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Laura, est une étudiante en première année de journalisme à l’université de Sillas. Suite à la disparition de Betty, sa colocataire, Laura est sur la piste d’une série de disparitions étranges d’étudiantes sur le campus. Accompagnée de ses amies, la ginger team, Laura va tenter de résoudre ce mystère !


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Carmilla

S01E01 Disorientation 19/08/2014 Laura Hollis is three weeks into her first semester at Sillas University, and things have gotten off to a weird start. Goat sacrifices and a self-aware library catalog aren’t exactly what Laura was expecting for Freshman Orientation. Oh, and her roommate, Betty, mysteriously disappears after a party. A cryptic (and oddly moist) note leads Laura to believe that this isn’t just a case of one too many Jäegerbombs.
S01E02 Missing 19/08/2014 Laura’s roommate at Sillas University has gone missing, the only clue being a cryptic (and fungus-infected) note. Determined to find Betty, Laura summons her inner Veronica Mars and starts her own investigation. She talks to last night’s partiers who can’t seem to remember seeing her, and calls the office of student affairs, who are even less helpful, not to mention pretty rude. Not at all complicating things, a mysterious girl, Carmilla, bursts through the door, throws down her bag, and introduces herself as Laura’s new roommate.
S01E03 The Roommate 19/08/2014 Laura deals with her new "roommate", Carmilla, and documents the "Incursion of Room 307."
S01E04 Freak OUT 19/08/2014 Laura meets her "official" and "unofficial" Floor-Dons, Perry and LaFontaine, when she tries to deal Carmilla's reign of terror. And deal, ya know, with #BloodMilkGate2014.
S01E05 Patterns 19/08/2014 Laura broadens her investigation into the disappearance of her roommate Betty and questions to other co-eds that disappeared...and came back. It's weird.
S01E06 Why Bother? 19/08/2014 Laura seems to be on to something when she uploads her videos to the Silas University network and finds out the hard way that some things are better left unsaid.
S01E07 Town Hall 21/08/2014 Laura experiences the aftermath of the dreaded Town Hall meeting and enlists a new ~friend to help her investigate the mysterious disappearances around Silas University.
S01E08 Pitsa i Thanato 26/08/2014 Laura gets stuck between and rock and a hard place when the "Bros" of Zeta Omega Mu barge in to protect the "hotties" and Carmilla shows her disdain in a rather aggressive way.
S01E09 Nancy Drew 28/08/2014 Laura teams up with ~her TA~ Danny to continue her investigation into the disappearing girls and notices something very strange about someone we have met before.
S01E10 The Real Betty 02/09/2014 Laura starts to put the pieces together and reaches a breakthrough in her investigation of the missing girls.
S01E11 A Visit From The Dean 04/09/2014 Laura starts to understand Carmilla, albeit briefly, before Danny arrives to continue the investigation.
S01E12 Evidence 09/09/2014 Laura brings us up to date with her investigation and receives some uninvited guests before delving deeper into her suspicions surrounding Carmilla.
S01E13 I, Spy 11/09/2014 Laura is a bit taken aback when Carmilla appears and shows a level of compassion she hasn't expressed before.
S01E14 Research Trip 16/09/2014 Laura and LaFontaine get the "bright idea" to head to the Library to do some research...THE LIBRARY!?
S01E15 My Roommate, The Vampire 18/09/2014 Laura is a little miffed about being the last to figure out that Carmilla is a vampire (derp) and LaFontaine lays out a less-than-ideal plan to the group.
S01E16 Best Laid Plans 23/09/2014 Laura and her crew discuss the merits of the "bait" plan when some guests show up and give Laura a "brilliant" idea.
S01E17 It's A Trap 25/09/2014 Laura is dressed to the nines and performing her role as "Vampire Bait" very well when Danny bursts in to save her...and then something awful happens.
S01E18 While You Weren't Watching 30/09/2014 Laura and the gang do their best to figure out what the heck is going on and get an unexpected bit of info from Carmilla. Also: Sarah-Jane unfortunately fell. And died.
S01E19 Advanced Interrogation Techniques 02/10/2014 Laura and the gang continue to scratch their heads and figure out how to get info out of Carmilla when Perry inadvertently gives Laura a brilliant, albeit cruel, idea.
S01E20 Sock Puppets and European History 07/10/2014 Laura's got Carmilla right where she wants her: tied up and ready to spill the beans but no good story would be complete without a puppet show...right?
S01E21 Strategic Planning 09/10/2014 Laura and the ladies go back and forth on what to do with Carmilla and in the dark of night a surprise visitor shakes up the status quo.
S01E22 Afterbite 14/10/2014 Laura tries to talk herself down after being bitten when Carmilla comes back from wherever the heck she ran off to and reveals some important info.
S01E23 We Need To Talk About Carmilla 16/10/2014 Laura deals with failing her first test ever and is caught between a rock and a hard place explaining Carmilla's freedom to LaFontaine.
S01E24 Breaking Up (With An Amazon) Is Hard To Do 21/10/2014 Laura finds out what Danny + Stake + Carmilla equals and has to defend her emotional and social independence when Danny puts her in an awkward position.
S01E25 Basic Parasitology 23/10/2014 Laura and Carmilla are telling the harrowing story of the uber-fungus fiasco when Perry and LaFontaine pop by with some new information which Perry isn't processing too well.
S01E26 The Standard Issue 28/10/2014 Laura suggests LaFontaine stay and hang out to decompress from a confrontation between her and Perry when they hatch a plan to dig deeper into the mystery by heading to the one place they shouldn't go.
S01E27 Required Reading 30/10/2014 Laura and LaFontaine are back from the Library and have brought along an "old" friend to help them in their quest to uncover the mystery of Silas U.
S01E28 Blame Enough For All 04/11/2014 Laura, Perry and Carmilla try and figure out what is going on after discovering LaFontaine is missing and then remember that they have to inform Kirsch about his vampiric bro.
S01E29 PTSD & Brownies 06/11/2014 Laura is surprised by Perry in the wee hours of the morning with a plate of brownies and seemingly nothing to do.
S01E30 Monsters, Lies & Videotapes 11/11/2014 Laura, Carmilla, Perry and the newly-returned LaFontaine try to piece together what happened to LaFontaine since she has been gone when an unexpected audio recording sheds some light on the situation.
S01E31 Of Hearts And Holy Hand Grenades 13/11/2014 Laura tries to get her life together as Carmilla and J.P. hit the books to look for a weapon powerful enough to take on the evil that lurks at Silas.
S01E32 Mommy Dearest 18/11/2014 Laura hasn't really been herself lately since, ya know, being possessed by the Dean and Carmilla is the only one equipped to deal with it.
S01E33 Pep Rally 20/11/2014 Laura decides it's a good idea to appeal to the student body at a school event and quickly learns a thing or two about the student body...and Carmilla.
S01E34 Do Not Go Into The Light 25/11/2014 Laura is having a crisis of conscience as she thinks on the consequences of her actions when LaF inadvertently sparks an important insight into the mystery.
S01E35 Heroic Vampire Bull**** 27/11/2014 Laura and the gang decompress from the traumatic events that just unfolded and we learn much and more about the heroics of the people that surround and love Laura.
S01E36 Life Goes On 02/12/2014 Laura turns the camera on one last time to share how she feels about the events that just unfolded at Silas...and talk about what she's lost.
S01E37 The Christmas Special 24/12/2014 When Laura and the gang find themselves fleeing from Silas, an old dusty diner seems like the perfect place to seek refuge. But Christmas cheer may not be enough to overcome the dangers lurking in picturesque Styria.
S02E01 Brave New World 02/06/2015 Having just returned to Silas, Carmilla, Laura, LaF and Perry settle in the swish new digs Carmilla has just stolen for them. Things don't stay quiet for long…
S02E02 The Voice of Silas 04/06/2015 Looking like an extra from Carrie, Perry tells our gang about the horror she encountered at the Voice of Silas. The terrible news prompts Laura to propose a plan of action and make amends for fleeing the campus.
S02E03 SNN 09/06/2015 Laura gives Katie Couric a run for her money by taking over the Voice of Silas and turning it into the "Silas News Network". It's not long before she organizes a Peace Summit with the Zetas and the Summers.
S02E04 War & Pieces 11/06/2015 With the Zetas and Summers unable to agree on a truce, Kirsch volunteers himself & Danny to become the "impartial" representatives of both factions - while the gang attempts to find out who's behind the murders of the Voice of Silas staff.
S02E05 Something Wicked 16/06/2015 Perry shows the unfortunate threat - written in Latin and in blood - inscribed onto her stomach. It ain't pretty. In true Silas fashion, Laura receives a creepy letter from the university announcing the return of the Board of Governors.
S02E06 The Chair of the Board 18/06/2015 Matska "Mattie" Belmonde, the Chair of the Board - and Carmilla's big sister - threatens Laura and demands she alter her broadcasts.
S02E07 Arrangements for Living 23/06/2015 Laura confronts Carmilla about the fact that they'd been living in The Dean's quarters; Mattie returns to "alter the message" of Laura's SNN broadcasts
S02E08 Vanishing Act 25/06/2015 The gang must deal with the disappearance of the Library - and that they may loose JP as a consequence.
S02E09 Cutting Losses 30/06/2015 Mattie lays down the law and explains why The Board has been selling off the Campus to external parties. Just when the squad seems out of the options…they look at Carmilla: she's got to spy on her sister.
S02E10 Sister Spycraft 02/07/2015 Carmilla makes like Sydney Bristow and invites Mattie for a blood cocktail & a chat, in an attempt to gleam information from her big sis.
S02E11 Adonis Interrupted 07/07/2015 A frantic Kirsch hides in Laura & Carmilla's den: the Summer Society is after him since he's a stag in the Adonis Hunt!
S02E12 Enter the Lugenbaron 09/07/2015 Laura and Danny meet another board member who might side with them against Mattie: Baron Vordenberg.
S02E13 Emergency Procedures 14/07/2015 Perry is none too pleased when it turns out LaF has Frankensteined JP into…Will's dead body. Meanwhile, Vordenberg reveals some information to Laura about Carmilla's past.
S02E14 Sous Les Paves 16/07/2015 After an uninspiring "Silas for Students!" rally, Laura pushes Carmilla to become the Student Representative on the Silas Board. Carm has a choice to make.
S02E15 No Heroics 21/07/2015 Laura and Carmilla grapple with the different - and perhaps unsurmountable - expectations they have of each other.
S02E16 Old Habits 23/07/2015 Laura treats us to a montage of her gross vampire ex-girlfriend. Turns out the love goggles do hide the hair in the shower drain…
S02E17 The Great Debate Prep 28/07/2015 When JP informs everyone that the Board intends to sell 15% of the Silas Students' Bodies, the gang comes up with a plan for Vordenberg to battle Mattie in a verbal debate to unseat her from the Board Chair position.
S02E18 Coup De Grace 30/07/2015 Armed with the information to take down Mattie, Laura & Co - to Carmilla's alarm - aim to place Vordenberg as Board Chair, disregarding the consequences.
S02E19 Dividing Lines 04/08/2015 Vordie's Anti-Vampire agenda now out in the open, Carmilla is now persona non grata on camus and flees.
S02E20 Damage Control 06/08/2015 Mattie brings a wounded Carmilla back to Laura, but they struggle to find a middle ground.
S02E21 Prisoner's Dilemma 11/08/2015 The gang hides the vampires under the floorboards, and narrowly avoids being caught by Vordie's patrols.
S02E22 Compulsory Violence 13/08/2015 Perry attacks Mattie, Laura breaks down, and Carmilla gives up information that could change everything.
S02E23 Wild Kingdom 18/08/2015 Carmilla, Mattie, JP, Laura and Danny adjust to their new normal under Vordie's rule - until LaF bursts in with some disquieting news.
S02E24 Hunger Games 20/08/2015 Theo takes Kirsch to task about where his loyalties lie - with the Zetas or with Danny? The gang learns the hard way that you do not starve a vampire.
S02E25 Bluster and Consequences 26/08/2015 Between Vordenberg's plan for Lophii and Mattie's plan for Silas, things are dire on campus.
S02E26 Concerned Parties 27/08/2015 As Radio Free Vordenberg continues to spew anti-inhuman rhetoric around campus, Mattie takes Laura to task: she's a naïve girl who's in over her head and whose ill advised actions will only make things worse.
S02E27 Zones of Friendship 01/09/2015 Kirsch and Danny have a heart to heart about where they stand - and he reveals what Vordie and the Zetas' plan is. Laura and Carmilla share a moment alone, and have their own realizations.
S02E28 Spilled Blood 03/09/2015 Laura and Carmilla find Mattie in their room, knocked out and covered in blood. She doesn't remember what happened. So they turn to the camera.
S02E29 Godslayer 08/09/2015 Believing she killed her sisters, Danny betrays Mattie and brings Vordenberg to the homebase. A tense stand-off ensues leading to a horrific conclusion.
S02E30 Co-Existence 10/09/2015 Carmilla, full of rage, disappointment and fury at Laura - who killed Mattie by proxy - gives up on her and leaves.
S02E31 Siege Tactics 15/09/2015 Reeling from Mattie's death, Carmilla's departure, and the Baron's goons closing in on them, the gang barricades their quarters and hope for the best.
S02E32 Radio Letter 17/09/2015 Laura sees Carmilla out on the lawn and is afraid she's headed for the Anglerfish crater. As the siege continues, Laura broadcasts to Carm in hopes of bringing her back.
S02E33 Just in Case 22/09/2015 Theo returns with an interesting proposition to doublecross the Baron. Can they trust him?
S02E34 Last Call 24/09/2015 As the siege gets worse and the Baron gets closer, Laura tries again to break through to Carmilla - who finally contacts her back. It's far from what Laura wants to hear.
S02E35 Not Afraid 29/09/2015 In the penultimate episode of the season, true alliances are revealed and one of the gang might not make it out alive.
S02E36 The Execution of Carmilla Karnstein 01/10/2015 Laura faces a choice she's never had to make: betray herself and what she stands for, or save Carmilla from Vordenberg.
S03E01 Blast From The Past 22/10/2015 Following the events of the season two finale, it doesn’t take long for Laura to literally fall upon old VHS tapes…and her curiosity gets the best of her. We flash to Silas in 2012. Freshmen Perry and Mel have just been forcefully locked into the same interrogation room, awaiting a certain Inquisitor. Oh, and the periods have been missing for 3 months.
S03E02 A Bro's Tale 22/10/2015 Ever the lazy investigator, Carmilla tries to pin the blame on either Perry or Mel. Kirsch, trapped underneath them, gives his side of the story.
S03E03 Lucy & Ethel 27/10/2015 Perry & Mel review the evidence so far, while Carmilla "enacts violence" on the poor Zeta below.
S03E04 No One Expects 29/10/2015 In her best Harry Potter impression, Perry attempts a spell to find the magical culprit behind the Redwing Migration.
S03E05 The Missing...Link 03/11/2015 Carmilla interrogates all suspects in this Silas edition of Clue Meets Period Mystery.
S03E06 Suspicious Minds 05/11/2015 While the Zetas make a convincing scapegoat, mythology connections and all, we find out - even Carmilla is stuck in the chamber. What does this mean?
S03E07 Lock-in 10/11/2015 When Mel lets it slip that she may have had ulterior motives where the zetas are concerned – and Kirsch sprouts an unfortunate pair of donkey ears - suspicions revert back to her. Revenge?
S03E08 Blood, Where Art Thou? 12/11/2015 Carmilla finds out that the Redwing Migration is connected to a larger force than the regular players on campus. If the Dean is worried – that spells trouble.
S03E09 The Trouble With Tinkerbell 17/11/2015 The strange bedfellows may have found their culprit: the bloodthirsty, capricious, probably megalomaniacal Fairy Queen Tythia.
S03E10 Wishin' & Hopin 19/11/2015 The gang goes shares the myriad of ways they might trap the Fairy back and stop her nefarious plans: until Perry reveals she’s the one who probably let her out…
S03E11 Clap If You Believe In… 24/11/2015 With a magical batting average of zero point five, Perry attempts to call upon Tythia with a spell.
S03E12 Nothing To See Here 24/11/2015 Perry faces a choice: rule the universe with Tythia to the detriment of everyone else, or trap her back into the statue. After witnessing the truly horrendous hidden face of the universe, Perry clamps down on the weird and tells Carmilla None Of This Ever Happened. And so, we’ve found out “how Perry became such a pressed lemon…”
S00E01 Are you a Carmilla or a Laura? 21/08/2014 Join Elise Bauman (Laura) and Natasha Negovanlis (Carmilla) behind the scenes as they discuss the similarities and differences they share with their characters in real life.
S00E02 How would you fare as Carmilla's roommate? 05/09/2014 Annie Briggs (Perry) & Kaitlyn Alexander (LaFontaine) sit down and tell us whether they are more of a Carmilla or a Laura and also how they would deal with living with Carmilla!
S00E03 How similar are you to your character, "Danny"? 19/09/2014 The wonderful Sharon Belle gives us some insight into her relationship to her character and also whether she is more of a "Laura" or a "Carmilla"!
S00E04 Fave Social Channel & HALLOWEEN COSTUME! 01/10/2014 Sharon Belle (Danny), Kaitlyn Alexander (LaFontaine) & Annie Briggs (Perry) share their thoughts on Social Channels and their Halloween plans.
S00E05 Get to know the actors behind Kirsch & Will 03/10/2014 Matt O'Connor (Kirsch) and Aaron Chartrand (Will) discuss the finer points of student living and regale us with tales from their paranormal experiences!
S00E06 Series Trailer 17/10/2014 Laura Hollis is just a small town girl that finally moved out to go to University. When her missing roommate is replaced without explanation Laura vows to find out what is happening on campus while she deals with her new roomie...a vampire.
S00E07 Love Will Have Its Sacrifices by SOLES | Official Theme Song 17/10/2014 To accompany the Carmilla official theme song we have created a lyric video that also includes some of our #Creampuffs fan art!
S00E08 In Conversation with Jordan Hall & Elise Bauman 10/11/2014 Elise Bauman AKA Laura Hollis sits down and chats with Jordan Hall, the Co-Creator & Writer of Carmilla! They chat about character inspirations, themes and modern feminism. It's a wonderfully insightful look into one of the minds that brought the world, Carmilla the Series!
S00E09 At The Canadian International Television Festival | PART I 26/11/2014 This year Carmilla was invited to the Canadian International Television Festival (the CITF) and we are so proud to say that it is the FIRST webseries to ever take part in the prestigious event! The CITF is a festival where Canada's best and brightest in the Television space get together and celebrate excellence in the medium. Some of our cast members were in attendance and performed a 4-episode stage reading and participated in a Q & A with over 250 in-house fans! Enjoy Part I: The episode reading!
S00E10 At The Canadian International Television Festival | PART II 28/11/2014 This year Carmilla was invited to the Canadian International Television Festival (the CITF) and we are so proud to say that it is the FIRST webseries to ever take part in the prestigious event! The CITF is a festival where Canada's best and brightest in the Television space get together and celebrate excellence in the medium. Some of our cast members were in attendance and performed a 4-episode stage reading and participated in a Q & A with over 250 in-house fans! Enjoy Part II: The Q & A!
S00E11 Best of Season 1 09/12/2014 This video is a little thank you to all our wonderful Creampuffs! You are what truly made Carmilla what it is today and we cannot thank you all enough! Join us as we look back and celebrate the very best of Season 1 of Carmilla.
S00E12 In Conversation with Jordan Hall & Annie Briggs 20/01/2015 Annie Briggs sat down with Jordan Hall while she was in town to talk about all things Carmilla! Check out the next installment to get a deeper glimpse into the wonderful mind of Jordan Hall!