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"Guardian of the Safety of the World", private citizen-scientist Captain Video, assisted by his teenage helper The Ranger and an army of Video Rangers, preserves the peace in the far-off future, fighting the evil Dr. Pauli of the Astroidal Society and a bunch of other baddies (Nargola, Mook, Kul, Clysmok). The show appeared nightly Mon-Fri, featured many outlandish weapons and techno-gimmicks, and was run on a minuscule prop budget.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Captain Video And His Video Rangers

S01E01 Captain Video Prepares to Visit Regus 13/12/2016
S01E02 Al Hodge Replaces Richard Coogan in the Lead Role. 15/12/1950
S01E03 Code of Honor 00/00/0000
S01E04 Episode dated 16 July 1951 16/07/1951
S01E05 The Power of Leonis 13/08/1951
S01E06 The Space Hawk 03/09/1951 The Captain and Video Ranger learn that the infamous Space Hawk and his assistant have set up a base on a peaceful world where the residents have legislated that violence is illegal. Dr. Pauli learns that ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs indicate the unnamed planet 1-X-7 is the location of a hugely destructive force. Meanwhile, Dr. Kodiak has nefarious plans for control of the dark side of Earth's moon, and the Captain is summoned by the ruler of Metispherous, a planet where the oceans are inexplicably beginning to rise. Captain Video faces a life-or-death battle on the ...
S01E07 Episode dated 17 September 1951 17/09/1951 Secrets revealed in ancient Egyptian heiroglyphics describe the existence of an extremely destructive force, and Dr. Pauli of the Astroidal Society journeys to Planet 1-X-7 to harness it for his own purposes.
S01E08 Episode dated 1 October 1951 01/10/1951 Dr. Kodiak plans to set up a base on the dark side of the Moon, and Captain Video sets out to block this threat to Earth.
S01E09 Episode dated 3 December 1951 03/12/1951 Episode dated 3 December 1951 The planet Metispherous is suddenly and inexplicably threatened by massive flooding, and Captain Video's help is sought to assist in solving the crisis.
S01E10 Episode dated 19 December 1951 19/12/1951 Dr. Clysmok, the sinister ruler of Marine City, threatens Captain Video with death on the ocean floor.
S01E11 Episode dated 14 January 1952 14/01/1952 Captain Video is asked to investigate the disappearance of a large quantity of the extremely-rare mineral bollarium.
S01E12 Episode dated 28 January 1952 28/01/1952 Science has discovered a medical breakthrough. A number of human illnesses are able to be treated through the use of byproducts from nuclear power, and Captain Video meets with a research scientist on the possibilities therewith.
S01E13 Episode dated 4 February 1952 04/02/1952 Professor Locke, an enemy of Captain Video, has vowed revenge against him and thereby jeopardizes the lives of non-related individuals.
S01E14 In the Clutches of the Klaw 18/02/1952 The Klaw uses creative new technology to abscond with the Captain's friends and allies, and abandon them on Mercury.
S01E15 Shipwrecked 03/03/1952 The Captain's longtime craft the X-9 crashes on an asteroid while on a passenger-transport mission to the colony for rehabilitated prisoners on Ganymede, and the damages are determined to be beyond repair.
S01E16 Birth of the 'Galaxy' 24/03/1952 A newly-discovered, erratic comet appears to be on a collision course with Pluto. The crew aboard the Captain's new ship the 'Galaxy' mutinies en route, and the efforts to destroy the errant comet are thereby disrupted.
S01E17 Operation Micromail 20/04/1952 Members of an organized gang work to destroy a fledgeling interplanetary micromail system between Earth and the distant outer planets of the Solar System.
S01E18 Episode dated 12 May 1952 12/05/1952 While on a mission to rescue a scientist lost among the asteroids, Captain Video encounters the infamous space pirate Gunther on the bleak asteroid Plutonia.
S01E19 Operation Venus 16/05/1952 Venus is the next destination of the 'Galaxy', as the Captain and Video Ranger are assigned to calm a worsening rebellion among native inhabitants, one that the Solar Council fears could spread and ignite a space war.
S01E20 Space Race 07/07/1952 Twenty-five spaceships compete in a race to determine which ship and crew will represent the North American Federation in the upcoming Interplanetary Olympics.
S01E21 The Threat of the Rogue World 25/07/1952 A wandering planet with a powerful magnetic field becomes a threat when it crosses the space lanes.