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This six-part Australian crime series is centered around Carla Cametti, an Italian-Australian Private Detective. Sassy, sexy and determined, Carla Cametti has the looks and street smarts to get what she wants. But she also has a personal life that’s rife with danger – from a family riddled with gangsters to her volatile relationship with Detective Luciano Gandolfi, a dangerously smooth policeman seconded to curb Melbourne’s burgeoning gangland activity. Oh, and there’s a price on her head, but at least life isn’t dull, and for a girl like Carla, that means more than a 9 to 5 job and money in the bank - although money for the rent wouldn’t go astray? The enchanting Diana Glenn and Vince Colosimo lead a stellar ensemble cast as Carla and Gandolfi, two people who share a penchant for danger and an undeniable attraction for each other. The series also stars Nicole Da Silva, Robert Mammone, Sullivan Stapleton and Daniela Farinacci.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Carla Cametti PD

S01E01 To Have and To Hold 08/01/2009 It all starts at the funeral of Jack Kavel, the husband of Carla's old friend Georgina. When she is asked to investigate his murder, she turns down the job offer, but soon gets involved in the case.
S01E02 For Better, For Worse 15/01/2009 Carla's investigation of missing money at the local soccer club is touched by the shadow of Jack Kavel, the dead man recently found dumped in the nets. To make matters worse, her old lover Matt coaches the local team and wherever she turns, there he is. As she tries to connect the money and the body, she discovers that the best player at the club has a load of new stuff he couldn't possibly afford - looks like she's got her man, but is there more to the story? Using her local knowledge and a solid dose of intuition, Carla finds the thief - but in the most unlikely place. Meanwhile she gets a lead on her shooter and goes after him. Face to face with the man who tried to kill her, Carla begins to regret her impetuous behaviour.
S01E03 For Richer, For Poorer 22/01/2009 Carla is hired by a society princess to find out who stole her precious jewels. Sounds like a nice, simple, fun job for a change, especially when she seems surrounded by death in the rest of her life. All she has to do is attend parties, look great and indulge in a bit of gossip. Right? Wrong. Carla discovers that in the pursuit of a rich man to love neither wives nor mistresses come out unscathed. Meanwhile her investigations focus on Matt's girlfriend Amanda, a lawyer with something to prove, a large criminal client list and Carla's best chance at discovering who ordered the hit on her. But Amanda's a tougher nut than that. To her dismay Angela invites Gandolfi over for family dinner. When he manages to face her family's inquisition with good grace and humour, Carla's prepared to cut him some slack - he might be all right after all. How is she to know that her ex is waiting on her doorstep.
S01E04 In Sickness and in Health 29/01/2009 Hotdog sales and standover men go hand in hand in nightclub land. But when Carla attempts to help out a client suffering at the hands of some heavy competition, she also finds out that the cops don't mind the occasional hotdog. But it's not just the cops with sauce on their fingers…. Carla's best friend Lisa is finally caught with the wrong man in her bed a week out from her wedding - Carla's professional life collides head on with her love life.
S01E05 Love, Honour and Cherish 05/02/2009 Who would have thought a six year old's birthday party could cause so much grief? When Carla arrives and discovers her niece sobbing into her fairy floss, she decides to find out why her best friend Gigi won't come to the little girl's party. What she discovers are serious brawls over property development, violence as a negotiation tool.. Gandolfi tries to get Matt to talk but Matt has shut down - he's already said too much and knows he's in too deep for Gandolfi to help him. Using a clue from Matt, Carla finally discovers who ordered the hit on both her and Jack, but in doing so becomes the sole witness to a third crime which puts her life in even more danger.
S01E06 Till Death do us Part 12/02/2009 In the final episode, Lisa's wedding is back on - just. But celebrations get off to a shaky start when Gandolfi raids Joe Testro's house on the morning of the ceremony. As Carla attempts to perform her duties as head bridesmaid, she must also protect herself from Joe Testro. Before the day is done Leo will woo Angela with a romantic song, Lisa will privately betray and publicly embarrass her father, Gandolfi and Matt will finally come to blows.