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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Care Bears: Adventures in Care-A-Lot

S01E01 A Little Help 15/09/2007 To stop his lab from losing power and floating away, Grizzle tries to steal a power generator that Grumpy Bear invented while the town is preparing for a festival.
S01E02 Tell-Tale Tummy 15/09/2007 Share Bear breaks Grumpy Bear's cloud express which was still a work in progress, and gets the butterflies while trying to hide the fact that she broke it from Grumpy.
S01E03 Growing Pains 22/09/2007 Share Bear and Cheer Bear battle it out for the best garden in Care-a-Lot.
S01E04 King Grumpy 22/09/2007 Wingnut accidentally hurts Grumpy and Grumpy takes advantage of him.
S01E05 Ice Creamed 29/09/2007 Grumpy Bear builds a mechanical ice cream cart that produces unlimited ice cream for Amigo Bear after Grizzle destroys Amigo Bear's old ice cream cart. Unfortunately, it ends up producing too much ice cream.
S01E06 Heatwave 29/09/2007 Grizzle is using a device that consists of a pair of magnifying glasses to cause a heatwave in Care-a-Lot. The Thunder whales come by to bring rain, but then Grizzle scares them off. It's up to Share Bear, who's afraid of the whales to save Care-a-Lot by facing her fears and leading the whales back.
S01E07 Erased 06/10/2007 Grizzle has invented a robot named Newbie and fitted it with a badge removal ray emitter to try erasing the Care Bears' belly badges. Unfortunately, the ray doesn't remove the badges, but amplifies the negative traits of the bears. Soon, all in Care-a-Lot is in chaos and only Oopsy, who doesn't have a real belly badge and thus have not been zapped by the robot, can save the day.
S01E08 Unbearable 06/10/2007 Because of Funshine's helpful nature, the bears awards him with a trophy. However the trophy soon gets to his head.
S01E09 Care-Ful Bear 13/10/2007 After Share Bear gets into a minor accident, Funshine Bear decides to enforce safety and becomes Care-Ful bear. Unfortunately, his enforcement is spoiling everyone's fun.
S01E10 A Case Of The Grumpies 13/10/2007 Grumpy Bear is grumpier than usual as of late, and Cheer Bear tries to cheer him up.
S01E11 Cheer, There And Everywhere 20/10/2007 Cheer Bear neglects her duties to help out others during the parade.
S01E12 Twinklet 20/10/2007 Oopsy finds a twinklet and tries to keep it.
S01E13 Belly Ball 27/10/2007 Share Bear wants to be good at a new game called Belly Ball. She's hoping it will help her out for a visit to Woohoo World, but becomes obsessed with winning a ribbon. Share stays up so late practicing that she neglects her sleep and can't play well at the game at all.
S01E14 Bubbles 27/10/2007 Funshine has also been staying up late to have fun, and ends up catching the "bubbles." These bubble-hiccups cause him to float up in the air. His friends tell him he has to stay in bed, but Funshine keeps getting up because he doesn't want to miss out on any fun.
S01E15 Rainshine Meadows 03/11/2007 Funshine looks for a place to practice Belly Ball and happens upon Rainshine Meadows, a once beautiful place which is now in a state of despair and negligence. He tries to clean it up himself, but fails. However, thanks to his strong persistence prior to giving up, the other Care Bears soon take notice of the meadows too, and with their help, Rainshine Meadows is restored to its former state of beauty.
S01E16 Oopsy The Hero 03/11/2007 Oopsy laments that he feels like he needs more attention. However, when his clumsiness saves Cheer and Harmony from a falling sign, he becomes a town hero.
S01E17 All You Need Is... 10/11/2007 Due to a slip-up, a bottle of love perfume belonging to Grizzle, which causes anyone who sniffs the scent of the wearer to fall madly in love with the wearer of the perfume, ends up with Oopsy. Oopsy uses the perfume, which makes everyone in Care-a-Lot fall heads over heels with him.
S01E18 Gobblebugs 10/11/2007 A swarm of destructive insects called "gobblebugs" have descended upon Care-a-Lot. Cheer and Oopsy save the day and chases the Gobblebugs away.
S01E19 Grizzle-ized 02/02/2008 Grizzle has invented a new invention called the "Grizzle-ator," which he intends to use to turn all of Care-a-Lot into a replica of his lair. He needs, however, a bear to deliver it into Care-a-Lot without anyone suspecting what it really is. He decides to trick Oopsy into delivering it, but Oopsy keeps having oopsies with it, forcing him to make protective modifications that ultimately render it inoperable.
S01E20 Share and Share Alike 02/02/2008 Share Bear has been growing special plants in her garden to make "Rootbear", a special root-beer that allows the bears to float into the sky. However, when she makes the drink, she finds that there isn't enough for her.
S01E21 Dare Bears 09/02/2008 After trying out Grumpy's new "bouncy boots" invention, Tenderheart and Funshine want more ways to have fun and decide to start taking dares. At first, they just seem to be harmless fun, but they soon find that they're frightened by what they're asking each other to do. As they try to outdare each other, their tricks lead to greater and greater trouble.
S01E22 Battle of the Bands 09/02/2008 Grizzle turns to cross-dressing in his most outrageous plan yet. When Harmony, Cheer, True Heart and Share form a band, their playing disturbs Grizzle's sleep. He dons a wig and lipstick and becomes Busybody Bear, allegedly having come to Care-a-Lot to pay a visit to an old friend. Under this guise, he begins spreading rumors that the various members of the band are saying nasty things about each other.
S01E23 Re-Booted 16/02/2008 Grizzle has gone and done it; he created a robot who's kicked him out of his own lair! When he tells Big Brain that caring doesn't compute, she kicks him out for caring about taking over Care-a-Lot, and his mechanized suit gets left behind. The Care Bears stare him down and then make him a new suit covered in rainbows, hearts, stars and suns. Together, they teach Grizzle about caring and he even joins in a game of hide-and-seek. Yet when they send Wingnut as an envoy to ask Big Brain to allow him back, Big Brain rejects the offer. The Care Bears don't realize that while they're busy reforming Grizzle, Big Brain is still implementing the plan to take over Care-a-Lot and make it into an extension of Grizzle's lair, but the Care Bears stop Big Brain and Big Brain is destroyed.
S01E24 Flower Power 16/02/2008 Share has grown some lovely flowers and wants to share them with all the Care Bears. Just then, the nimbits Tweazle and Bumpity arrive. They decide to create a special rain to increase the flowers' power and enhance everyone's appreciation of them. What they don't realize is that they've accidentally created a flurry of jealousy. Everyone is convinced they'll be the best and prettiest Care Bear if they can just have more of Share's flowers.
S01E25 Two of a Kind 23/02/2008 Grumpy is having a problem with a new machine and agrees to let his friends help. When it seems like they're just getting in his way, however, he unceremoniously tosses them out of his workshop. He instead turns to another machine, creating duplicates of himself, only to find that they're too busy arguing to help him at all. Tossed out of his own workshop, Grumpy finds himself turning to those whose help he shunned before.
S01E26 Stand Up and Cheer 23/02/2008 Noticing how talented the Care Bears all are, Cheer decides to hold a talent show. Soon, everyone is getting together great acts, and even Grizzle puts together one, though it's all part of another scheme to take over Care-a-lot. Meanwhile, Cheer helps everyone with their acts, but has trouble coming up with a performance of her own.
S01E27 Cheer Up 13/05/2008 Cheer Bear wants to throw a surprise party for Surprise Bear. But how can you possibly surprise Surprise? And, who will cheer up Cheer Bear when she gets frustrated trying to hide the party plans from Surprise? (From Season 1 Direct DVD: Ups and Downs)
S01E28 Down To Earth 13/05/2008 Jake moved to a new town and is missing his old friends. Can Funshine Bear show him how to "find the fun" and make new friends in his new neighborhood? And, will Funshine make it back to Care-A-Lot? (From Season 1 Direct DVD: Ups and Downs)
S02E01 True Heart's Big Trip 13/09/2008 True Heart trips and is teased.
S02E02 Bumbleberry Jammed 13/09/2008 Grumpy finds a special Bumbleberry bush and refuses to share.
S02E03 Desperately Seeking Mr. Beaks 20/09/2008 When Grizzle loses Mr. Beaks, he leaps to the worst conclusion—that his pal has been stolen by the Care Bears. The Care Bears don't agree with his conclusion, but agree to help anyway. Funshine and Love-a-Lot decide to play detective and are soon giving everyone in Care-a-Lot the third degree. Meanwhile, Oopsy and Grumpy work on their own plan to help Grizzle.
S02E04 Good Knight Bedtime 20/09/2008 When Grizzle invents a "dream scheme machine," not even the Care Bears nocturnal slumberings are safe from his evil designs. At first, the device is set only to low power, but when Grizzle cranks it all the way, the Care Bears find themselves trapped in a giant nightmare world. With help from the others, Bedtime manages to resist the machine's effects. He's always dreamed of being a brave knight, but must summon real courage to try to foil Grizzle's plot.
S02E05 Bumpity & Tweazle 27/09/2008 As the Care Bears start their annual spring cleaning, Oopsy finds himself bothered by an odd problem. He's sure he's seeing duplicates of his friends. The "duplicates" turn out to be Bumpity and Tweazle, shape-shifting clouds called nimbits who weren't sure how to fit into Care-a-Lot. The Care Bears try their best to make them feel welcome.
S02E06 Here Comes McKenna 27/09/2008 The Care Bears have been trying to help a girl named McKenna, but find her to be a tough case. They decide to transport her to Care-a-Lot in the hope of teaching her more about sharing and caring. Once there, McKenna starts to act reformed, but secretly hatches her own plan. Then, Grizzle shows up with a new version of his Care-taker device, forcing McKenna to make a tough decision.
S02E07 Surprise Day 04/10/2008 Harmony is unnerved when she learns that it's Surprise Day, her least favorite holiday. Though the other Care Bears all love surprising their friends and getting surprised on the holiday, Harmony feels jittery about all the unexpected things happening. When Share gives her a surprise, she lashes out and then shuts herself inside. The Care Bears work together to help her see that surprises can be fun.
S02E08 Tempus Fugit 04/10/2008 The Care Bears are so busy with work that they haven't had much time for play lately. When they all politely decline Bumpity and Tweazles' invitation to join in games, Bumpity and Tweazle look for a way to speed up their work. They tamper with the Care-a-Lot clock to make it go extra-fast, but this leads to unexpected consequences.
S02E09 Whose Friend Is Who? 11/10/2008 McKenna makes another appearance in Care-a-Lot. Upon arrival she helps Cheer, Harmony and Love-a-Lot with a big project. Grumpy, Funshine, and Oopsy are left out of the project making them jealous. They decide to start their own project, leaving the girls out. McKenna is caught in the middle of a veritable boys club vs. girls club forcing her to try to reconcile the two groups.
S02E10 Present and Accounted For 11/10/2008 It's Love-a-Lot's birthday! Cheer plans a big gift-basket surprise for Love-a-Lot, but the gifts are mysteriously stolen. Love-a-Lot is frustrated at Cheer for forgetting about her birthday, while Cheer thinks Love-a-Lot ungratefully took the basket without showing appreciation. The two are forced to trust each other and discover the facts before jumping to conclusions.
S02E11 Harmony Unplugged 18/10/2008 Harmony has the most lovely voice in Care-a-Lot, but when True Heart plans a big concert for Harmony to sing, all the extra attention begins to go to Harmony's head. Now True Heart must deal with an unruly and ungrateful friend, and hope to correct the misdeeds of the monster she created.
S02E12 King of the Gobblebugs 18/10/2008 As the Care Bears sit around the campfire telling war stories, it comes to Oopsy's turn, and he cannot think of anything as good as anyone else's. Oopsy decides to tell a tale that is a bit taller than all the other care bears, telling of an encounter he had in Rainshine Meadows with a giant Gobblebug as big as he. The only problem is that the other Care Bears took him seriously. Now Oopsy has to figure out how to smooth out the mass panic and apprehension he has created.
S02E13 Night Shift 25/10/2008 Bedtime allows Funshine, Tenderheart, Oopsy to accomanpy him on a typical work shift, which includes helping Hugs and Tugs get to sleep and keep everyones' dreams running smoothly.
S02E14 No Snow Day 25/10/2008 Bumpity and Tweazle try to create winter conditions to allow the Care Bears and McKenna to enjoy winter activities, but they accidentally create No Snow, an opposite form of snow that can invert one's attitude (positive to negative and vice versa).
S02E15 Belly Blanked 01/11/2008 Grizzle has created another device to steal the Care Bears belly badges and uses it on Funshine.
S02E16 All Give & No Take 01/11/2008 McKenna is taught about the joys of giving; Grizzle gives the Care Bears a gift and invites them to his lair for a larger gift; one he intends to use to trap them.
S02E17 Luck 'O Oopsy 08/11/2008 After several mishaps while preparing for a race, Oopsy believes himself to be bad luck until he receives a clover from Good Luck.
S02E18 Rudemate 08/11/2008 McKenna is envited to stay in Care-a-Lot for awhile, but she's not the best house guest. After trashing the homes of both Tenderheart and Love-a-Lot, they and Grumpy decide to build a house for her to help her learn the importance of respecting property.
S02E19 Tour de Farce 15/11/2008 McKenna and the other Care Bears help Grumpy get over his fear of riding a bicycle.
S02E20 Bad News 15/11/2008 True Heart and Share decide to become full time reporters, and end up on the verge of becoming tabloid reporters.
S02E21 Forget It 22/11/2008 Tenderheart gets a new pogo stick from Grumpy and insists on Funshine trying it, despite Funshine's insistence that he's not ready for it. When Funshine breaks the pogo stick, they both blame each other for the problem. While they are arguing, Grizzle uses a "Forget-Me-Ray" to whipe the Care Bears' memories. Tenderheart and Funshine have an opportunity to solve the problem, but they find it difficult to put aside their argument.
S02E22 Gone 22/11/2008 McKenna's friend Heather moved away and the Care Bears and the Thunder Whales help her feel better about Heather's absence.
S02E23 Broken 29/11/2008 As the Care Bears hold a celebration for Wingnut, Grizzle fumes over the loss of his robotic assistant who has "turned traitor." He's not sure how, but he's determined to make the Care Bears and Wingnut pay. Later on, as Share Bear is teaching Wingnut about caring, an accident happens and Wingnut is broken. The Care Bears turn to Grumpy, but it turns out that Wingnut has a very specific problem. Grumpy notices that Share is wearing a necklace that would be perfect for fixing it. Share, however, doesn't want to part with the necklace, which was given to her by the Care Bears and makes her feel special. She decides, instead, to turn to Grizzle. She feels that since Grizzle made Wingnut, he should be able to fix him. After a failed attempt to capture Share, Grizzle agrees to help fix Wingnut. The Care Bears don't realize, however, that Grizzle's help comes with a price-tag, an added device to put into motion another of his treacherous schemes. Note: This episode is the first of the Grizzle-ly Adventures specials, which were first featured on DVD.
S02E24 Emma's Dilemma 06/12/2008 As the Care Bears experience a rash of disappearing personal items, they receive an alert from their Care Bear Transporter. A girl on Earth named Emma is in trouble and needs their help. Her caring quotient has dropped dangerously low after her brother and his friends refused to play with her. The Care Bears decide to bring her to Care-a-Lot, in the hope they can boost her confidence by having her find their lost things. They don't know, however, that they've landed her right in the middle of one of Grizzle's evil plans. Grizzle has been stealing their items in the hopes of finding out what makes them tick. He's now set his sights on actually capturing a Care Bear and analyzing it. Note: This episode is the second of the Grizzle-ly Adventures specials, which were first featured on DVD.
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