka and Ma-Ti. They soon find themselves locked in a huge aviary, courtesy of Hoggish Greedly, who's running an exotic bird smuggling venture. El Profesor escapes and leads the Planeteers back to the aviary, where they summon Captain Planet, who closes down Greedly's "fly-by-night" operation.
S02E17 Summit to Save Earth (1) 08/02/1992 As key World leaders come together under one roof to discuss how to best prevent the growing spread of pollution and o-zone damage worldwide, Zarm returns to earth with a plot to snuff out the Planeteers. Calling a meeting of all the eco-warriors greatest foes, Zarm is able to tap into earth's energies and drain the earth itself of all it's resources. Only Gaia stands in his way, but Zarm has a final surprise to ensure she does not become a problem..
S02E18 Summit to Save Earth (2) 15/02/1992 Zarm, having disabled Gaia and re-taken his position as spirit of the earth, begins turning the world into little more than a dead husk. With Gaia reduced to an old woman with not much longer to live, the Planeteers and Captain Planet face their greatest threat yet...
S02E19 Losing Game 22/02/1992 The Planeteers return to Kwame's homeland, Africa, to investigate strange happenings with cattle that was reported by his long-time friend and brother figure, Dr. Mabutu. Little do they know, Dr. Blight is there, scheming to convince a tribe leader (also a friend of Mabutu) to allow the injection of a serum that turns bulls into super steers in order to resolve their meat supply woes. Not only does this threaten the condition of the land, via excessive grazing, but the serum causes awkward side effects, which eventually does wear off. The Planeteers, with a hand from Captain Planet, manage to rid the land of Blight and MAL.
S02E20 A Twist of Fate 29/02/1992 During an earthquake, a blow to his head leaves Wheeler lost from the others and suffering from amnesia. He finds himself literally in the shoes of a homeless man, and learns that the only difference between them is a simple twist of fate. A bang to the head restores Wheeler's memory, and he helps summon Captain Planet to rescue Teresa from a slum fire. Teresa and some shantytown residents decide to return to the countryside to pool their skills and make life better there.
S02E21 The Great Tree Heist 07/03/1992 The Planeteers travel to the Northwest after hearing about an old growth forest which is, literally, disappearing into thin air. After Wheeler goes off to investigate with a pretty local teenage bird watcher, Linka spots a "flying saucer" but Kwame recognizes the pilot . . . Hoggish Greedly! They discover Greedly's scam - "Sucking up" 500-year-old trees to make pressed board furniture. Outraged, they try to stop him, but his "Tree Trasher" may be too much for them.
S02E22 Radiant Amazon 28/03/1992 Sly Sludge and Duke Nukem team up to dump toxic waste in the Amazon rain forest, imperiling Ma-Ti's village! It is a bittersweet reunion for Ma-Ti and the Shaman, for when the Planeteers arrive, they find the village in flames. Combining their powers, they extinguish the burning village but Ma-Ti's fury cannot be dowsed. He slips away to capture the villains but gets captured himself. The Planeteers rescue their friend but must summon Captain Planet to clean up the waste. Later, as the Indians disappear into the forest to set up a more remote village, Ma-Ti sadly wonders how much longer there will be a rain forest for his people
S02E23 Scorched Earth 14/03/1992 Zarm returns and takes over the body of a quasi-Mediterranean dictator. He then initiates a "scorched earth" program designed to take out anyone who opposes his anti-environmental plans. He orders his right hand man, General Baz, to lead the attacks, pitting the soldier against his own sister, who is leading a rebellion against Zarm's rule. The Planeteers are called in to resolve the crisis...
S02E24 Hate Canal 21/03/1992 Verminous Skumm releases a virus into the Venice canal, turning the rats into more intelligent and more dangerous rodents. The Planeteers, with the help of a female pathologist, arrive to exterminate the vermin.
S02E25 Fare Thee Whale 04/04/1992 The Planeteers are shocked to see a mother whale killed during a whaling expedition engineered by Blight and Plunder. They are even more shocked to learn that it's legal, thanks to a loophole in the international laws that allow whaling for "research." They set out to prove that Blight's research for a "whale repellent" is bogus and are helped by a young Japanese teenager who is trying to dissuade his whaler father from working for the villains.
S02E26 Utopia 11/04/1992 After watching too many B-rated cyborg and gang movies , Kwame falls asleep. Shortly after, the Planeteers are called to go on a mission, where they're sucked into a freak tornado. They are then attacked by robots and have to eject from the Geo-Cruiser, separating Kwame from the others. Kwame lands into a perfect world where trash is non-existent, and is camouflaged by garbage. Meanwhile, Blight and Skumm have taken over the world with vigilante robots and gangs, and have captured the other Planeteers. They are also turned into gang members, and threaten to reak havoc on the environment. Kwame, with the aid of a new friend, must come up with a way to convince his friends that violence is not in their hearts. Once everything is back on track, the tornado returns, and wakes Kwame from what was a nightmare. He turns on the news, only to discover that gangs and violence are not far from what happened in his dream if it continues....
S03E01 Greenhouse Planet 12/09/1992 When Dr. Blight develops a new rocket fuel to assist in NASA'S planned mission to Venus, she comes under the watchful eye of the Planeteers, who know the fuel will only hasten the degeneration of the O-Zone layer. But Blight is able to maintain her cover when the President of the United States himself arrives to oversee production of the fuel. Due to security, the Planeteers cannot get near the President without causing concern, so they cause a distraction to get Ma-Ti and Kwame inside the compound. As they warn the President, Blight and MAL become wise to the Planeteers' presence and launches the shuttle prematurely, with Kwame, Ma-Ti, and the President inside. They summon Captain Planet, whose powers are later drained by the craft's fuel. When he tries to return their powers, Kwame's and Ma-ti's powers are rejected by the dense outer space atmosphere. Now, Cap must use his wits to find a way to stop Blight, while Kwame and Ma-Ti try to save themselves and the President from crash landing onto Venus.
S03E02 A Creep from the Deep 19/09/1992 Gi, while repairing the Eco-Sub, became irritated with Suchi's presence, and ignored his warning to install the new part to the sub's turbines. Now, they have no control over it's direction. This causes problems when they go after Sly Sludge, who is dumping toxic waste into an Asian sea. The waste causes mutations in the sea life, especially a squid, which grows large in size, and begins to attack people, and later a nearby city. The Planeteers must stop Sludge's illegal sea dumping, and rescue the city from the mutated creature.
S03E03 The Deadly Glow 26/09/1992 The Planeteers have little time to track down a radioactive isotope that was released by two capsules from an old chemotherapy machine. But where there's radioactivity, there's Duke Nukem, and he's already got his hands on one of the capsules. Now the Planeteers must find the two little children that took the other capsule before Nukem does.
S03E04 A Perfect World 03/10/1992 The Planeteers are given a tour of a new "Perfect World," a world with no pollution, clean farming and little potential for environmental backlash. All is created within a computer environment, but Dr. Blight and MAL infect this would-be "paradise" with a shot of viral pollution...
S03E05 The Dream Machine 10/10/1992 Carlos, a farm boy on a small island, becomes jealous of his cousin's return from the big city. He is given the power to wish for anything he wants from Zarm, who calls himself the Dream Maker. To impress a girl that he likes and to get back at his cousin, Carlos wishes for things that will gain her interest. Soon the whole town discovers the Dream Maker, and they all want something big. Blinded by greed, the townspeople fail to realize that their natural resources are being drained in order to create the things they wish for. They soon learn the effects of this, but the Planeteers need Captain Planet to get rid of Zarm, and quell a near war between the townspeople and the villagers in the hills, who also want a piece of the Dream Maker.
S03E06 Bitter Waters 17/10/1992 When visiting Skyrunner (from "Stardust"), the Planeteers come across a faulty irrigation project, engineered by Looten Plunder, who has manipulated the Tribe into allowing him to put the project into effect. Blinded by promises of riches, new jobs, and a good harvest, the Tribe must be convinced by the Planeteers that the project is more destructive than productive, before Plunder drains them of their water, and thier livelihood.
S03E07 The Guinea Pigs 24/10/1992 Dr. Blight, who is doing inhumane experiments for a makeup company, is troubled by the Planeteers and the makeup company's owner. Dr. Blight tries to use them as her guinea pigs.
S03E08 OK at the Gunfight Corral 31/10/1992 The Planeteers travel back in time of pursuit of Hoogish Gredly and Sly Sludge, who intend to purchase the Grand Canyon decades before it becomes a landmark and use it as a land-fill
S03E09 Canned Hunt 07/11/1992 The Planeteers are vacationing on a cruise, where they meet Trevor, a big game hunter. Linka, totally misunderstanding Trevor's reasoning for enjoying hunting, takes an immediate disliking to him. They soon discover that Greedly is running a bogus "hunting" business, where tamed animals are being used (and slaughtered) to allow his clients to enjoy the ultimate hunting experience. The Planeteers and Captain Planet are captured, but Trevor comes to the rescue and helps turn the tables on Greedly.
S03E10 Hog Tide 14/11/1992 In this story, we supposedly learn of Captain Planet's REAL first adventure... Gaia recounts how Hoggish Greedly's "Godfather" grandpa, Don Porkaloin, built Decco developments too close to the oceans threatning the sea-life. What shocks the Planeteers is that Gaia reveals she brought forth eco-warriors - 1940s counterparts of the present day Planeteers - to stop Don Porkalion. These Planeteers could also summon Captain Planet, who went about de-constructing Porkaloin's deccos. The Planeteers are left confused about whether or not Gaia's story was real, totally missing the point about building too close to the water.
S03E11 A Formula for Hate 21/11/1992 Verminous Skumm brainwashes a high school into thinking that AIDS is contagious & dangerous. The Planeteers help out a star basketball player who is accused of having the disease. Captain Planet makes a speech to the crowd about AIDS awareness.
S03E12 If It's Doomsday, This Must Be Belfast 28/11/1992 To prove to Duke Nukem that the human race will self-destruct; Verminous Skumm steals and plants nuclear devices in war-torn areas across the globe. He then plays a little war gaming and gives triggers to the warring factions in those areas. With a potential Armageddon on their hands the Planeteers race to make the opposing sides in each location see peace before they act on war.
S03E13 The Night of the Wolf 05/12/1992 The ranch of Lon Talbot is under attack from wolves, and the Planeteers are called in to investigate. Talbot blames the attacks on a local occult known as "Friends of the Wolf," a group dedicated to reintroducing wolves back into Yellowstone national park, after they were forced out when the park became an attraction. The Planeteers investigate further, resulting in a confrontation with a mechanical "robo-wolf," owned and operated by Looten Plunder! Captain Planet, with the help of REAL wolves, bring an end to the robo-wolf's rampage before further destruction can be caused.
S04E01 A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste (1) 11/09/1993 The Planeteers argue what to do. Either go to Africa & save the animals or go to North America to save a rainforest. Gaia tells them that's there's an emergency at Commander Clash's island. And also that Looten Plunder's up to no good as well.vAt the island, Captain Pollution returns to fight Captain Planet causing destruction around the world. Meanwhile, the Planeteers try to stop Plunder, but Plunder puts them in a trap inside the cave with no way out.
S04E02 A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste (2) 18/09/1993 The Planeteers are still trapped in the mine while Captain Planet is still fighting Captain Pollution. As they try to get out of the mine, Kwame, Linka, Wheeler & Gi reveal their childhood stories along the way. When they got out, the Planeteers nail Plunder with help from federal agents. Then they go back to Commander Clash's island to help Captain Planet out. Captain Planet beats Captain Pollution by soaking him into some clean lava. And Pollution is gone again!
S04E03 I Just Want to Be Your Teddy Bear 25/09/1993 In a story laced with magic and mystery, Hoggish Greedly and Rigger head south for Mardi Gras where they disguise themselves as ancient voodoo gods and poach Louisiana black bears in the bayou.
S04E04 Missing Linka 02/10/1993 While the other Planeteers deal with a toxic spill in small town USA, Linka gives up her ring and returns home to be with her grandmother who has become mysteriously ill. Will the Planeteers be able to continue their noble quest without the power of wind?
S04E05 The Unbearable Blightness of Being 09/10/1993 Dr. Blight uses her latest and most devious device to zap herself into Gaia's body and literally control the world. While Gaia-Blight wreaks havoc on Earth, the real Gaia, who has been transported into Blight's body, must convince the Planeteers to help her regain her own body and put a stop to the global destruction.
S04E06 Wheeler's Ark 16/10/1993 The soft-hearted Planeteers have been collecting homeless animals from around the world, and when Gaia sends them on a trip to return the endangered species to the wild, they find that the animals' habitats are in severe danger. To Gaia's surprise, instead of releasing the animals, the Planeteers return to Hope Island with a Geocruiser so full that Noah would be proud.
S04E07 Sea No Evil 23/10/1993 Gi, whilst visting a Dolphin research facility, discovers the Dolphins are being used to recover toxic chemicals from a sunken Nazi Warship being used by Hoggish Greedly.
S04E08 Future Shock 30/10/1993 Criminals from the future travel back in time to prevent environmentally-sensitive technology from being distributed on the open market, the Planeteers confront them
S04E09 I've Lost My Mayan 06/11/1993 Transported to ancient Maya, Ma-Ti is captured and mistaken for the son of environmentally minded rebels...
S04E10 Talkin' Trash 13/11/1993 Wheeler gets a letter from his hometown in New York with some bad news his farther who he never had a close realtionship is ill so Wheeler heads back to his hometown where he bumps into his old friends including Trish who now goes by the nickname of trash who has turned to crime and her boss is nothing but Vernomous Scum
S04E11 The Energy Vampire 20/11/1993 Dr. Blight transforms Duke Nukem into an energy vampire, and he soon begins attacking all of North America's energy housing facilities, can Captain Planet pull the plug on Nukem?
S04E12 Bottom Line Green 27/11/1993 A man who owns a small french fry company, his son is under the influence of Hoggish Greedly and Rigger not to have is father turn the factory "eco" friendly. When some strange accidents occur, the planeteers think the son is behind them, since the son and the father never got along, but they soon learn it was Greedly.
S04E13 Gorillas Will Be Missed 05/02/1994 An African boy from the future uses a virtual reality game and opens a door to the past where Looten Plunder is behind gorillas being poachered. He helps the Planeteers. The Planeteers call Captain Planet when things get out of hand.
S04E14 Bug Off 00/00/0000 Verminous Skumm unleashes a hoard of Superbugs, an offshoot of boll weevils resistant to pesticide
S04E15 You Bet Your Planet 00/00/0000 The Planeteers had a weird dream about being on a weird game show called "You Bet Your Planet" and they play against the eco-villians, who will win this horror game at the end?
S04E16 Going Bats, Man 00/00/0000 Panic strikes in a small town when killer bats are reported to be on the rampage. A frightened public sets out to gas an entire bat colony for alleged crimes, and it's up to the Planeteers, and a local bat expert, to prove that these gentle creatures are not bloodthirsty vampires
S04E17 Jail House Flock 00/00/0000 Hoggish Greedley gets a permit to develop a wetland habitat while destroying some endangered species. When the Planeteers & Captain Planet try to stop Greedley's plan, he has them all sent to jail for trespassing. At the sheriff's office, Rigger disguises himself as a deputy. Greedley decides to let the Planeteers go, but not Captain Planet. Then as the sheriff came back, Greedley told him the Planeteers escaped. The Planeteers decide to investiagte to frame Greedley & free Captain Planet. The sheriff was so glad the endangered species were saved, they named the wetland for Captain Planet & the Planeteers.
S04E18 High Steaks 00/00/0000 Looten Plunder sends his eco-outlaws to prevent the Paradise Ranch from proving that raising cattle can be an environmentally-sustainable business. When the Planeteers join the cattle drive, Plunder and his men start a stampede that threatens to turn the Planeteers into cow patties.
S04E19 Planeteers Under Glass 00/00/0000 A scientist invites the Planeteers to participate in a new eco-experiment, but they all soon fall victim to another scientist - Dr. Blight, who makes one minor change to the experiment - they can't get out!
S04E20 Orangu-Tangle 00/00/0000 The Planeteers fight off poachers to save an infant orangutan and it's mother.
S04E21 No Horsing Around 00/00/0000 As part of a traditional quest, one of Ma-ti's Native American friends ventures into the desert to tame a wild horse. Ma-ti, accompaning him, set out, only to be captured by Hoggish Greedly, who has illegally crossed onto Indian land to round up the wild horses for slaughter
S04E22 'Teers in the 'Hood 00/00/0000 An old friend of Gi's, a teacher, is caught up in a gang war and nearly killed, so the Planeteers infiltrate the two feuding gangs and try to put a stop to the cycle of violence, which may prove easier said than done.
S05E01 Twilight Ozone 00/00/0000 While studying the effects of ozone depletion, the Planeteers encounter scientists in the Australian Outback who are experimenting on new life forms that thrive on deadly levels of UV radiation. And when their prize specimen, Duke Nukem, goes on a radioactive rampage, the Planeteers are forced to give him the slip, slap, slop!
S05E02 Hollywaste 00/00/0000 The Planeteers go to Hollywood to appear in a environmental thriller, and find out that big-budgets can lead to big waste. With the Planeteers trying to clean up Hollywood's act, a series of strange accidents occur... and the #1 suspect is none other than movie star Bambi Blight, Dr. Blight's younger sister!
S05E03 The Ghost of Porkaloin Past 00/00/0000 When Hoggish Greedly inherits his grandpappy Don Porkaloin's estate, he builds a water wasting golf resort in the desert. The Planeteers join forces with Porkaloin's faithful old groundskeeper to try and pull the plug on the big pig but soon find themselves in over their heads.
S05E04 Disoriented Express 00/00/0000 Dr. Blight kidnaps the wealthy benefactor of a new smog reducing railway system, and threatens to sabotage the entire project. Can Captain Planet and the Planeteers save the project's leader and go be in time to stop the train system from being derailed ?
S05E05 Horns a'Plenty 00/00/0000 The Planeteers face off against Lottin Plunder and Mama Slaughter , who have joned forces with a group of poachers determined to pick off the horns of endangered Rhynos
S05E06 A River Ran Through It 00/00/0000 Hoggish Greedly and Rigger use some slippery sabotage tricks to ignite a war between two opposing sides of loggers and salmon fishermen, can the Planeteers make the two sides see eye to eye?
S05E07 No Place Like Home 00/00/0000 Dr. Blight abducts Gaia and transforms her into a homeless person, the Planeteers and the now powerless Captain Planet must locate Gaia and return her to Hope Island by sunrise or the Earth will lose it's spirit
S05E08 Little Crop of Horrors 00/00/0000 A vine designed by nature to control the rate of erosion is altered by Dr. Blight, using a stolen growth enhancement ray which she "apprpriated" from a research lab. Blight then introduces the mutated vine into a new eco-system, where it transforms into a giant, ravenous plant, hungry, it sets it's sights on a nearby villiage. Can the Planeteers cut this plant down to size?
S05E09 In Zarm's Way 00/00/0000 Zarm returns yet again, this time to test how "good" humans are, he tells Gi that, in order to save two children whose lives are at stake, she must somehow convince him of the goodness in human beings. Pushing his experiment up a notch, Zarm uses the power of hatred emitting from the parents of the children to transform the once; innocent kids into REAL "Little Terrors"
S05E10 No Small Problem 00/00/0000 The Planeteers threaten to expose Sly Sludge's latest operation: To captilise on a recent landfill crisis and promote and distribute his new Garbage reducer, a device which can shrink garbage! Determined to prevent the eco-warriors from spoiling his plans, Sly shrinks them down with the reducer. Casting them off into a virtual "sea" of refuge, sly now beleives that the Planeteers are now too SMALL a problem to deal with his BIG ambitions. [Bad Joke there] But the Planeteers are reseliant, even in this strange, bigger world filled with Seagulls that are the size of giants,and where trash represents the earth they stand on, they forge on to stop sly's plot at all costs, but will they perish in thier attempt?
S05E11 Numbers Game 00/00/0000 It's Wheelers Birthday, and a trip to Coney Island is delayed due to a eco emergency, so instead they go to an Eco Park. Wheeler, who is tired, falls asleep on a tunnel of love trip with Linka, and dreams he is a father with 6 kids, and one on the way, and Hope Island is destroyed by over comsuption, and the planeteers and Captain Planet don't care anymore. Wheeler wakes up, and discovers it was only a dream, or was it?
S05E12 Nothing's Sacred 00/00/0000 Ma-Ti must rely on the spirits of his native american anecestors in order to find Venomous Skumm, who has stolen a sacred relic
S05E13 Who's Running the Show? 00/00/0000 The planateers are watching a comedy show that teaches people how to take better care of the earth, something which angers the eco-villians immensely. They head down to the studios and take over the show, turning it into something that caters more to what they do best: laying waste to Earth! Can Captain Planet pull the plug on this bogus broadcast?
S06E01 An Eye for an Eye 09/09/1995 Hoggish has set up a new commercial fishing business in the amazon, but when discovers that a group of local river Dolphins are literatly eating into his fishing profits, he schemes to eliminate the problem. Upon being breifed by Gaia, the Planeteers quickly race to make sure the amazon rivers are not made ""Dolphin-Safe"" simply for the sake of progress..
S06E02 101 Mutations 16/09/1995 The Planeteers discover Dr. Blight has been experimenting with puppies at a dog pound she's secretly running. Unsuspecting people, including Wheeler's young cousin are adopting unhealthy dogs and it's up to Captain Planet and the Planeteers to put a stop to Blight.
S06E03 Whoo Gives a Hoot? 23/09/1995 Responding to a court order, the Planeteers have only days to collect evidence which proves that Looten Plunder is illegally clearcutting one of our last old growth forests.
S06E04 Frog Day Afternoon 07/10/1995 Frogs around the globe are disappearing at an alarming rate! It appears that the scar on Dr. Blight's face is spreading, and she thinks that a concoction of amphibian DNA will regenerate her skin and restore her girlish glamour. Anybody for a froggy frappe?!?
S06E05 5-Ring Panda-Monium 04/11/1995 The Planeteers join the circus while trying to rescue some stolen pandas.
S06E06 A Good Bomb Is Hard to Find 11/11/1995 Using her latest time travel device, Dr. Blight returns from 20 years in the future back to the present to warn HERSELF that the world has become... peaceloving! In a last ditch attempt to restart the Cold War, the two Blights hijack a load of plutonium from dismantled warheads and escape back into the past to sell nuclear bombs to the highest bidder.
S06E07 Dirty Politics 18/11/1995 It's twenty years in the future, and the Eco-villains are older, but certainly none the wiser. What's worse, they're all running for president, and they've kidnapped the future Planeteers so nothing can be done about it! Will anyone be able to stop the Eco-villains from turning the White House into the Blight House?!?
S06E08 Old Ma River 25/11/1995 While visiting India to do research on pollution in the sacred Ganges River, the Planeteers and thousands of others come down with a mysterious illness. Only Wheeler, who has been off exploring the city on his own, is not sick. However, when he starts receiving mystical visions from the Hindu gods, Hanuman and Ganesha, his newfound friend Lita wonders how well he really is.
S06E09 One of the Gang 27/01/1996 When Captain Planet & the Planeteers save a ship from a storm, Senor Cisnernos offers the Planeteers a free vacation at his South American hotel. One of the employees mistakes Ma-Ti as a local riff-raff. But Ma-Ti decides to take a walk away from the good life. When a gang destroys a local restaurant, Captain Planet arrives & puts out the fire riding a surfboard!
S06E10 Twelve Angry Animals 03/02/1996 The Planeteers are climbing Mount Everest in the Himalayas when they follow a snow leopard and fall into a cavern where they encounter a Yetti among 12 extinct or endangered animals, all of whom can speak, and begin to judge not only the Planeteers, but the entire human race. They go back from the Ice Age and various other time periods where the animals were either hunted or had their habitats destroyed by humans resulting in their extinction or becoming endangered. This episode is used to educate both of the past, present, and future for the viewers it explains how we can have everything one day and lose everything later.
S06E11 Never the Twain Shall Meet 10/02/1996 The Planeteers head South to meet their pal Milton who plans to show them all he's doing to preserve the endangered Mississippi River. But Ma-ti doesn't want a guided tour. He has delusions of experiencing the Mississippi like Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer did in the old days.
S06E12 Delta Gone 17/02/1996 Traveling through the lush, African Okavanga Delta on a documentary film-making expedition, the Planeteers come across a makeshift dam, and pipelines which are diverting the life-giving water away from the delta, leaving it a parched desert. In their ultralight planes, the Planeteers and their friend Rick search for the culprits. But when they are shot down by the Eco-villains, it could mean the end of the line for our heroes!
S06E13 Greed Is the Word 24/02/1996 Engines are revving up for a giant speedboat race through the Florida waterways. Unfortunately, the race threatens the endangered manatees who live in these backwaters. As usual, the Planeteers try putting to stop the eco-catastrophe. Only, this time they get some unlikely help from Wheeler's favorite TV stars, Danny Dazzleduff and Belinda Bubblebutt from Babe Watch, when they discover that Hoggish Greedly is behind a plan to get rid of the manatees.
S00E01 Your Powers Combined: The Story of Captain Planet 00/00/0000
S00E02 Captain Planet: A Hero for Planet Earth 00/00/0000
S00E04 Original Concept Art 00/00/0000 Original artwork for Season 1.